STARGAZING – Week of June 4th through June 10th, 2018

Jun 4, 2018 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

This week starts off smoothly, then tightens up, finally giving you lots to think about and process.

The Moon is in friendly Aquarius all day Sunday, making happy emotional connections to your contacts. Get out and socialize. The Moon continues in Aquarius all day Monday, but it is in the void-of-course” phase. The Moon likes to make relationships with other planets, so you often feel emotionally disconnected when she is void. Tend to practical tasks or tuning in through spiritual practice.

Tuesday and Wednesday are the most active days this week. The Gemini Sun joins Mercury on Tuesday, giving you lots to talk over. With Mercury in your powerhouse, you can turn matters around your way, but don’t try to force your ideas on others. Tuesday June 5th is a host to a powerful face off with Venus and Pluto, providing energy for a fertile field of obsessions and compulsive attractions and actions. With all this deep and mysterious energy present, it’s not a good time to make any important decisions regarding love or money.

Wednesday the Sun/Mercury duo bumps into a square with Neptune and it becomes difficult to separate facts from fiction. Weigh your facts before jumping to a conclusion. This energy can disrupt your sleep or cause some disjointed dreams while the dream-planet Neptune is activated. Focus on one task at a time and try not to think too far ahead, and you will be fine.

Thursday and Friday are better for moving your body under and Aries moon, rather than needing to think too much. SO walk the malls or take a run around a nearby lake.

On Saturday, it’s best to get your work done early so you can kick back in the afternoon and evening. Rest your worn out nerves and dream about your upcoming vacation. Swim in the ocean or take a dip in the pool if possible.