Stargazing — Week of June 3rd through June 9th, 2019

Jun 3, 2019 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

June brings us a mixture of contradictory energies. Mars is in nurturing Cancer all month, and mental Mercury moves through emotional Cancer from June 4th through the 26th. Mars and Mercury are not overly comfortable in emotional signs, and you may need to find a way to deal with some new emotions this month.  At the same time relationship planet Venus moves through multi-tasking Gemini from June 4th to July 3rd. The easy way to talk about this is to ask you to get your head and heart working together. The other way to say it is that your emotions want an easy month and your intellect is too busy to slow down.  Venus in Gemini has a lot to do with healing and bringing greater beauty into the world. Be aware June is also the month before the July eclipses, expect some surprising emotions to be coming to the surface.

Becoming Masters of the Planet

The week begins under a quick-paced Gemini moon. Avoid people and activities that try to bog you down now, as it is time to keep on the move. Venus makes harmony with Pluto on Sunday evening, so you can have those deep conversations about relationships and/or finances.

The Gemini New Moon is on Monday June 3rd at 13 degrees Gemini. A sacred Sabian Symbol for this new moon is ” a famous pianist giving a concert performance.”Meditate on this symbol for personal meaning. Is it time for you to come out of hiding to show your unique talents?

The weekly energies shows that everything around you will seem to be on the move. Monday brings us the Gemini New Moon as well as two planets changing signs. The energy rises to a restless tone, bringing impatience to plant the seeds of something new. Both the Sun and Moon are in Gemini; the new beginnings are focused on communications, learning something new, planning a short trip, getting in touch with siblings or close friends and basic running around to get errands done. With Virgo being the missing adaptable sign you will need to practice flexibility.

The communications planet Mercury and action planet Mars are in a condition called “out of bounds.” That means you can go to extremes- too much talk and activities, changing into not wanting to talk to anyone or do anything. It is important to manage the balance between these two poles or you will find yourself bouncing around like a pinball.

On Tuesday afternoon, mental Mercury moves into emotional Cancer.Normally, this would just go on until June 26th when then it moves into Leo. But Mercury turns retrograde in July and will move back into Cancer during the latter half of July and early August-an extra long time for this normally quick messenger planet. You will need to communicate your emotional needs as well as listen to the feelings of others. Home and family issues come to the forefront in the weeks ahead. You can count on it.

This week both Mercury and Venus leave the safety of their comfort signs and move into completely different energy fields. With Mercury in Cancer, communications move to a much more serious and emotional level for the next few weeks. There is a tendency to take things more personally and you could feel a bit crabby as well.

Friday morning has Mercury making harmony to freedom-loving Uranus, so you may want to take the day off, start late, have breakfast with a friend, or just let your eccentric side express itself.

On Saturday, Venus moves from the safety of Taurus into flighty Gemini until July 3rd. This can be a fun and flirty energy, or leave you feeling scattered. Esoterically, Venus in Gemini is associated with healing. It is a good time to heal and bring greater beauty in your life in the weeks ahead.

This switch of both planets from the earth element into air lightens attitudes towards love and money for the next month, but can also make us unfocused. Gemini always brings in new opportunities, so you need to decide which possibility is the best for you, and then stick to it.

The Sun squares Neptune on Sunday, June 9th,which can bring fogginess, low energy, and a desire to escape from the cares of the world. Stretch, turn over, and get some extra sleep. Enjoy your dreams!