Stargazing — Week of June 28th – July 4th, 2010

Jul 1, 2010 | Special Messages

I leave Saturday, July 3rd, for New York City, Washington, DC, and Boston, MA to be with the Holy Mother, Ammachi, for two weeks. There will be no column this next week. Enjoy the power of the Solar Eclipse on July 11th, and please continue praying for the animals and ecology along the Gulf Coast!


Expansive Jupiter has entered Aries and Mars has entered Virgo. Positively, you can begin to manifest your desires and creative ideas. Negatively, you may feel “my way or the highway” as well as impatient, angry, and aggressive. Jupiter wants to do things in a big way and Aries wants it done yesterday. This energy will be around all summer. All of these energies are a part of a larger force, and challenges your willingness to pioneer a new path.
It is wise to make room, and allow the angry or impulsive people their space. As for you, do something positive with your physical body like yoga, plaits, or meditation. Be sure not to overdo it in the summer heat waves. For the next six weeks you can create a business plan and take practical steps to organize yourself.
The changes begin mid-July and continue throughout August. If you’re feeling restless, go within, meditate, and you may get a hint about the upcoming change of direction coming in your life.
As predicted several months ago, the market fell and will be struggling throughout the summer. This is the summer of intense heat and no money. Heads up! Do the best you can to stay rational, calm, and cool.

STARGAZING – WEEK OF June 28th to July 4th, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

This week you Air Signs need to withdraw into your shell and meditate on past errors, which gives you a touch of the blues and can frustrate your partner. Your creativity is flowing strong and looking for an outlet. Be sure to give it one and if you can try something new, such as a new hobby, it will really enrich your life, into the long term. If you’re single, Venus increases your chances for a love connection, but you’ll have to match the love planet’s efforts and let yourself be more extroverted. Mercury and the Sun are keeping you on your toes professionally. There’s lots of activity flowing into your work environment. Be on the lookout for useful information and especially be sure to follow through on all leads. The Moon is delivering gifts along the way. It has a soothing influence on heartache, and can bring welcome clarity. Mercury and the Sun are taking good care of your business needs. You’re getting your ideas across, making deals that matter, and bringing new contacts on board. Financial setbacks through over-spending are a possibility though. Put your creativity to work, Air Signs. Financially you have excellent perspective when you manage your budget intelligently.
Your Love Week—Air Signs: Start thinking about the future of your relationship (or future relationships) between Monday and Wednesday. The Moon enters Aquarius sextiles Uranus and you Air Signs begin three days of creative variations on standard romantic themes. Reverse roles with your partner, splurge on an unexpected date, or start the conversation you were too shy to have. Although when it opposes Venus on Tuesday, it’s easier to think with your heart than your head. By the time the Moon is in Pisces on Thursday, your relationship might be vastly improved. This Pisces Moon continues messing with your reality on Thursday and Friday. Of course, you might not even notice if you’re in love! Just be careful who you kiss during Friday afternoon’s Moon-Venus quincunx, especially when a Sun-Moon trine washes inhibitions away. Preserve this mood with a Saturday morning check-in when the Aries Moon conjoins Uranus. As usual, Aries lifts the veil of illusion Saturday morning, and by Sunday night’s Venus-Ceres trine, romance blossoms sweetly and delicately. Try to stay on the same page with your lover this weekend.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The Aquarius Moon at the start of the week kicks things off by broadening your social horizons and range of possibilities in general. This week you Fire Signs are wearing a mysterious aura. This is due to the fact that you’re more quiet than usual, and other people are wondering what’s brewing behind your dreamy eyes. You’re actually marinating on some quite serious subjects, and the Sun and Mercury are the culprits for this mood. This Sun/ Mercury conjunction ups the stakes, and offers you a positive and major change. Will you be ready for it? If you’re looking for love the Jupiter Uranus duo places someone amazing on your path. Make sure you don’t miss them; keep your eyes peeled even when you’re busy. If you’re in a relationship the tenderness between you takes you to new frontiers of pleasure. Concerning your career, you’re studying new strategies that can help you quench your thirst for success and especially, recognition. On the job things may not go as you’d like; easy now—try to keep your perspective. Whether you’re single or partnered, the Sun conjoins Mercury and quincunxes the Moon to illuminate your motives and methods. Tuesday’s Moon-Venus opposition brings a wave of emotion that should be processed before the Moon enters Pisces on Wednesday. Over the weekend the Moon brings relief, forming a trine with Mercury, which brings the light at the end of the tunnel, in the form of bright ideas and solutions that materialize seemingly out of nowhere.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Monday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction shifts your focus from “me” to “we.” Talk becomes easier when the Aquarius Moon sextiles Jupiter. Dating for Fire Signs is tricky on Tuesday, but Wednesday’s Moon-Ceres sextile keeps you in your comfort zone. Also, the Sun-Moon trine turns on the charm Thursday, and Friday’s Moon-Venus quincunx lets you turn it off if it’s working too well! With the Moon in Pisces through Friday, you appear to be the ideal lover, but is that really you? True happiness means being true to yourself. You’ll know where you stand when the Aries Moon conjoins Jupiter on Saturday. But is the right person still standing with you? By Sunday’s Sun-Moon square and Venus-Ceres trine, you might be ready to declare independence from a stifling relationship if someone else is waiting in the wings.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

As this week begins the Moon and Neptune are draining your energy supplies. Look out in your love life! You’re likely to be defensive and feisty when dealing with your partner, and you’re not in the mood to tolerate anything you consider out of line. This week brings an inner conflict between a desire to nestle into the comfort of your home environment and one to spread your wings. If you’re in a relationship you tend to be withdrawn and to keep things to yourself. It’s a mask for heightened sensitivity but the solution lies in opening up. If you’re single this tendency to be reserved works for you, in a seductive sense. A main subject of upset is likely to be money. A conflict between the Moon and Venus puts a drain on your finances, and makes it impossible to ignore any imbalances in your budget. If you’re single and wanting to charm someone your way, the Sun and Mercury help you out. There’s not much activity career-wise; use this week to get organized. Over the weekend you may feel drained; don’t beat your head against the wall when you encounter obstacles. Just know that financially, Jupiter and Uranus are taking care of you and soon will be perking up your bank account with some unexpected extras.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Monday’s Moon-Saturn trine and Sun-Mercury conjunction bring love to those who wait. Things could get hot and heavy or, thanks to an Aquarius influence, it could be a meeting of the minds. As the Sun and Mercury conjoin in, Water Signs seek romantic success. Be clear about your reasons Tuesday as a Moon-Mars quincunx stirs your emotions. The Moon enters Pisces and conjoins Chiron Wednesday night. Lower your guard and explore intimate regions while you dwell on your strengths. A Thursday morning Moon-Pluto sextile helps you talk about feelings with your beloved. Thursday and Friday. A Mercury-Mars sextile and Moon-Mercury trine help you with seductions and proposals. He or she sees things your way Friday when the Moon trines Mercury, but as it enters Aries, watch out for an edgy Independence Day weekend. You may have a private plan Saturday morning, but if your partner wants to include his or her community this weekend, prepare to negotiate. A Saturday afternoon square with Pluto invites everyone to cool off.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

This looks to be an emotionally charged week, with Mars and Saturn dragging your moods all over the map. In spite of this, you’ll manage to be quite social, and focus your enthusiasm at the right times, to make teamwork and decisions a snap on the job. Neptune retrograde is making life difficult for you if you’re in a couple though. Communication threatens to break down and you will need all your patience to get through it. The atmosphere is just as tricky for singles though for different reasons. These energies bring communication challenges so get ready. You will need to make extra efforts and compromises you weren’t originally set on if you want to get anywhere, and this is especially true on the job. Matters for love look positive. Mars and Saturn are making sure of that. Your romantic horizons are widening, you could be attracted to different types of people than usual, and you may have an opportunity for a fresh start. Be cautious, as some flash in the pan romances are likely, but nothing lasting. Saturday’s Moon/Saturn opposition can be discouraging for your plans, but don’t let it get to you. Staying resolutely positive is the solution. Don’t push yourself over the weekend; you will need rest.
Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Thanks to Monday’s Moon-Saturn trine, you’ll wake up in a state of clarity about relationship issues. When the Sun conjoins Mercury on Monday, go out of your way for someone. Give him or her the final word on the movie, restaurant, or who spends the night where. A Moon-Mercury quincunx early Tuesday reminds you that emotions can’t override logic. Escape from reality when the Moon enters Pisces on Wednesday. A Pisces Moon softens your love life from late Wednesday through early Saturday, removing deadlines and demands. Mars declares Thursday a party, especially if your lover is involved or at least approves. But Friday’s Moon-Venus quincunx reminds you about the dangers of doing or saying the wrong thing. Partners should work together on Saturday when the Moon opposes Saturn and enters Aries. A Venus-Ceres trine late Sunday helps lovers take better care of each other. Sunday’s Sun-Moon square and Moon-Mars quincunx suggest this might not be easy. But if the relationship matters, keep trying.