STARGAZING — Week of June 26th through July 2nd, 2017

Jun 25, 2017 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


Mars makes a helpful trine to Neptune on Sunday evening. You have been feeling this for several days now. You may feel as if you are floating along with life, as well as a peaceful attitude. The rough landing occurs as this week begins and continues through Friday, June 30th.

Mercury makes four different contacts with other planets this week, and Thursday June 29th is the day to watch your driving or where you are walking.

Moon in Leo on Monday makes for an easy start to the workweek, where you can be loving and creative.

Tuesday through Thursday is more complicated with intellectual Mercury making harmony and challenges constantly. Following last Friday’s New Moon, this is great time for thinking about things in new ways, but not so good for rigid thought patterns. Tuesday is not a day for magical thinking. Just do your ordinary routine and leave your daydreaming and manifestation for next week. Also this is a week to make some efforts to support your spiritual mission on planet earth, open your intuition, and practice compassion.

Wednesday brings a persnickety time with Mars in Cancer. Be careful with your words and don’t become defensive. Watch what you say to others or trouble could brew.

Thursday brings a face-off with Mercury and Pluto, so if you decide to sound off or express yourself, you could come to regret it. It’s better to journal and keep your thoughts to yourself this week. Just be honest with yourself and in your communications and the mid-week will pass quickly, although you will probably feel a degree of mental exhaustion by Thursday evening.

The Moon Moves into social Libra on Friday to nicely begin a long USA July 4th holiday weekend.

Expect another complication on Sunday, July 2nd that asks you to be extra cautious if traveling over the Independence Day weekend. Sometimes dark places or dark people can intrigue you, but this is certainly not the time to be curious or get involved with them unless you want to get hurt. Lock your doors, especially if staying at a rented location on vacation, and be careful in rest areas while driving.

July appears to be the easiest month to talk about so far this year, so be sure to get out and enjoy it. During July and August, explosive Uranus is within one degree of moving to its next sign, Taurus. Although Uranus does not begin his seven-year run through hard-working Taurus, you can get a hint about what is beginning next May 2018 if you tune in now. This also means that you get to look at what you need to finish or clean up since Uranus first moved into Aries back at the Japan earthquake on March 11th, 2011. Still, July is a pretty easy month as we all wait patiently to see what the August 25th eclipse will bring.