STARGAZING—Week of June 24th – June 30th, 2013

Jun 24, 2013 | Special Messages

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Week of June 24th – June 30th, 2013

These next few weeks will bring money, and lots of love! Our lives are a bit quieter now because there are no major planetary aspects for a couple of days. Although we might be able to sense a wave of emotional stability that’s washing into awareness, the realistic Capricorn Moon restrains us from expressing our vulnerability. Our current need to downplay our feelings may create temporary stress in personal relationships, but carefully revealing our desires helps to keep the energy moving forward. Hearts speak louder and words grow softer this week. On Tuesday, Jupiter begins its twelve-month transit through sensitive Cancer, which energizes emotional encounters and home comfort. Think back to the last time Jupiter was in Cancer, July 2001-July 2002. Jupiter always urges you to expand to new levels. Cancer is associated with home and family, residential real estate, food and diet, and the disease cancer. Mainly, the sign of Cancer is associated with nurturing, as the Mother. You will look at the activities in your life in the next year to determine whether they nurture you or do not. Plan to do things that nourish your Spirit and less of the things that drain your energy. Jupiter advises that the Universe is way bigger than you thought, so go beyond perceived limitations.

On June 26th, Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer for three weeks, until July 20th. Tend to projects around the home or with those who are close to your heart. Consider where your head and heart are in alignment, or where not. Be willing to communicate your emotions. Don’t sign any log-term contracts, and keep a sharp eye on your paperwork. Expect travel and communication mix-ups.

Romance becomes bolder with amorous Venus moving into brassy Leo on Thursday for a three-week visit. Taking risks to express feelings demonstrates the courage that is within reach during this expressive transit. Remember that mental Mercury turns retrograde on Wednesday, playing havoc with all kinds of communications but potentially making conversations more intimate in the process. Just be mindful of communicating your feelings clearly during retrograde Mercury in Cancer. Venus enters Leo on Thursday, fueling the fiery, dramatic side of romance. Your best days for socializing are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

There is an abundance of action-oriented Cardinal signs now (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries), so the weeks ahead are sure to be a whirlwind. This week begins a process that will go on for at least another month where you are balancing, or perhaps re-balancing, your worldly responsibility vs. personal nurturing needs. Emotions are increasing now, so be willing to tap into the mothering, loving feminine power. Energies can range from memories or people from the past coming back into your life, to feelings of being responsible for others wellbeing (don’t overdo it). There is the opportunity to release old emotional wounds, and to reposition your future. The main thing about this Capricorn Full Moon is that it is setting the stage for a very active July.

On June 30, the Moon is in Aries all day, so get some exercise. You may wake up early, as there is a small bump between the emotional Moon and disruptive Uranus that you can use constructively to get an early start. Saturday and Sunday, the last two days of June, are sizzling with the hot-blooded Aries Moon heating up romance. You’re ready to try just about anything, which is fine as long as you don’t ignore the feelings of others. Doing something out of the box now can add spice to your current relationship or break down a barrier to meeting someone new. It’s a great time to be spontaneous and live in the moment, but not necessarily ideal for creating long-term plans. Kick up your heels, but don’t make any promises you might later regret, especially with Mercury retrograde.

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