STARGAZING — week of June 22nd – June 28th, 2015

Jun 22, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Fireworks  There are many different energies coming into play this week. The first one is a balanced trine that could make things take off like a firecracker, and the second is the Sun moving into Cancer, that could make things difficult and we have to adapt and learn to move sideways.

Sudden bursts of positive energy fuel moments of confidence, but deeper concerns make it challenging to find a clear direction. It’s nearly impossible to miss the fun-loving buzz we receive from the joining together of Jupiter and Uranus, blending faith in the magical, unusual, and unexpected. This is the second time for this fire trine, last one was on March 3rd, but this time the two planets have a greater positive impact because Jupiter is moving forward. Since a Jupiter/Uranus joining represents technology advancements, one can only imagine the gadget some ten-year old genius residing in Kerala, India will invent that will impact us and change our lives forever. This aspect also opens up a small window for gamblers, lottery players, and risk takers that lasts until the end of the week.

sun-solstice  The Summer Solstice was on Father’s Day, June 21st. At that time and for the next three months brings us a Grand Fire Trine. That is a triple harmony in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. You receive extra help in activities associated with the fire signs including increased playtime, creative time, heart-opening activities, and letting your passions run wild and free. The only challenge with this is that one part of you feels the need to make a strategic plan and another part of you just wants to wing it and go.

An example on how to work with this energetic opposite is to pre-set your hotel reservations at your destination, but give yourself a couple days to get there so you can wander like the seemingly haphazard path of a butterfly.

On a much more sublet note: the spiritual destiny nodes of the moon are now exactly where the coming September 27th lunar eclipse in Aries will be, thus activating an emotional and sensitive point. Since they are in independent Aries and relationship-seeking Libra, get a hint about what is coming in September by stopping, getting quiet and tuning into your current balance between individuality and partnership.

Be careful now as we may obsess over important decisions when an anxious Saturn-Pluto aspect demands answers, especially if we lack the resources to fulfill our dreams. Give it all time and tread lightly.

Get moving early on Monday as enthusiastic Jupiter is in harmony with inventive Uranus. It’s great energy to begin something large and innovative. It’s best not to take on too much mental work though, just draw up a business plan or outline an idea.

Tuesday morning know that people you communicate with are likely to be off in fantasyland, or will simply space out about some important information.

The energy changes on Wednesday when Mars begins a six-week run through emotional Cancer. Although this is not the worst sign for Mars, it’s definitely not the best. It’s not a comfortable combination for the warrior, but it works if you are willing to combine action with sensitivity for others. It’s also excellent for home repair projects or active family activities. It’s harder than usual to make things happen when action Mars is under the emotional energy of Cancer, which gets moody and has the tendency to move sideways to get out of any conflicts arising. Your best bet with this combination is to opt out of the offensive line and handle your aggressions by either running a slant route or playing for the defense.

The moon moves into private Scorpio as the week comes to an end, but there are highly social planetary aspects over the weekend. Blend time alone with shared activities, and it is works best if those social interactions are with people you already know and trust.

Jupiter-orbitThis weekend, passionate and heated discussions prompt action. Also, a door opens to exciting developments, unexpected opportunities and gifts. Are you ready to take a giant leap forward?