STARGAZING — Week of June 22 – June 29, 2014

Jun 22, 2014 | Monthly Astrology|Special Messages|Stargazing

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Readings with Elizabeth Joyce

Week of June 22nd — June 29th, 2014



Summer is finally here! This week brings a major turning point as the Sun moves into Cancer, marking the energetic Summer Solstice. As we make this seasonal shift, it’s a gorgeous opportunity for you to seize the strength of the summer Sun to brighten your whole life. The vitality of this solstice urges us to move our lives forward in desirable new directions. You can use this sizzling energy to accept brave challenges, overcome negativity and create a more fulfilling future!

Venus enters Gemini on Monday the 23rd, and love and the things we value will shift. This is an excellent combination for meeting new people, exploring new groups, or taking a short trip to someplace beautiful. It is also flirtatious energy so enjoy the game, but, don’t make long term plans in new relationships until later in July.

There is an odd mixture of playful and exploring energy, combining with a more conservative, play-it-safe and familiar energy. The one characteristic that ties these conflicting energies together is action. There is a preponderance of the signs that just have to move: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, our Cardinal signs.

Because communications planet Mercury is still retrograde until July 1st, don’t get ahead of yourself. Before you make that promise on some future commitment, take a night to sleep on it. Remember Venus is in Gemini, not a committing sign. Be adaptable in all types of relationships now, and practice healthy communications within them. Don’t carve anything in stone ‘til mid-summer.

Don’t take it personally if someone backs out of a commitment. This is one of those weeks when disruptions can occur right when you don’t need them. Midweek may need special attention, as an impulsive desire to shop could affect your finances. If you can’t stick to a budget, take a friend with you who can intervene at the right moment, or just don’t go.

Certain friendly ties could be more of a burden than usual, particularly if they’re argumentative. Be the best friend you can be, but don’t expect the same treatment in return. However, the same folks could revert to their usual open and supportive selves in few days. It’s time to think about making a fresh start with shared finances.

Friday’s New Moon brings opportunities to consolidate debt and make radical changes where necessary. This New Moon in Cancer highlights family matters, women, real estate, and the food industry. Also, the Sun, Saturn, and Neptune alignment as we enter July brings the possibility for new solutions to old World problems, although there is still an emphasis to have talks and dig deep for the best answers for all concerned.

Keep receipts if buying big-ticket items this weekend, as Mercury comes out of retrograde.

The weekend seems made for romance, but try not to get stuck with someone who is a bit of a drain. The moon is in Leo to complete June. Make room for play!

A JULY PEEK – Optimistic and generous Jupiter moves into Leo for a full year beginning July 16th. This brings heart-openings, love magic, playful, and creative opportunities to the surface.