Stargazing — Week of June 21st through June 27th, 2021

Jun 21, 2021 | Stargazing

The Summer Solstice is on Father’s Day, June 20th. The next three months gives you the feeling of being pulled in three directions simultaneously. You would be wise to plan your actions three steps in advance, or you could feel like the proverbial chicken running around with her head cut off.

The Summer solstice energies are a bit complicated this year. Four of the five outer planets are turning retrograde between late May and the end of June with Uranus to follow in August. This means that the summer months are a good time to finish existing projects and do early preparation projects for that which is to come in fall and when Jupiter moves fully into Pisces next year.

The Saturn -Uranus square is in play all year. Find a way to be responsible and deal with boundaries while creating more freedom and freshness in your life. The Moon is in the “mind your own darn business” sign of Scorpio and challenges this pattern. This supports a private retreat or deep research on a topic of interest to you.

Warrior Mars in heart-opening Leo also plays into this pattern. Be willing to step into leadership, make room for fun and creativity, and keep a level of detachment from the drama in the world – while still keeping your heart open. Expansive Jupiter also turns retrograde on Father’s Day until mid-October. Use the coming months to complete old projects and/or do the early preparation for new and bigger plans for 2022.

A Scorpio moon on Father’s Day tends to be a bit more private. Take time to look within and see if you can add any new ideas to your plans for next year. With the Sun moving into Cancer, comfort food is in order.

The week brings in the energy of bountiful, generous, radiant brightness which can run roughshod over the meek and creates a difficult time making their voices heard over the world’s confident extroverts.

On Monday, the grand water trine between the Scorpio Moon and the exact trine of Venus and Neptune starts this week off with a healing, loving vibration that is filled with emotional closeness, making a good day for strengthing bonds and working out any unresolved issues. Begin your day slowly if you are able. AT least take three deep breaths and do some stretching in the morning. Venus and Neptune combine favorably for some extra dreamtime, a relaxed morning meditation, or sharing breakfast with someone you love.

Mercury ends his retrograde cycle Tuesday afternoon, so allow extra time in traffic and don’t schedule yourself too tightly in the days surrounding June 22nd. In a short time, all the cloudy, distrustful feelings and thinking in the past few weeks will dissipate, bringing back your clarity and discernment.

On Wednesday, sensitive, when low-key Venus in Cancer opposes the peacock strut of Pluto. Quiet souls could feel overwhelmed by the go-for-it actions of the strong, self-assured. Take the time to validate the feelings and contributions of the introverts in your life. Shared projects and big ideas are favored in the morning, but the later afternoon could bring minor challenges to relationships.

The Full Moon is on Thursday June 24th at 4 degrees Capricorn. The energy felt can be quite productive, as it reduced the ego drives so that team members will happily help each other reach a common denominator. This is the Moon where you balance your responsible needs with your nurturing needs. If you are an excessive caretaker, then this is the time to assert better boundaries. There is a pattern called a T-Square between assertive Mars, patient Saturn, and revolutionary Uranus. This unstable pattern pulls you apart to put you back together in a better way, hopefully. It is time to take action to better balance your freedom and responsibility needs.

Psychic Neptune is also slowing down to turn retrograde on Friday. It may be that you know what you want to accomplish, but have no earthly idea how to go about it. Neptune takes you beyond the veils of this tangible world to bring forth a higher vision that holds the answer.

The weekend becomes more tense, when Saturday’s lunar conjunction with Pluto while opposing Venus brings up the emotionally sensitive vibrations from earlier in the week. An Aquarius Moon on Saturday supports social interaction, but be a bit careful with sharing your feelings.

An icy, repressed rage could detonate on Sunday, due to a T square between the Moon conjunct Saturn with Mars in Leo and Uranus in Taurus. Sunday afternoon the romance planet Venus moves into heart-centered Leo, staying in this fun-loving sign until July 21st. Schedule some fun in your life now, because planets start moving into hard working Virgo by mid-July and you will wish you had played more.

In the last week of the month, the focus turns more to personal circumstances and needs. The Sun enters Cancer on June 21st, and Venus forms a trine to Neptune. Mercury turns direct again on the 23rd, and the Sun is in trine to Jupiter. At the Capricorn Full Moon of June 24th, Venus is in opposition to Pluto before entering Leo on June 27th. Now, there is a great desire to unwind and treat yourself to something nice. For a moment, it might feel like everything is back to the way it used to be. Enjoy this time as much as possible, but stay realistic. We are now halfway through an extraordinary year that will still bring some surprises and challenges until the year comes to a close.