Stargazing — Week of June 20th through June 26th, 2022

Jun 19, 2022 | Stargazing

Father’s Day has the Moon in spiritual Pisces, suggesting a more introspective day with conversations that can go towards the philosophical or travel as Mercury makes harmony with Jupiter (both love to travel).

This is an empowering week filled with emotional harmony and sentimental togetherness, making it the perfect time for dating and forging new alliances as well as strengthening your long-standing friendships.

Monday kicks off with an exciting sextile between Mercury and Jupiter, which is enhanced with the Moon conjunct Neptune in loving Pisces sextiling “out of the past” Pluto, electrifying Uranus and charming Venus. Friendly, heartfelt communication is off the charts. This is also an excellent day for negotiations, networking, looking for a job, or going on interviews.

This trend continues on Tuesday when the Sun enters warmhearted Cancer and the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, bringing a huge dose of confidence, charisma, magnetism, and conversation that will charm almost anyone. With Venus trining Pluto on that same day, you could meet “the one” —be it a romantic partner, a new friend, or someone who will lovingly mentor you in your career.

The Summer Solstice is on Tuesday June 21st. The upcoming third quarter of 2022 asks you to balance your responsibilities with creating more fun, freedom, and movement. There is help in releasing old values and the people or activities in your life that reflect those outdated values. Expect there to be a bit of a juggling act between the fun and responsible sides of you.

On Wednesday, Venus moves into Gemini until July 17th. In the worldly perspective, this is good for exploring new ideas to make money. It is a flirty energy in romance, which is good for meeting new people but not so good for making commitments right now. In astrology, Venus is very powerful in Gemini. When you are operating from a spiritual service level, you can bring healing and greater beauty through opening to higher values.

Call upon Master Hilarion and Archangel Raphael for strength and invisible guidance.

This energy is enhanced by the Moon’s conjunction with Mars while sextiling Saturn. It’s time to take action in order to ensure lasting happiness.

The Moon’s conjunction with Uranus on Friday is just in time for happy hour, so make arrangements for evening festivities instead of heading for home immediately after work.  This week is bursting with romance and good cheer.

Between Thursday and early Saturday, accomplish tangible tasks that you can point to and say “I accomplished that. ” The Moon in Taurus likes to see physical results.

A dreamy, affectionate Saturday is in store thanks to the Moon’s trine with Pluto while sextiling Neptune. With a lunar square to Saturn, however, you will be in no mood for chores or errands so put these off to another day and dedicate yourself to pure enjoyment. Saturday evening’s energy is talkative as the Moon moves into Gemini.

Sunday supports short, quick conversations and tasks under a quick Gemini moon. It would be difficult to do deep research projects under this flighty, changeable energy. The day is perfect for a daytime date, thanks to an extremely lovey-dovey conjunction of the Moon and Venus in harmony with Jupiter. A thrilling, lavish amount of uplifting, romantic, social energy abounds this week, as long as you take the initiative to tap into it.