STARGAZING — Week of June 20th through June 26th, 2016

Jun 19, 2016 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Happy New Year 2011Who wouldn’t want to know about a week that’s perfect for bringing plans and projects to a happy conclusion? The Sagittarius Full Moon starts things off when it coincides with the first day of summer on Monday, June 20th. Also known as the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, and the day when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer. The Solstice is one of the biannual still points in the Sun’s annual journey. The Full Moon comes just a few hours before Summer Solstice on June 20th. Because the Sagittarius Full Moon joins the summer solstice at 29 degrees, it marks a time period of personal as well as universal completion. This is truly a time when the forces of Light have conquered the darkness, not only during the day, but during the night as well.

The motivational Grand Cross pattern that has been building for several days, and was also present at the new moon in early June, is pushing you to adapt to constant changes. Part of this pattern wants you to bring more adventure and fun into your life, and part pushes you to be practical. One side of the cross wants to go live in some out-of-the-way peaceful place, and the other side tells you that you must increase your service on this planet. Keywords to putting this Rubik’s Cube in proper alignment are “conservative expansion,” “simplify, simplify, simplify” and “strengthen and improve your boundaries as you add on new projects.” Create more freedom for yourself while staying responsible.

Completed - the endThere are an abundance of act and adapt zodiac signs now, meaning that you will need to continually adjust while on the move for the next three months. Even if you don’t change, your world will change around you now. The choice is to go into anxiety about living in a revolving door, or learn to surf the changing tides. Fortunately, the full moon moves from the completions required in the final degree of Sagittarius into the stability of a Capricorn moon at summer solstice, eleven hours later. Just how quickly you shift from completions to stability is the question for the next three months!

Wednesday brings minor mental overload, so knock off early if you are able. The Moon in Aquarius on Thursday and Friday, and supports meeting new or existing friends and participating in groups and organizations. Then the moon moves into quiet and serene Pisces Friday evening through the weekend, indicating a good time for a movie, romance, or spiritual activities.

Rainbow ArcOn Saturday, June 25th the dawn brings calm and brightness when a trine between the newly minted Cancer Sun and Pisces Moon announcing a day of emotional peace. On Sunday the 26th, Jupiter tags Pluto with another trine, bringing outstanding indications of renewed faith in the future and a healthier economy, and this energy is doubly significant because they both occur near significant seasonal turning points. Be sure to make the best of this powerful, uplifting energy because the next one doesn’t come around until 2024.