STARGAZING  Week of June 19th  June 25th, 2017

This week brings us several lucky influences, as well as a season change; the Summer Solstice brings us the first day of Summer. Mercury changes signs, we have a New Moon in Cancer, a Venus/Pluto, trine and Jupiter/Mars square. Whew!

Sunday-June 18th, Fathers Day, is under the influence of an Aries moon, and that supports physical activity like swimming, a walk, or exercise. Its a fire sign, so that could also indicate a BBQ. On one hand, the Sun is making a friendly relationship to eccentric Uranus urging you to do something out of the norm on Sunday. At the same time, mental Mercury is thinking about all the things you should do, but dont really want to. Keep activities light and friendly, and dont feel like you need to drag things out. A quick brunch with Dad would be enough.

By Monday afternoon, the Moon moves into productive Taurus to set the stage for Wednesdays Summer Solstice.

Summer Solstice is on Wednesday the 21st at 12:24:30 am (Eastern). The coming three months brings us a T-Square pattern; this represents a challenge to put things together that do not comfortably fit together. The base leg of the T shaped pattern holds Jupiter in relationship oriented Libra. It wants you to expand your relationships to new levels, either with the people in your life now, or giving motivation to open to new relationships of all types. At the top of the T, impatient Mars is in watery Cancer. Thats great for home repair projects and family vacation activities, but action and emotions can get all mixed up, mushy, and emotional.

On the other side of the top of the T is the marriage goddess Venus and let go and let God, Pluto. This helps good relationships get better and bad relationships to transform. Smoothing out this challenge is gentle Venus and romance-oriented Moon aligning in Taurus. This combination seeks pleasure, comfort, and luxury, but it also knows you need to work hard to manifest your desires and needs. Both make harmony to Pluto, so you get help in improving or transforming relationships. Overall, there is a mixture of energies this summer so find your pleasure where you can and know that there are also some responsibilities calling.

Wednesday brings a lot of talk, and is a good day to communicate your emotions. The Summer Solstice coincides with the Sun entering Cancer and is the longest day of the year. After the Summer Solstice, the days grow shorter at about the rate of two minutes a day. The Cancer Sun highlights emotions, families, housing, homeland security, pregnancies, and women. Mercury conjuncts the Sun that day as well, bringing a time when communication is logical and objective. As the sun sets on Wednesday evening, Mercury moves into Cancer, a sign he is not comfortable in. Communications and your interactions will be based on your gut feelings and the unspoken word.

Thursday morning brings pleasant conversations but the afternoon has you moving to a quieter state of mind.

The New Moon is on Friday the 23rd at three degrees Cancer. Five of the ten planets we use in astrology are in the water element, and that means emotions are heightened. Cancer is the sign of nurturing on the worldly level, and nourishing the spirit on the spiritual level. The action of the Cardinal signs of Caner, Capricorn, Libra and Aries are also emphasized, so the pace is going to pick up considerably now. This doubles the Cancer energy and brings new beginnings, new homes, a family move, or special emphasis on home safety and security. If youre anxious to buy a new home or a restaurant, the next few weeks are a prime time to do so.

Of course, Cancer likes to spend time with loved ones, fix up the house, or share a meal with people who are in your inner circle. Action planet Mars is making harmony with spiritual Neptune, brings a perfect time to spend on visualizing and planning your higher purpose. That can be a simple as taking a quiet walk in peaceful woods or on a secluded beach.