STARGAZING — Week of June 18 through June 24th, 2018

Jun 17, 2018 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

This week brings us the summer season, the Summer Solstice, as well as a long retrograde along with some trines and tricky oppositions.

Monday is a bit complicated because the Moon moves into Virgo to give you a list of tasks to accomplish. At the same time, dreamy Neptune in Pisces, the exact opposite of Virgo, turns retrograde until November 24.

Neptune can be strongly spiritual or it just wants to daydream and take a nap. Although you may not feel such a distant planet turning retrograde on Monday, know that it begins a process of opening up to a higher vision, practicing forgiveness, and trusting your intuition at a higher level.

This energy gives you a chance to step away from some of the unpleasant difficulties in life, such as credit card debt, an overdue mortgage payment, or an unresolved and painful relationship decision. Some other areas are fake news, being deceived or lied to, medication problems, and protecting your privacy.

It’s time to allow yourself to step away from your worries and cares, even if just for a bit, and look at your higher spiritual purpose on planet Earth. Tuesday and Wednesday are enthusiastic because talkative Mercury is making a harmonious trine to “I’m ready for more” Jupiter and “open to a higher vision” Neptune.

The highlight of the week is on June 21st Thursday, the Summer Solstice, when the Sun moves into Cancer. It may be time to schedule that mammogram, let go of old hurts, and give out plenty of hugs.

The next three months shows a Grand Water Trine, which means there is a triple harmony while you are helping your emotional wellbeing.

Mercury in Cancer asks you to think of quick ways to nurture yourself. Neptune in Pisces would love it if you went off to some quiet, meditative, watery place to reflect on what’s most important in life. Jupiter in Scorpio is still moving retrograde until July 10th, so it’s a good energy to heal any emotional wounds or research future projects that can take you to a higher level.

More of a challenging nature, Mars is slowing down to turn retrograde next week in Aquarius on Tuesday, June 26, and is on the opposite side of the sky from Venus in Leo. One side of you wants to open to passion, fun and creativity, and the other side wants to detach from the world to review your ambitions from a comfortable distance. This could cause some friction for you and the people you love and are close to.

All types of relationships are shifting under this energy. Both Venus and Mars are challenging Jupiter, and that means it is time to determine if your belief system is getting in the way of you going to a higher level.

Between summer solstice energies and three eclipses coming in July and August, there is no shortage of opportunities to open to something larger in your life by Fall Equinox. And if you really want to get abstract, Pluto is moving across the ecliptic this summer, something that has not happened since the 1930’s

Friday has pleasant planetary energies for social activities with small groups or individuals in an intimate setting (so no loud and noisy places with people you don’t really like).

On Saturday, Mercury makes a tricky opposition to Pluto which could bring in conversations causing a battle, threats, or intimidation. Saturday morning is a bit uncomfortable but it improves at the day moves along.