STARGAZING — Week of June 15th to June 21st, 2015

Jun 14, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


This week, since Mercury has turned into a direct motion, you should be revved up and ready to go once again. Your normal self has returned and you are ready to face the world with a dramatic show of courageous action and adventure.

Saturn in Sagittarius has backed into Scorpio. This emotional clean-up phase continues until September 17th. This disciplining and restructuring planet was in Scorpio from Fall 2012 until December 2014, helping you plunge the depths of your being and release anything that could be holding onto you and causing a standstill. It drove you to explore your hidden shadow, requiring that you heal and release old wounds and other emotional baggage. This summer helps you complete that 2-1/2 year process.

Hillary Clinton  Competition rises now, so watch the presidential candidates to pick up speed. Hillary Clinton began her sojourn yesterday. There’s enough energy to go around and fill a competitive think tank. The Republican Debates could turn into a comedy show as the hopeful candidates vie to be included. Saturn holds its anarchy and karmic degree at 29 degrees Scorpio for the next three months and the focus is on forgiveness. This especially includes children born in 1941-42, 1952-54, late 1969-72, 1983-85, and 1998-00. Since everyone has a skeleton in their closet, expect to see some bones begin to rattle.

New Moon  Since knowledge is power, then know there are two turning points in 2015 that you should know about now. On Tuesday the New Moon in Gemini marks a new beginning and a two-week growth period. Like the Twins, this energy is enough to go around twice. Mars joins the fun and this New Moon is like a conference call where everyone is of a perfect mind and oneness. This harmony continues through the Summer Solstice on the 21st as the Sun moves into Cancer. It is the farthest north the Sun gets every year, holding its pace at noon at the Tropic of Cancer. This marks the second seasonal turning point of the year, and on this day “stands still,” before it begins its journey South.

The Sun is the ultimate source of life on this planet and nothing is more fundamental as its rising, setting, and determining the length of each day. Take a tip, stop short on Sunday, be still, meditate, and treasure the longest day and brightest Light of the year. It’s an important time for our solar system, the Universe, and should be as important to us humans. The Sun and Moon are exactly 60 degrees apart, which is a star spark for the promise of a fruitful season of growth, both for the crops and within our hearts.

The social theme continues, making this an ideal week for fun, planning vacations, and celebrations. Dating opportunities seem plentiful, so it’s worth accepting invitations and making the time to get out. Once the Sun moves into Cancer, you’ll have plenty of energy regarding moneymaking activities, but keep a firm hand on impulse spending. Don’t let someone coax you into parting with your cash unless it’s absolutely necessary. Opt to save rather than spend!

shamrocks  This New Moon in Gemini opens your mind to new ideas and alternative methods to accomplish your goals, and Polaris (the North Star) shows you the way to get there. Because impatient Mars is aligned with the New Moon, everyone is going to be in a hurry, so watch yourself on the road. You can accomplish a great many small tasks now, but you have to stay focused. It would be easy to get scattered making too many promises and having some things fall through the cracks. Venus, now moving towards Jupiter, is exact on July 1st, so buy those lottery tickets under this “get lucky” combination. The luck is running in the Leo area of your chart, so the abundance can come in ways other than gambling. Leo in your sixth house can bring luck through hard work, or in the seventh house through relationships, in the eighth house, a lottery win or loan granted.

If knowledge is power, then expect two turning points to arrive the last part of June. The New Moon in Gemini is like a conference call where everyone is in perfect accord. The harmony continues into June 21st and the Summer Solstice. On this day the earth actually does come to a standstill as the Sun reverses its ascent and turns backward towards the darkness of winter. Allow yourself to come to a full standstill on that day, Sunday, so you can treasure the longest day and brightest Light of the season. There is a Star Spark this year, which promises a fruitful season of growth, both in our gardens and in our hearts.

Heart Shaped World   For the most part, the week runs smoothly and easily. The Moon in Leo for the Solstice weekend supports time with loved ones and/or activities that call to you on a heart level.