STARGAZING – Week of June 13th -June 19th, 2011

Jun 13, 2011 | Special Messages

2011 Fall Equinox Ascension Gathering

with Elizabeth Joyce



STARGAZING—Week of June 13 – June 19, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You may decide to join a new group on Monday. Meeting people will be a main goal. Your ruthless side may emerge on Tuesday. You like to win!  Don’t lose sight of your moral principles. A problem will be difficult to resolve on Wednesday. There is no easy answer to this dilemma. Your status will rise on Thursday. Get ready to see your name in lights! You may consider changing your address when Mercury sextiles Jupiter on Friday. The chance to relocate may come your way. Also, a new friend may pop into your life. Don’t be shortsighted on Saturday. It’s possible you’re missing the big picture in a certain situation. Call on your ability to visualize the future. A family member will disregard your advice on Saturday. Remember, everyone has free will.  A loved one may offer you good advice on Sunday. Listen closely to this person.

Your Love Week—Air Signs:
Be more creative with your pickup lines. It’s time for a new set of ice-breaking jokes and gallant gestures. Remember that turning on the charm is a kind of commitment. Show some interest when you want to be with someone. And show some restraint before he or she tells you to back off. Even when you both feel a connection, nothing’s for sure. Patiently follow the usual dating rituals. The upside of waiting for a green light is that you’re still free to accept a better offer. It could make you more desirable. Even if you lose interest, the other person deserves some respect. When you want someone who can’t make time for you, offer to hang out and help with whatever he or she is doing. It’s a good way to know each other better. Show the proper gratitude for this privilege. Maybe you don’t want potential lovers fighting over you, but you have to admit it’s flattering!

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You will be in a lively mood on Monday. Laundry will take a back seat to having fun! A friend may be disgruntled on Tuesday. This person will be difficult to please. Big changes will come your way when the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place in Sagittarius on Wednesday. A life-altering event may shake up your world. A door will close so a new one can open. You may decide to activate your personal power on Thursday. But safeguard your secrets. Don’t leave confidential papers out in the open. You will need some time alone on Friday. Consider taking a break from the social whirl. Recharge your mental and emotional batteries. You will be eager to take charge of a situation. Optimism will lift your spirits on Saturday. You will be pressed for time. Your schedule may be too full. Consider paring down your agenda. You can learn from your mistakes on Sunday.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Being single means making your own rules. Enjoy your own company even when sharing your time. If a certain person wants you to jump through hoops for him or her, you can always say no. Nobody gets to make you feel guilty or selfish just because you know what you want. Be careful about projecting your desires onto people who might not feel the same way. Don’t put words in someone’s mouth. Find an activity or destination you both like, and allow your date to flow smoothly along that channel. If the conversation heads into sensitive territory, let the other person lead. On the weekend, a friend will show a lot more understanding than a blind date – although you never know. Meeting somebody for the first time could be an intense, rewarding experience. Be careful not to repeat the same ole, same ole patterns. Replaying an old fantasy or argument can be risky, especially if the other party had nothing to do with it the first time around.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You’re an emotional soul. Your feelings will be heightened on Monday. You will show your emotions in public when the Moon in Scorpio opposes Mars.  Don’t overreact when dealing with others. Look toward the future. Hiding your feelings won’t be an option! Unfinished business may arise on Tuesday. It’s time to put old issues to rest. Consider revamping your priority list on Thursday. Spend time on activities that matter to you. Your spiritual side will kick in. You may go on a religious retreat. Take time to go within and assess your goals. You may be chasing dreams that no longer suit you. Intuition will be on tap when Mercury trines Neptune on Friday. You will have a hunch regarding a certain situation. Go with your gut instincts in all circumstances. You will go on a journey of self-discovery on Saturday. A new companion may enter your life. Find your bliss this weekend.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Giving extravagant gifts may feel good, but what message are you sending? Maybe you’re scaring someone away or setting yourself up to be used. Giving time and attention is more sincere than attempting to buy another person’s love. When you’re hitting on someone, be sure your advances are welcome. Even if you get nowhere with this person, others are watching your behavior. A lower success rate might be a good reason to reexamine your dating style. Your overwhelming charm may be kind of threatening. His or her time and attention feel like the most valuable thing you’ll ever get. Stop talking and start listening to reach a new level of communication. Find another side of your truth as you tap into the kinder, gentler side of your character. Edgy people might even like themselves a little better without the edge. This is where you’ll learn if you’re right for each other.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Your judgment may be off on Monday. Ask a friend for feedback before making an important decision. The green-eyed monster may bite when Venus is quincunx Pluto on Tuesday. You might envy the lifestyle of an associate. Think about revitalizing your life. Turn your dreams into realities. Household repairs may occupy your time on Wednesday. Get ready to use a hammer and nails. Mercury enters Cancer on Thursday. Brainpower will be yours. It’s a great time to design a new life blueprint. You will start to wear your heart on your sleeve. Emotions will guide your actions. A relative will have good news on Friday. You will be eager to celebrate together. Also, give your artistic urges free rein on Friday. Take steps to develop your hidden talents You may encounter a challenge on Saturday. Take time to make the right choice in the matter. Power issues may emerge with a loved one on Sunday.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Maybe you’re doing all the right things yet someone seems iffy about dating you. Maybe you think it’s love and the other person thinks it’s like. Go the extra mile to get someone’s attention. If he or she still doesn’t care, cut your losses and don’t look back. Don’t rush what you can savor slowly. Enjoy each hint or promise without trying to collect on it. A mutual friend might give you insight about a possible future lover or a date who’s acting strangely. When you’re really into the most exciting person in the world and it’s your first time alone together, be yourself instead of trying to make everything perfect. Relaxing unleashes everyone’s true beauty. If you want to multiply your chances, attend a party, business mixer, or singles group activity. The person who somehow irritates you could be the one who really turns you on. Funny how that works! This may surprise both of you.