STARGAZING – Week of June 11tth through June 17th, 2018

Jun 13, 2018 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

This week two opposite sides of the coin meet. The favorable opportunities are crossed by a square and an opposition.

The Moon is in practical Taurus all day Monday. This supports your efforts to produce something you can point at and say, “I completed a project and that’s an achievement!”

On Tuesday, mental Mercury moves into emotional Cancer until the end of the month. Your communications may be driven by emotions rather than thinking things through. Meditate and take a moment to make sure your head and heart are working together in the coming weeks. Small projects around home and family are supported.

The Gemini New Moon on Wednesday, June 13 brings lightness and love. It’s time to open to new ideas, drive somewhere in a different way than usual, and meet new people. This annual Gemini New Moon is also a Super Moon and more fun-filled than most. The focus is making new connections, buying locally, and upgrading your personal technology.

Talkative Mercury is in gentle harmony with eccentric Uranus, so you benefit by stepping a little bit out of your comfort zone. Relationship planet Venus moves into heart opening Leo until July 9. Bring out your creative passions in the week ahead, and know that this is not a bashful combination. It’s fulfilling to share on a heart level. Make a movie or put on a show!

There is a Grand Water Trine (means triple harmony) in the sky now. Expansive Jupiter is in harmony with spiritual Neptune, and both are in harmony with our galaxy’s strategic planner Pallas-Athena. Remember life can be playful, self-indulgent, romantic, and dramatic. Because creativity and playful enthusiasm will be running high this month, it’s a great time to party or run off to a sunny, warm, and popular resort.

Make a plan to bring big spiritual visions into the world, and the trine water element signs of Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer advise you to make sure your emotions are tuned in with your visionary ideals.

Thursday, June 14th could bring some surprising upsets to your social relationships or finances. Keep a low profile on Thursday evening, as there are minor challenges between value systems. There is simply no sense fighting over unimportant or petty issues. Just don’t waste the energy.

On Friday, practice setting up some healthy boundaries and let other’s know about them.

The Moon moves into Leo on Saturday for a fun day and remains there on Sunday, Father’s Day. This big-hearted Leo Moon showers love on everybody.