STARGAZING—Week of July 4 to July 10, 2011

Jul 6, 2011 | Special Messages

STARGAZING—Week of July 4 – July 10, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Jupiter makes a wonderful aspect to Pluto this week, which may coincide with a realization about your life path and purpose. You seem to be guided by spiritual forces, and this week they’re showing you how you can best serve your local community and the world. Get ready for an unexpected windfall, an inheritance, or money from another source, such as a tax rebate. If you run your own business, you may be offered the chance of a partnership that could make you both a lot of money. Your love life has calmed down, but as long as Uranus is in Aries, new love affairs will be exciting but disruptive. Even long-term relationships may show the same pattern. Make sure that your diet is suitable for your needs and giving you the nourishment you need. Don’t be tempted to eat junk food. It helps to think before you get romantically involved.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: There’s somebody out there waiting to make beautiful music with you. Maybe there’s more than one person, depending on how free and comfortable you feel. Even if you’re usually private about dating, share a few details with the people who love you and want to help. This kind of openness can only make you more attractive and ready. Hit the parties, clubs, and other public places. Take mental notes about revealing details that come up in conversation. Even if you can’t pursue every little thing, you’re getting a better idea of who someone is. And if you feel he or she is wrong for you, gracefully back away. Everybody makes mistakes – learn from yours. The next person you meet could be better for you. It could be too soon for getting up close and personal with your date. When you’re alone with the right person at the right time, trust your intuition and you will know exactly what to do.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Uranus is helping you break down barriers and blast through obstacles. You may rebel against inner fears that have had you in their grip for too long. Jupiter trines Pluto, bringing joy, luck, and opportunity your way. You may be offered a job you’ve long coveted, a promotion, or the chance of a lucrative deal. Whatever it is, it will be a dream come true. Mars in your social zone is excellent for networking and making the right kind of connections. The more you connect, the more you will benefit. A problem that you’ve been trying hard to resolve will suddenly vanish as you realize how to tackle it. A change of perception makes all the difference. Jupiter and Pluto create a fabulous aspect on Thursday that could bring a lot of extra wealth, security, and prestige. Are you ready for success? There’s also the chance of a love affair that starts in a professional setting. You may have found ”the one.”

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Use your silver tongue and intense gaze for good instead of evil. Asking for what you want is no crime, but manipulating others is a bit questionable. For all you know, somebody might be playing you instead. If you’re tired of games, see where sincerity takes you this time. There’s no guarantee that a date will go as planned, so just do what feels right. Even when the other person suspects your true feelings, it’s OK to keep him or her guessing. That’s certainly the best policy when you’re looking for a long-term relationship. Even if you just want some temporary satisfaction, everyone will feel better about it. If you don’t like your date’s friends, smile and be good. This may be a sign that you don’t belong together, but you don’t have to leave right away. Acting like you have all the time in the world is incredibly sexy. Take a deep breath, smile, and listen—you may actually learn something.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Things are going very well for your career, Water Signs. Jupiter is working to bring you lucrative contracts and assignments. But don’t sit back. Be proactive and you will reap an even bigger reward. A mysterious stranger is heading your way. You’ll be as intrigued by this person as you are by anyone you can’t fathom immediately. You love to find out what makes people tick or if they have any deep, dark secrets to share, but you may get more than you bargained for. Don’t give away too many of your secrets until you’re sure of the other person’s motives. Thursday is a key day when Jupiter aspects Pluto in your social zone. If you get invited to a networking event associated with your main interest, do attend. Something special may happen as a result. You stand to meet all the right people and gain in wonderful ways. Now you’re everyone’s darling. You’re enjoying all the attention – and you deserve it.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Understand and forgive your ex. Whether that’s a private decision or a personal announcement, you will free yourself to move on. If you’re nervous, don’t let it show. Act as though you enter new territory every day. Even when confidence is only skin-deep, your courage may be enough to impress someone. Will you look for love in your bright new world? Will you stay happily single? Anything is possible this week, and it’s all good. If you encounter casual romance, don’t let any strings bind you. If anyone accuses you of breaking his or her heart, apologize sincerely. Share the power of your own growth to help others heal. Relish an imaginary future with the person who brightens your day, but don’t ruin the moment with words that shouldn’t be spoken yet. After all, what’s the rush? Even as you hope for the best, be satisfied with what’s happening now. Relaxation will serve you better than showing your anxiety.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

The movement of Jupiter through Taurus brings endless possibilities, especially if you want to learn a new skill, get a degree, work abroad, or travel. You feel so much more confident about trusting your gut, but you could do even better. Great things are possible once you decide to take the initiative. There’s the possibility of a budding romance, but if you miss out on that, then from Thursday on you’re going to be involved in some passionate action. As Jupiter aspects Pluto, you may be given the chance of a lifetime. All you need to do is take it. Don’t hesitate. Your love life looks good, as friendships may turn romantic. Passion and intrigue are also possible. As Jupiter aspects Pluto, it also opposes Venus, so the cosmos is bringing you someone you may fall in love with at first sight. You might even fall for your long-term lover all over again, since you now see him or her through different eyes.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Maybe you’re looking in the right place at the right time. Maybe someone finds you or a friend hooks you up. Be open to possibilities. Everybody has a past, so don’t allow those details to get in the way. Keep parties and events on your calendar, whether you’re going alone or planning a fun date. It sometimes feels gawky and teenage to say, ”Hey, I really, really like you,” but sometimes you have to speak your truth. Innocent fun might turn into guilty pleasure. But unless you’re consciously breaking a promise or a heart, forget the judgment and just go for it. Even if you’re like a kid in a candy store, good manners will probably get you invited back. But don’t try to map out every little detail. Leave things to luck and chance. It’s always more exciting when you don’t know what’s coming next. If the party requires a gift or token, remember that small, tasteful gifts are better than big, extravagant ones. You don’t want to scare anyone away.