Stargazing — Week of July 31st through August 6th, 2023

Jul 31, 2023 | Stargazing


The final two days of July have the Moon in hardworking Capricorn. You always feel better when you accomplish a task you can point to and say, “I got that done.”

August begins in an open-minded and friendly mood with a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 1st and a relaxed aspect of Mars in Virgo with Jupiter in Taurus. Assertive Mars is making harmony to expansive Jupiter. This is great for travel and or hiking in nature. Mars represents exercise and Jupiter likes natural resources. Mercury is opposite Saturn, making this a time to slow down and balance your intellectual brain with your intuitive heart.

You can now promptly take care of things left undone for a long time and complete important work. Mercury in Virgo is opposite to Saturn in Pisces on August 2nd Be detail-oriented and meticulous; it’s worth it. If you are prone to excessive self-criticism, you should consciously take a more relaxed approach. Rejoice in what you have been able to accomplish.

Retrograde Pluto squares the Moon’s North Node in Aries on August 3rd. Now the consequences of earlier omissions could become apparent. On August 7th, the Sun and Jupiter square, and the Moon simultaneously reaches the Lunar Node, thus also squaring Pluto. If you want to realize something important, do not hesitate to execute it now. You can make excellent progress.

The Moon is in athletic Aries for the August 5th and 6th weekend. That’s great for getting physical. Be sure to take on projects that you will be able to complete, as Aries is well known for chasing the next thing that catches their attention and leaving half finished projects. However, do not overextend yourself at the Sun’s energy challenges “I took on too much” Jupiter on Sunday.

Venus is now moving retrograde in Leo to help you review and revise your values. This includes your relationships, your finances, and where your heart is engaged or not. Watch people who were born between 1946-1956 as Venus will be retrograde over planet Pluto in their natal charts. Pluto is the planet of letting go and deep level transformation. Adding to this, Mercury is turning retrograde from August 23rd to September 15th in organizing Virgo. This helps you prepare for the coming change of seasons. Beyond that, all five outer planets will be retrograde by early September. We experienced this the past two summers; however, this series of retrogrades does not last as long. Plan to finish old business and plant seeds for that which is coming in 2024.