STARGAZING—Week of July 30th – August 5th, 2012

Jul 30, 2012 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Week of July 30th – August 5th, 2012


The Weekly Update

Mercury is retrograde through August 8th. During the retrograde period it’s okay to continue with plans you’ve made prior, but not a great time to initiate new money ventures. No matter what, it’s never a good time to sign on the dotted line or you may wind up having to renegotiate terms later. If it’s worth it, it will wait. Because we are now in the second half of Mercury retrograde, it is a good time to do behind the scenes planning for future projects. Remember that your heart, creativity, and generosity must be involved in projects as you will not have much enthusiasm for projects your heart is not into!

After a month of ups and downs, the stars are coming together to give July a royal send-off! And what better way to kick off this cosmic jubilee than with the strong and energetic Leo Sun at the helm? On July 28, the move-at-its-own-speed Leo Sun gets a jolt of energy when it partners with quick-witted Mercury. You’ll have to make decisions on the fly, but at least this combination will ensure you make the right ones! Admittedly, you may run into no shortage of people overflowing with hot air, but they’ll simply add to the day’s entertainment value.

The sociable Aquarius Full Moon on Wednesday night, August 1st, sets the tone for a fun and friendly week. Generous Jupiter joins the party with favorable aspects to the Sun and Moon, inspiring curiosity in different kinds of people and encouraging openness to a variety of experiences. On Friday morning, there’s a subtle shift from cool to cuddly when the Moon slips into imaginative Pisces, giving dreamy permission for romance to override reality. Of course, the Leo Sun isn’t willing to give up the spotlight after just one performance! On July 31st, it again assumes center stage when it pairs with feisty Uranus, sending you right out of your rut and into something new! Scary as it may seem, taking a risk today, even a small one, will lead to exciting new opportunities in the very near future. So, take a deep breath, close your eyes and make that leap! Also on July 31st, Venus and Saturn work their magic to bestow you with charm and practicality, creating a perfect setting for people in your workplace to recognize just how brilliant you are!

August begins with a Full Moon at 8:27 PM PDT. The elements Fire and Air are very strong now. Given that it has been a difficult fire season already, this combination does not offer much help to fire ravaged regions. On a happier note, fire represents creativity and passion. Air is associated with ideas, communications and social interactions. During the next two weeks, begin to put your ideas into a long-term action plan. You benefit by meeting new people, exploring new groups or traveling to locations that free your mind. Expansive Jupiter is aligned with the star Aldebaran now. This energy represents success, but you are challenged to stick to a strong moral high ground through integrity and purity. With optimistic Jupiter combined in this picture, you must take a risk on yourself to go to a much higher level of expression.

It is a pleasant week overall, and the weekend is under the influence of a gentle Pisces Moon. Spiritual activities, music and visiting watery places are favored.

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

This is a positive and upbeat week for you in which much can happen out of the blue. Things move at a fast pace. Thoughts get translated into action like lightning. Getting into the zone should be easy, especially around Monday. You’re usually known as a mover and shaker, but someone else could give you the idea that motivates you to action. Perhaps you and another discover that you can make beautiful music together. Explore fresh possibilities. Socializing could be rewarding. A meeting could be fun, lively, and edgy enough to move you out of your comfort zone. Someone may inspire you to do more, go further, and explore unfamiliar ideas. You might be more businesslike with your affections on Tuesday, which may not be such a bad thing. But you’ll certainly get a blast from the midweek Full Moon as it encourages you to explore new ideas and options. Be bold! The midweek Full Moon in Aquarius could bring romantic action or heighten the feelings you have for your latest lover or date. Make sure you don’t do anything on the spur of the moment that you’ll regret later. You could get carried away. The Full Moon midweek could bring feelings into the open. If you’ve been holding anything back, this is when they could come out. Don’t embarrass yourself. Thursday looks lucky and promising bringing a wonderful opportunity – go for it. Make the most of it.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Visions of faraway places add spice to your relationship life now. An incredibly insightful Aquarius Full Moon on August 1st will be stretching your social horizons. Staying cool and calm isn’t easy this week with a super energized Full Moon on Wednesday. If you’re not happy with your relationship life now, you are ready to make an impulsive move. It’s fine to take some risks as long as you’re sensitive enough to back off if you’re heading in a dangerous direction. Getting noticed comes easily now, but don’t act out simply for shock value since that kind of attention is not likely to last very long. Consider your audience before you speak from your heart. Amorous feelings are on the rise. Yet this emotional event can push you to extremes with moments of unbridled confidence interspersed with significant self-doubt. Break through your old patterns by taking some chances when expressing yourself. It’s healthier to follow your own creative impulses now than to be overly concerned about how others might react. Expansive Jupiter in Gemini supports this lunar event, encouraging your clever ideas and enhancing your gift of gab. Still, less words and more emotion is a better strategy for achieving intimacy if you are hoping to connect romantically over the weekend.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Monday could be a restless kind of day unless you can find activities to bring adventure along with few challenges your way. Be sure to move out of your comfort zone and do something different. You might feel restless and eager to avoid too much boredom and routine. If you have nothing exciting going on, you could look for ways to bring fun and challenges into your life. Moving outside your comfort zone should do it. You might need an adventure or a chance to range far and wide. Find at least one thing to do that thrills you – you need to escape the usual routine. Tuesday is excellent for talking business. You could do well. Tuesday could bring an encounter with someone you can do business with that might coincide with business-oriented social events. They might be dull, but they could be lucrative. Midweek is full of zany energy. The Full Moon in Aquarius means you’ll have plenty to say. Share ideas, feelings, and everything else, but remember to be tactful. Midweek brings a flood of feelings as the Full Moon inspires you to share your feelings. This Full Moon is perfect for parties and get-togethers. You can make some great connections that will be worth keeping. Thursday could be just plain lucky! Finally, the Sun’s aspect to Jupiter is great for closing a lucrative deal or simply getting in touch. Thursday is also a perfect for dating or just having fun.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Supporting friends in need or working for a worthy cause may not sound sexy, but builds a network of trust this week that pays big dividends later on. Privacy is a priority for most of the weekend and you might feel the need to seek out some peace and quiet. This could be a breakthrough week in romantic matters thanks to Wednesday’s quirky Aquarius Full Moon brightening your Partnerships. Unexpected events or surprising interactions could challenge your ideas about who and what you need to make you happy. Exploring unfamiliar territory and allowing someone else to lead the way require trust and a flexible attitude. It may feel unnatural at first, but relinquishing control now will breathe more excitement into your relationships. The Full Moon also kicks up your interest in unusual people and experiences. This high-energy lunar event makes it easy to strike up conversations in the course of your daily activities. You may slip into a more sensitive mood this weekend, perhaps even preferring to spend time alone or with one special individual who you don’t have to impress. Whatever you do, take time to listen to your dreams. You’re likely to come out of your shell on Sunday when the Moon fires into Aries to get your adrenaline pumping. You’re in a risk-taking mood as restless feelings make you ready for romantic action.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Your lifestyle zone is in focus, so you might be eager to work out, improve your health routine, or be more motivated in general. A brainstorm on Monday could bring extra cash or a new contract. Don’t miss out. Either way, you could be in the money. You might get an offer you can’t refuse when the Sun aspects Uranus and brings you an interesting proposition. It could be challenging as well as fun. Tuesday might be excellent for entertaining business friends. This could be very fruitful. Don’t hold back. Go with the flow for best results. The midweek Full Moon in Aquarius could bring powerful feelings to the surface, perhaps fears and worries, too. Don’t act on the spur of the moment. This Full Moon could bring powerful dreams. Take note because they could have some special guidance for you. Relax your schedule if necessary. The midweek Full Moon is a good time for a party or get-together. If you have something to celebrate – even if you don’t – make this a reason for entertaining friends or family. You love having people over, so enjoy this opportunity. Thursday brings the chance for a lucrative deal, an inspired financial idea – run with that.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: You could reach a turning point in relationships with this week’s Aquarius Full Moon. This airy lunation blows in fresh breezes of objectivity, enabling you to see your situation more clearly. If you have a partner, it may be time to reassess your expectations. If you’re single, attracting an unconventional individual is possible. Either way, opening your mind is essential for the chemistry to work. The cosmos may be encouraging you to sort out debt issues, if you have any. Monday could bring a brainstorm or even a windfall – be ready. Tuesday is a day for business. You may find yourself doing some negotiating or bartering. You may even have an interview to attend, in which case you could be on a roll. The Full Moon could cause you to spend more in order to feel better. Restlessness is likely with Wednesday’s high-frequency Aquarius Full Moon rattling your deepest roots. Shaking things up on the home front is risky but is better than silently stewing with resentment. There’s a delightful shift on Friday as the Moon enters surreal Pisces bringing you some romance to end your week on a magical note. Imagination opens your heart, making you a more captivating companion. This Moon melts boundaries and dissolve barriers this weekend. If you’re stuck in a tough place with a partner, it’s time to speak truthfully, but with the kindness it takes to be real without becoming hurtful. Playing dress up and allowing your imagination to lead the way makes this a memorable time. Let yourself have fun exploring a different look and attitude, which can reignite your relationship life in a delightful way.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

You may need some time to relax and get back in touch with yourself. It’s a bit like crawling back into the womb for a while and allowing yourself to be nurtured by whatever feels good to you. You could be hugely inspired, too, especially on Monday. Tuesday is excellent for business – something you excel at – so get to it. You’ll learn an important life lesson on Tuesday as well. This experience will open your heart and mind. The Full Moon in Aquarius midweek brings career matters to the fore. Many feelings could come to the surface. Choose the positive ones! You’ll go in search of excitement when your ruler Mercury trines Uranus on Wednesday. Take precautions if you’re doing anything risky. Household repairs will need attention on Saturday. Invite over a friend who’s handy with a hammer and nails. Don’t jump to conclusions regarding a certain matter on Sunday. You may not have all the facts in this case.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Expect plenty of positive attention with Wednesday’s innovative Aquarius Full Moon shining, putting the interests of others before your own. This will be key to making a strong impression throughout the week. The more open-minded and generous you are now, the more likely you’ll earn the affection that you desire. What might look like sacrificial behavior on the surface is the best way to attract a loving partner. Try a little tenderness this weekend with the Moon floating into inspiring Pisces on Friday. This boundary melting may turn a simple little chat into a magical moment. Instead of taking life so literally, let your imagination loose and you could be rewarded with a romance surprise. Creative companions are much more desirable than critical ones now. The psychic Pisces Moon warms you this weekend with compassionate companionship. Fantasy and romance flourish as you disconnect from your routine tasks and allow your imagination guide your actions. A creative individual helps you to imagine a magical world where the barriers to closeness melt away. Let go of petty details so you don’t miss out on this sweetly satisfying scenario. Cast a positive light wherever you go and you never know who might notice.