Stargazing — Week of July 29th through August 4th, 2019

Jul 29, 2019 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

We can expect a lot of turbulence and chaos as we walk through the transition from July into August. A general feeling of uneasiness prevails through Wednesday because Uranus is creating conflicts in the Solar System.

Monday brings a feeling of uncertainty and uneasiness as Uranus squares the Sun. If you can escape from your world on Monday afternoon, it would be wise to do so. Freedom-loving Uranus wants to throw a revolution, possibly upsetting the apple cart of current plans. Step out of your normal routine on Monday and do something that can help you to release tension. Going swimming or out for a sail on the lake is a good option.

July 31stbrings us the second new Moon in the month at 9 degrees Leo. Expect the unexpected as Uranus throws in a struggle and upset with love and finances while the emotional Moon and loving Venus seek harmony and peace.

On one level, this New Moon asks you to open your heart, remember the child within, and to practice creative playtime. On another level, earthquake planet Uranus wants you to run off into the unknown, leaving the safe and comfortable behind. This conflicting energy is further amplified as Mercury ends his three-week retrograde cycle on Wednesday. Don’t allow the choppy energy throw you off center. Keep your heart open and be willing to change on a moments notice.

This is the second time this year that Uranus has brought us abrupt changes in the political atmosphere all over the world. Uranus has also brought strong challenges to Venus and the Sun concerning our values, living space, and our own identity and abilities.

The best way to handle this uncontrolled, powerful, sudden and fast electrical energy is to keep your head down, strive to stay on track, meditate for clarity and calmness, and allow the winds of change to swirl around you, like the wind and not through you.

This New Moon, in the middle of the week on the last day of July, is accompanied by the Guardian Angel planet Jupiter, which can be very fortunate, Spontaneous activities can be a lot of fun if you are willing to drop your expectations. One suggestion is to connect with your chakras and the deeper spiritual part of you within and consciously bring that to the surface in a creative way.

The trine of Jupiter and the Sun can lessen the severity of the Uranus chaos. Because the Leo New Moon is a dark time of the month. It’s perfect for new beginnings and planting seeds for something inspiring and creative. With passionate Leo as your energy source, the more drama and excitement the better.

The up side is now that Mercury has moved direct, confusing communication, transportation issues and computer/digital problems will begin to fade away. It’s time to establish your new “status quo.”