STARGAZING — Week of July 29th — August 4th, 2013

Jul 30, 2013 | Special Messages

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Week of July 29th – August 4th, 2013

So just what does the cosmos have in store for you this next week? Look out for turbulence on the relationship front early in the week with an evolutionary Venus-Pluto trine occurring on Tuesday and a revolutionary Mars-Uranus square happening on Wednesday.

Venus moves into pragmatic Virgo earlier in the week is a reason why the time is ripe for making things real. Romanticism may suffer with this transit but the finesse and attention to detail brought to relationships can satisfy critical hearts. Having sociable Venus in careful Virgo while the Sun is in dramatic Leo will create an interesting four-weeks.

August begins on Thursday and is rich with innovation along with new experiences, but the price to pay for being ahead of the pack may be finding yourself alone. The willingness to venture off into uncharted territory could result in feelings of isolation, as if others cannot understand you. Yet the rewards for playing by your own rules may be worth the price.

August opens with Sun in creative Leo, the fire sign where being bold and a little brash is to be expected, along with the hot dog days of summer. Even if you’re a bit shy, pushing yourself forward to express your ideas is a healthy exercise. Sociable Venus, however, is in discreet and practical Virgo until August 16th, signaling the need to blend practicality into the social and professional mix.

The warrior planet Mars challenges transforming Pluto as July closes, and explosive Uranus as well. Avoid impatience and give a wide berth to people who have anger issues. Do something physical such as exercise, but do not overdo it.

Don’t drive to fast or push equipment beyond their limits on Wednesday. That means airplanes, cars, lawnmowers, and even trying to put too many pages into the shredder at one time.

Friday’s cosmic atmosphere is friendly and flirtatious with the chatty Gemini Moon and a charming Venus-Mars connection running the show. This favorable alignment of astrology’s planetary lovers invites lighthearted and romantic behavior that makes it easy to smooth over relationships or to meet someone new. Respecting the emotional limits and fears of others is especially useful now, when Venus sidles up in a sweet sextile to normally aggressive Mars, which is made tender while in sensitive Cancer.

Your emotions are likely to go deeper on Saturday after the Moon swims into the sensitive waters of Cancer, reminding us not to play with the hearts of others unless we are prepared to play for keeps.

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