Stargazing — Week of July 25th through July 31st, 2022

Jun 25, 2022 | Stargazing

The week begins with lots of talk under a Gemini moon. That’s great for short projects, running multiple errands, and staying on the move. This week’s high levels of pettiness and self-absorption will be on full display. 

A lunar trine of Saturn on Monday stirs up a need for security and control. However, passive-aggressive resentments could be triggered by the Moon square Neptune, compounded by another square between Venus in Cancer and bold, confident Jupiter in Aries. Weak-willed people lacking in inner confidence with seethe against those who dare to courageously pursue their goals. Careful Now; Do be careful of taking on too much when optimistic Jupiter says yes when it probably should have said no, 

Mercury also challenges Mars – that’s trying to do too much in too short of a time. Be sure not to drive too fast.

Gemini Twins

On Tuesday, the Cancer Moon drenches this Venus-Jupiter square with additional buckets full of emotion, when a paranoid square between Mercury and Mars triggers toxic people to scheme and plot their revenge against the successful and brave. 

Power struggles and jealousy continue on Wednesday, caused by a lunar opposition of Pluto. Evil shows it’s ugly snake’s head as we head toward the August 1st triple conjunction. 

The Leo New Moon on Thursday, July 28th, is accompanied by do-it-big Jupiter, turning retrograde until late November. This New Moon won’t have the support needed to fight off the volatile vibes of a scheming Mercury-Uranus square that wants to wreak havoc just to watch things burn. 

The New Moon is making a harmonious trine to Jupiter in Aries as well. It is time to open your heart and have more fun. Make a plan between now and November to make more space in your life for creativity, travel, pioneering a new path, and opening your belief system to something expansive- something that gets you out of same old routine and takes you to fiery enthusiasm. 

At the same time, Venus moving through “I want safety and security” Cancer challenges you to make these changes in a safe, no “betting the farm” kind of way. 

Friday’s lunar conjunction with Mercury squaring Mars and Uranus only adds fuel to the fire. 

Have a quiet Saturday morning when the Moon is in her void-of-course phase until early afternoon. This is a good time to meditate, do laundry, or humble tasks. Note that Mars, Uranus and the spiritual destiny node of the Moon are aligning over the next few days. 

The Moon and Mercury in individualistic Leo oppose stable Saturn in Aquarius on Saturday and Sunday when the whims of some bad apples could ruin things for the rest of the world. 

There are two levels of energy going on. The Moon in Virgo is asking you to simplify your life so you can be of humble service. The other is the energetic Sun making a harmonious trine to lucky Jupiter. One level is asking you to be quiet and the other wants to get out and be social. Find your balance between the two, knowing that an explosive alignment is going on in the coming days. Try your best to stay away from harmful self-hating individuals now – and this upcoming week. You need to remain off the radar and avoid becoming a target of these people’s drama,

August begins with a bang as impatient Mars, explosive Uranus and the spiritual destiny node align in Taurus. This will create Tower Moments for the world stage, the USA, as well as every individual. Similar to last summer, four of the five outer planets are in their retrograde cycle, suggesting that parts of your life will be on hold or in a re-visioning phase until early next year. Nothing will be resolved any too quickly.