Stargazing — Week of July 24th through July 29th, 2023

Jul 28, 2023 | Stargazing

STARGAZING REPORT — Week of July 24th through July 29, 2023

The week starts off with cooperative energies but by Tuesday afternoon quickly dissolves into the ego-driven atmosphere that was the energy of last week. Try not to get sucked into a psychological dark hole during the workweek. Keep your eyes on the light and weekend fun.

Wednesday begins highly productive, but can soon feel overwhelmed if you take on too many projects.  Don’t be hesitant to say “No” or delegate.

Thursday July 27th is good for deep level relationship conversations as talkative Mercury aligns with the diplomatic relationship planet Venus. People could bring up emotionally hurtful issues from the past, opening up all wounds and triggering old, negative thought patterns.  Begin your positive affirmations for strength, and escape with your favorite movie in the evening.

Then on Friday, Mercury moves into Virgo, the sign it retrogrades in on August 23rd. This provides hints of what you will be repairing, researching, or revising in late August and early September. When Mercury enters level-headed Virgo, it joins fiery Mars.  The energies shift from adding excitement and glamour to your world to becoming practical as you navigate reality.

The energy improves in time for the weekend.

Saturday is an excellent time to plan a “First” date or go out to dinner with your special snuggle.

Sunday holds excitement and adventure for sports, hiking or visiting a local museum.  You may want to take a drive and sight-see some unexplored territory.  Relax quietly at home for the evening.