STARGAZING – Week of July 23 through July 29, 2018

Jul 23, 2018 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

It’s a fiery start to the week with the Sun entering Leo for a month and the moon entering Sagittarius through lunchtime. Danger lurks at every turn throughout the end of July, especially with governments and politics.

Tuesday. Have an adventure or do something playful and creative to start the week. Tuesday afternoon is a bit spacey with Venus opposing Neptune. While this is not a bad combination, it does tend towards fantasy thinking, getting lost in daydreams, and assuming that you are “on the same page” with others when you are not. Verify in writing any agreements made now. There could be disappointments in both love and money.

Mercury turns retrograde in Leo Wednesday evening until August 18th. As the Sun squares Uranus, your schedule will need to adapt to sudden, fast, and unexpected changes. However, this is still a good time to take a short retreat for rest, relaxation and a little fun.


Mercury retrogrades early morning on the 26th, for the second time this year. Don’t begin anything new, and be prepared to have to re-do paperwork or projects. With Mercury in Leo, take a step back with how you manage and discipline your children, as well as your pride and ego.


Expect a “hurry up and wait” feeling on Thursday, so don’t try to force yourself to go faster than you need to. Take thing a step at a time, while taking deep breaths in between. Also, watch your driving as well as other people on the road.

On Friday, July 27th, the lunar eclipse is in Aquarius. It pulls you apart to make certain your heart is engaged in what you wish to create in your life. Some people will get together with old friends; others will start to look at options for meeting new friends and participating in new groups (which will become more active this fall). Mercury retrogrades from July 26-August 19 and continues the theme that has been going on for awhile, asking you to look at where your heart is engaged and where you need to have more fun.

This eclipse is a bit complicated because the emotional moon is aligned with aggressive Mars now moving retrograde, and mental Mercury just starts his retrograde cycle until August 18. Create some open time to look at where your heart is engaged and where in your life you are just going through the emotions.

Also, the Sun opposes Mars on the day of the lunar eclipse. This opposition creates competition and aggression. This energy is very strong because it accompanies a Full Lunar Eclipse. Part of the path of this eclipse passes over the middle-east, so look for disturbances in the Ukraine, Yemen, as well as India. Iran and Yemen will have riots in the streets. Because of this aggressive nature of the energy, best to postpone any medical procedures, weddings, or long road trips until this energy passes.

Along with this, the Pluto trine adds to the intensity with possibly some dark moments, especially around love and money.

The up side is that this summer is the perfect time for making a behind-the-scenes plan to realign your life so you are doing more of what opens your heart and nurtures you, and less of those things that no longer hold value for you. Perhaps it’s time for a job change, move, retirement, or living in a new country or state and begin life elsewhere.

Many people will reconnect with old friends, groups or organizations. This may be a temporary connection because you are reviewing just who fits in your life and who doesn’t. There is a big renewal of values, friends and activities going on all year. Look ahead to see your path and then decide who or what is compatible with that direction.

This is a friendly weekend that will blend light conversations with moments of greater depth.