STARGAZING—Week of July 1st – July 7th, 2013

Jul 2, 2013 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

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Week of July 1st – July 7th, 2013

So just what does the cosmos have in store for you this next week? Mercury continues to be retrograde in Cancer until July 20th, so look at your emotional and self-nurturing needs. The New Moon will be focusing on love, family matters, and issues from the past that have not healed. Now that Jupiter has moved into Cancer for the next year, it will be interesting to watch what comes- Jupiter rules expansion and going to new levels, and the sign of Cancer has to do with the needs of the people, families, mothering, and home. We have already seen home prices starting to go up, and the Supreme Court decision on marriage is also expanding the definition on families.

Relationships may be less than rosy when the week begins due to Monday’s suspicious Sun-Pluto opposition and skeptical Venus-Saturn square. But sometimes knowing what you don’t want is the first step toward finding the fulfillment that follows.

The month starts with the Sun on the opposite side of the sky as transforming Pluto (called an opposition). The Sun (Cancer) part of this energy wants to be nurtured and have people around who support you emotionally, and Pluto (Capricorn) wants to keep healthy boundaries.

Take an honest look at yourself early this week, because there is an ongoing push to re-balance your life between creative freedom needs and practical responsibilities. The first week of July, 2013, can be exciting or disruptive, depending upon your ability to adapt. The July 4th holiday in the Unites States has the Moon in Gemini. This is good if you keep on the move, have short social conversations or short trips. The weekend is the dark before the New Moon, so choose activities that help you look within.

Saturn turns direct late Sunday evening, having been retrograde since February. The outer planets spend a lot of time in retrograde each year, so you need to pay attention on the days surrounding their change of direction. If projects have been put on hold since February, the weeks ahead (after Mercury turns direct on July 20) will help you get moving.

Remember that Saturn remains in Scorpio through 2014, so one key is to release that which you no longer need, both emotional and physical.

The Moon’s move into comfortable Cancer on Saturday afternoon connects to generous Jupiter, where optimism peeks through the clouds. Still, being selective about the company you keep makes it safer to release the strong feelings that are ready to flow during the rest of the weekend. Saturday is a great evening to share a meal with those who are in your comfort zone. Sunday’s wild Venus-Uranus trine encourages everyone to embrace the unexpected and explore the unknown.

A helpful Grand Sextile is building towards the end of this month in Water and Earth Signs; and at the same time, a challenging T-Square pattern is building to push you to get some aspect of your life moving. There is a lot of help available but it is going to require a willingness to change on both a physical and a belief system level. Allow room in your schedule for unexpected changes through this quick month.

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Week of July 1st – July 7th, 2013


You may feel down in the dumps on Monday. Live in the moment when Venus squares Saturn on Monday. Remember that the past is gone and the future hasn’t arrived. Lift your spirits by counting all your blessings. Get back to nature on Tuesday. Take a long walk in a safe, peaceful setting. Tension could erupt on the job on Tuesday. Be the voice of reason when interacting with co-workers. Trust your gut instincts. Your inner guide will lead you to the right road. A former colleague may get in touch on Wednesday. This person will have important information to tell you. Use caution when the Sun squares Uranus on Thursday. Avoid accidents by being mindful of your actions. You might tangle with someone in authority. Don’t press the buttons of powerful folks! You’ll sparkle with a special glow when the Moon enters Leo on Thursday. It’s a great time to mingle. Spruce up your image on Friday. Jazz up your wardrobe or get a new haircut. Dance to your own tune. It’s OK to think outside the box. Get ready to have the Midas touch this weekend. Good fortune will surround all of your endeavors on Saturday. You may discover that you have a hidden talent. A lost item will be returned to you on Sunday.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Knowing what you want in a relationship and having the patience to work for it are essential keys to enriching your personal life this week. The magnetic planet Venus encounters hard-nosed Saturn on Monday, which either locks you out of love or shows you what you have to do to bring it to life. Taking responsibility for your situation may not be easy, but your honesty will reward you with much more pleasure in the end than fixating on how others have treated you. The Moon skips into Gemini early on Thursday morning to increase your inclination for shameless flirting and mischief making for the next couple of days. It’s all friendly and harmless as long as others know that you’re just playing games. However, messages may be wildly misunderstood with the planet Mercury still running in reverse. Taking the time to think carefully before speaking avoids confusion with new people and helps you to restore trust in an ongoing relationship. Thursday morning with the Moon flitting around in jaunty Gemini, wit and playfulness turn heads in your direction for the next two days, Air Signs. If you’re normally the serious type, it’s a time when being funny and friendly is much more alluring than acting like a professor. After all, is anyone really a master at the game of love? Leave room for sweet surprises when sensual Venus trines unpredictable Uranus on Sunday. This trine inspires you to experiment when it comes to relationships. Feel free to flirt if you’re single or to be wildly spontaneous with your partner without worrying about your final grade.


You will be in a very upbeat mood when the Moon sextiles Jupiter on Monday. Think about spreading some of your cheerfulness around to others! Make the world a better place when the Moon in Aries sextiles Mars on Monday as well. Donate your time and energy to a worthy cause. You will long to escape from reality on Monday evening. Get lost in a good book. You could be short-tempered on Tuesday. Count to ten before venting your frustration on others. An associate may ask you for a financial loan. Feel free to refuse if you don’t have the necessary funds. Money matters will require your attention on Tuesday afternoon. Think about creating a new household budget. A new friend will bounce into your life on Thursday. This person has oodles of charm. Test your limits at work on Thursday. It’s time to reach your full potential. Fireworks will go off in the bedroom on Thursday. A lover will be in an amorous mood! If single, you may connect with a dynamic new partner. Happy 4th of July, Lovers! Say thank you to the Universe on Saturday. A certain situation will finally work out in your favor. A relative will share a secret with you. Try not to look shocked! New adventures will come your way when Venus in Leo trines Uranus on Sunday. Your emotions will be heightened on Sunday. Don’t overreact to life’s little annoyances. Say goodbye to the comfort zone this weekend.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: It’s a one-two punch for you Fire Signs this week, starting with Monday’s Sun-Pluto opposition. Power struggles are likely, and it might take some soul searching to figure out which side you are really on. You could be feeling restless and less than cooperative when the willful Sun crashes into a stressful square with high-frequency Uranus on Thursday. This nervous tension shakes up a partnership and might help you to make some overdue changes. If you feel stuck with someone or simply stuck in your own life, taking a radically different approach to connecting and relating could provide the romantic breakthrough you need. Romantic expectations and dramatic expressions of feelings are stirred this week by playful Venus in Leo; Friday’s mood could be frivolously flirtatious, yet matters of the heart grow more serious on Saturday evening. Be tender with yourself and extra sensitive to others to build the trust necessary for true intimacy. Showing your vulnerability may be risky, but paves the way for getting closer to someone you love. The nurturing Cancer Moon connects with the planet Jupiter on Saturday night, setting you up for a memorable evening, but it’s your sweet sensitivity to others that makes this magic possible. Adapting your plans or shifting your behavior to show someone else how tender you are may not normally sound like your idea of a good time. Yet the rewards you receive for doing some delicate emotional work can fill your heart with joy and delight.


What do you really want out of life? That’s the question you need to answer on Monday, Water Signs. By the end of the summer all of you may be swimming in a completely new and different direction! A life lesson is in store for you when the Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto on Monday. Luckily, you will benefit from this learning experience. A loved one could send you mixed signals when Venus is quincunx Neptune in Pisces on Monday as well. Strive for clarity when interacting with others. Be prepared to burn the midnight oil on Tuesday. A project will require lots of effort. You will overflow with confidence on Wednesday. Self-doubt will vanish as if by magic. You might have to renegotiate a business deal on Wednesday. Come to the bargaining table with a calculator! An unexpected event may derail your agenda on Thursday. Try to go with the flow as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to take charge of your life on Friday. It’s time to access your personal power. A lover could play mind games with you when Venus is quincunx Pluto on Friday. Don’t waste your time on unhealthy relationships. Rely on your own initiative on Saturday. The only way to get a job done this weekend is to do it yourself! You will be inundated with invitations to social events on Sunday. Take steps to boost your physical wellbeing. Eat right, get plenty of rest, and exercise and get ready for your popularity to hit a high point this weekend.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: You may be wondering who you can trust now with the Sun opposing the planet Pluto on Monday. You need to dig deep to discover who and what your heart really wants. It may be difficult to know if someone is being serious with you now, or you might even be confused about your own emotions this week. The only way to be sure, or at least come closer to the truth, is to talk about your feelings. Miscommunication is a common source of relationship issues, so don’t be embarrassed to admit if you’re not entirely clear about what’s going on. Friday with the breezy Gemini Moon will make your life much less complicated. And, amazingly, even sticky problems with a current partner could dissolve without a struggle. Sure, relationships are serious business, but taking them lightly on Thursday and untangling knots of uncertainty takes maturity, patience and compassion, yet sticking with the process can allow love to flow freely again on the weekend. Friday is perfect for having fun when it comes to games of love. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the moment instead of bringing up the past or thinking too much about the future. Love can go through many phases this weekend when the Moon swims into caring Cancer on Saturday afternoon. There will be moments of both tenderness and tension with lunar connections to generous Jupiter followed by aspects to disruptive Uranus and formidable Pluto. Intuiting when it’s time to give to others and when to take care of yourself allows you to ride these big waves of change with a joyful sense of discovery. Shine your love-light simply by opening your heart. Results could be shimmering!


Strive to be honest on Monday. You’ll regret it if you lie to a colleague. Put your best foot forward. Show the world how talented you truly are. Enthusiasm will be your middle name. The possibilities of life will seem endless. Your stubborn side will be on display when the Moon in Taurus opposes Saturn on Tuesday. The word “compromise” won’t be in your vocabulary. Walk down memory lane on Wednesday. Call an old friend and reminisce. An associate could bring up your past mistakes on Wednesday. Ignore anyone who takes pleasure in criticizing you. You will be tempted to overindulge your appetites on Thursday. Strive for moderation in all circumstances. The boss could change your job description on Friday. It’s possible your employer will give you more responsibility. A partner could be jealous on Friday. This person will take offense if you flirt with another! Spiritual matters will occupy your thoughts on Friday. You will be eager to walk on the path of enlightenment. A new job offer may come your way when the Moon conjuncts Mars on Saturday. If you’re unemployed, it’s a great time to send out resumes. A relationship will be in the spotlight when the Moon is in Gemini on Saturday. A heart-to-heart talk with a loved one may be needed this weekend. A cherished wish will be granted on Sunday.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: The week starts out on an emotional note with the Moon’s move into Taurus on Monday afternoon, and an isolating Venus-Saturn square makes it difficult to feel optimistic about love. Even the best-intended friends may fool you with inaccurate information now. Mental Mercury is still traveling in reverse motion, which complicates conversations and confuses matters. The Moon’s entry into flighty Gemini on Thursday afternoon can scatter your attention and mislead you with gossip. Avoid over-thinking issues when it’s really your feelings that know the right way to repairing a relationship or connecting with someone new. The Moon slips into cautious Cancer on Saturday afternoon to put relationship issues into the spotlight. You could attract a sensitive and complex person who requires understanding and a gentle touch to let you get close. If you want the delicious intimacy of trust and affection, going with the emotional flow instead of insisting on following the rules is the best way to achieve your heart’s desire. Keeping secrets is a natural response to uncertainty about relationships this weekend. Whether you’ve been wounded or are worried about hurting someone else, sharing your feelings is called for starting on Saturday night. Words matter, of course, but listening with your heart as well as your head is the key to establishing trust and creating intimacy. Naturally, staying silent is also an option if you’re content to remain in your own bubble for now. Set logic aside and listen to your intuition when it comes to love.