Stargazing — Week of July 19th through July 25th, 2021

Jul 21, 2021 | Stargazing

This week brings an overdose of minor annoyances as well as harmony. The summer energy is a bit all over the place. Try to stay calm, take some deep breaths, and know that it all works out in the end.

Keep quiet on Monday morning and tend to existing projects until the moon moves into adventurous Sagittarius. The day also brings a Grand Trine in Water before the Moon slips out of Scorpio into Sag. You may be tired of someone’s antics and come down hard with righteous indignation. Luckily, the combative forces are quickly dispelled as the good-natured trine quickly soothes any swirling tensions.

Mercury makes a minor harmony move to Uranus overnight Monday to early Tuesday. Travel or flying dreams are a possible manifestation. If you wake up with a brilliant idea, be sure to write it down or it will leave as quickly as it came.

On Wednesday there is one final, bighearted trine between the Moon and Venus, just before the planet of love and beauty bids farewell to generous Leo and slips into the more toned-down sign of Virgo. Wednesday evening, Venus moves into Virgo until August 16th. This is not a comfortable combination, but you can use it to clean your clutter or do a healthy cleanse. It’s time to get organized.

Early on Thursday, Venus opposes Jupiter. Be careful of biting off more than you can chew or over committing yourself or excessive indulgence. However, it is a relatively quick and easy combination.

The Full Moon is on Friday July 23rd at 2 degrees Aquarius. There is a lot of “fixed” energy now (Leo, Aquarius, and Taurus). Fixed signs are great at pushing through and keeping on. This Aquarius energy pits the Sun and Mercury against the Moon, Pluto, and Saturn giving it an edge where innovative ideas and sheer courage and determination can bring down the powers that be.  However, there are lessons in letting go when it is time to release. Also avoid “my way of the highway” conversations and allow extra space between you and people who are unwilling to adapt and change.

Venus and Mars that were aligned earlier this month are still close to each other and opposed by expansive Jupiter. The way to use this combination is to pick tasks that are fun and creative, and don’t take on anything that is too large and time consuming.

Both Friday evening and Saturday are good for meeting friends and trying something out of the ordinary (a new restaurant, an eclectic movie, etc .) Saturday is good for artistic ventures thanks to Mercury’s trine with Neptune

Activists may be butting heads with the establishment when Mercury opposes Pluto on Sunday. Think twice before going to any protests. It’s best to share and be active early on Sunday as the later afternoon, when the Moon conjuncts Jupiter opposing Mars, ideological differences could soon morph into physical violence. In the evening, the energies will be mentally tired, or just not wanting to talk to people who whine.