Stargazing—Week of July 19—25, 2010

Jul 20, 2010 | Special Messages

The planetary pattern of a stressful “Grand Cross” is present in the heavens until the Fall Equinox. We are about to enter the Dog Days of Summer and people are getting short tempered, upset, and on edge, especially with the intense heat on the East Coast. You may feel as if you are being pulled in many directions at once. If you are experiencing this “pulled apart” sensation, remember that the Universe promises to put you back together again with new integration, new beginnings, and a new lifestyle. This major T Square is stressed through the end of July. It is not a good time for kings, presidents, czars, or any type of world leaders.

The best thing you can do at this time is to meditate, relax your mind, and nurture yourself. The sign of Cancer represents the caring, loving mother aspect of energy, so help yourself stay in your love by tending to your emotional needs right now. This includes your partner, children, and family, but also your close friends, and people and activities that support you and make you comfortable and feel safe.

This week, find healthy ways to blow off steam in this heat, make time for yourself, and take care of some of those “left-over” details that you keep putting off to the side.

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Week of July 19 – 25, 2010

The Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Neptune retrograde in Aquarius is filling your mind with dreams and can lift your feet right off the ground this week. Your biggest challenge will be keeping your footing within the bounds of reality. Your week starts off with the Moon forming a romantic sextile to Venus, increasing your desire for flirting, pleasure and all things beautiful. You’re inspired to improve your appearance, and you may catch the match making bug. You can’t help but want to see all your friends happy and in a relationship. A Moon/ Mercury square on Tuesday creates communication glitches, and brings a need to address the balance between your work and personal life. The Sun changes signs this week as well, moving into Leo, which gives couples a fresh lease on their relationship. Mid week, Mars and Saturn conjunct in Virgo, forcing you to slow down and go with the flow of events. Saturn enters Libra on Wednesday, focusing on your life with a more serious tone, and asking you to deal with some lingering, underlying issues. On Thursday the Sun moves out Cancer and into Leo, stimulating you to be more independent, and let the world see what a unique, talented individual you are.
Your Love Week—Air Signs:
Monday is about mixed messages. Confidence takes a hit Tuesday morning when Chiron enters Aquarius and you worry what others think. Luckily, the Moon enters Sagittarius that evening. When Chiron enters Aquarius, singles might worry about approval on the dating market. Things improve that evening when the Moon enters Sagittarius, followed by Saturn moving into Libra on Wednesday and the Sun arriving Thursday in Leo. Saturn entering Libra Wednesday and the Sun entering Leo Thursday also help you transcend awkwardness. Thursday night’s Moon-Neptune sextile could score you major romantic points if you take that plunge. Strike a healthy balance of stability with your partner while treating yourself like royalty. When your ruling planet Uranus squares the Moon and trines the Sun on Friday, you’re too wild for the fainthearted. A Capricorn Moon grounds you Friday, and conjoins Pluto for an open-minded, social weekend. If you’re waiting for someone, the wait is over Sunday when the Aquarius Full Moon trines Saturn. By the time, as the Full Moon sextiles Uranus, lovers are quietly reinventing the world.

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The major event for you Fire Signs this week is the Sun making its grand entrance into the sign of Leo, enhancing your magnetism and turning your focus to making an impact. You will be fired up and getting and giving attention from the get-go. You are happy as a clam basking in the middle of all the activity. If you’re single, you feel refreshed and ready to connect. If you’re in a couple, Neptune retrograde gives your relationship more of a friendship feel, than one of passion. Pluto is retrograde, which also gets a visit from the Moon, and together the two planets help you structure your career ambitions more intelligently. The whimsical Moon is playing with your emotions, making you want to take a break from the havoc of daily life. There’s drama, there’s stress; your optimism gets a bruise or two and you withdraw to lick your wounds. Mars and Saturn conjunct on Wednesday, bringing a feeling of restriction and stability issues. The Jupiter/ Uranus duo fuel you to explore the love scene differently and can give you a new lease on the dating game. The Sun changing signs brings couples together through curiosity and light-hearted fun. Pluto is still in charge in your money sphere, revving up your motivation to bring in funds.
Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
Monday could find you uncomfortable with your relationship or lack of one. Turn on the charm Tuesday when the Moon trines the Sun and enters Sagittarius. Love catches fire Tuesday evening after the Moon enters Sagittarius. And when it trines Jupiter early Wednesday, you know your lover’s mind. Wednesday’s Mercury-Ceres trine brings soothing, seductive words, and by Thursday when the Sun comes home to Leo and sextiles couples-friendly Saturn, you win someone’s heart, whether for the first time or all over again. Also on Thursday the Moon conjoins Ceres deep in your comfort zone and the Sun enters Leo, but Friday you stop singing the song of yourself. If Friday’s Jupiter retrograde and Moon-Pluto conjunction throw you into new social situations, rise to the challenge. As Jupiter retrogrades and squares the Capricorn Moon, keeping promises becomes inconvenient as the rules of romance shift. When dating or partying Saturday night, don’t discuss politics or religion. With Sunday’s Aquarius Full Moon opposing the Sun, any new relationship feels earned.

The Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Hope you’re in the mood for love this week Water Signs, because a Moon/ Venus sextile is creating the conditions for heart stopping intimacy. If you and your partner have had a hard time getting onto the same page lately, you now unite sensually and the passion infuses into other areas of your relationship. Singles, Mars conjunct Saturn has you looking within, to question how you might be holding love at bay. This week could also bring some turmoil in your love life mainly due to a Moon/ Mercury square. If there’s an imbalance in how much time you spend working and how much you dedicate to your partner, the conflict comes to a critical point. Communicating is as difficult as compromise is vital. Also, a Mars/ Saturn conjunction has you examining issues surrounding anger and impatience. All very fiery stuff. The Sun and Mercury are making you shine on the job. There will be some communication hitches there though. Use your intuition to get to the bottom of them. The Sun enters Leo on Thursday, motivating you to want to stand out and impress. You’re just as motivated to make money, thanks to the activity of Pluto and the Moon, and it’s a challenge to bring moderation and balance to all this.
Your Love Week—Water Signs:
Romance and flirting are intuitive for Water Signs on Monday, although when Neptune is square the Moon and quincunx the Sun on Tuesday, noble motives clash with bad judgment. If you hook up with someone in your moral comfort zone after Saturn enters Libra on Wednesday, a Moon-Neptune sextile leads to a hot date Thursday night. Why not make a weekend of it? Since Friday’s Moon-Pluto conjunction opens a window of social activity, one-on-one could pass for social behavior. Sunday’s Aquarius Full Moon suggests making this a habit.

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Your week starts off with an invitation from the Moon sextile Venus to do something pampering that makes you feel special. If you follow this advice, it will help anchor you in more confidence and serenity. A great deal of the focus this week is on relationships. A Moon/ Venus sextile puts the spotlight on your friendships, and on what you have to teach and learn from each other. Saturn in your career sector is stirring up issues in your professional relationships, relating to how you communicate and delegate in the workplace. Pluto retrograde in is shaking up the foundations in your sentimental life. You could decide to break off a relationship that’s not good for you, and if you’re single, you could attract someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart. You will need all your discernment and courage. The Moon and Saturn may have you placing your financial assets under lock and key, but don’t go so far as to deprive yourself of small pleasures. A soft touch is important for keeping spirits high and achieving efficient results. Saturn also affects your love relationship, asking you to find a better balance between it and your work. Are you ready to compromise? Also, retrograde Neptune is sharpening your intuition where money is concerned. All this new growth comes into play the last week of August.
Your Love Week—Earth Signs:
Dating and relationships flow smoothly Monday and Tuesday, although a Moon-Mars sextile brings a spicy edge of uncertainty. The Scorpio Moon captures eyeballs for you, gets you dates, and earns you respect when it sextiles your ruling planet Saturn. Saturn enters Libra Wednesday, polishing your halo for someone who thought you too crude or pushy. Remember your friends as the Sagittarius Moon squares Venus on Wednesday, blurring right and wrong choices. The Leo Sun and Sagittarius Moon bring advantage and opportunity Thursday night. When the Moon reaches your sign Friday, you’re ready to commit. Beware of any passionate outbursts as the Moon squares Mars Thursday, and accept new versions of old lessons when Jupiter retrogrades on Friday. Saturday’s Moon-Venus trine takes you out shopping with or for your beloved. Mars behaves itself Sunday when the Full Moon is in Aquarius and your romantic ambitions are bigger than ever. Get it right, because a Moon-Pluto conjunction brings you together in a committed relationship this weekend. Plan your future Sunday as the Aquarius Full Moon trines Saturn.