STARGAZING — Week of July 18th – 24th, 2016

Jul 17, 2016 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

New Moon - ManhattanAs this week opens, the Moon has shifted into responsible Capricorn, suggesting that it’s time to get serious about work or other practical projects. Or, you may prefer to just enjoy a quiet afternoon with people you don’t have to take care of!

Monday is a great day to blend work and social activities, such as a business lunch. Mercury trine Saturn is good for planning new projects. Make a concrete plan to bring your ideas into the real world under this gentle, helpful support.

The usual steadiness of a Capricorn Full Moon is disrupted this year by a difficult square from Uranus. Since it entered Aries, in 2010, Uranus has been a bit of a bully, forcing us to move into new and different directions, whether we’re ready or not. This Full Moon creates a double square, making it difficult to complete anything. It’s a bit complicated because the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn desire safety, security and knowing clearly what and whom they can count on. At the same time, revolutionary Uranus plays the role of wild card now, urging you to move out of your comfort zone. This can create unintentional broken promises and business delays.

Full MoonThe Full Moon wants you to stay home with trusted friends and family, yet Uranus wants you to explore the unknown. Perhaps you can take safe people to some out of the way place you’ve been wanting to visit and experience Mercury and Venus in Leo want to open hearts and play, yet they are also tied to disciplinary Saturn whose energies want you to accomplish something useful.

Take on a project, be it home or work, but make certain it is a project that will be fun and creative, as well as productive. The air element is missing now, and that means it is time to turn off your brain. Enjoy feelings and passions, mixed with pragmatic results. Because Uranus is active now, you might want to think twice before painting your home neon green!

Wednesday and Thursday support meeting new friends or participating with groups and organizations. An Aquarius Moon works towards the higher ideal by creating win-win environments, but also some unexpected surprises.

LionsOn Friday, July 22nd, the Sun moves from watery Cancer into fiery Leo. This is a positive change for the star at the center of our galaxy because fire likes fire. While the Sun is moving through Leo, you can use its abundant energy to brighten up any darkness in your life and make anything possible – happen. Take the month of August 2016 to decide how you can become the Star of your life. Production begins immediately!

A Pisces Moon for the weekend is great for psychic and spiritual activities. It is also good for a movie or hanging out in a watery place.

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Saturday is a bit calmer than Friday. Beach clothes anyone?