STARGAZING — Week of July 13th — July 20th, 2014

Jul 13, 2014 | Monthly Astrology|Special Messages|Stargazing

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Week of July 13th — July 20th, 2014

Romance is in the air as sensual Venus forms a sweet trine with sexy Mars. If women are from Venus and men are from Mars, then this week the lovers are in perfect balance. Venus moves into Cancer on the 18th for three weeks. With Mars in Libra, this is a very nurturing combination, so make time for self-care and/or family.

The Cardinal action signs are heavily emphasized now, and that means you need to be able to move quickly because there is a lot to accomplish. Aggressive Mars in graceful Libra is aligned with the spiritual destiny North Node. Take balanced and harmonious actions to bring your ambitions into the world. If you need to be assertively diplomatic with anyone in your life, this is a good time to do it. However, do not try to be forceful under this energy.

Communications planet Mercury brings success. Be careful not to play the role of victim, savior and perpetrator all at the same time. Go over some of the ideas and notes you took during the June retrograde and see if they have value and merit now.

Take the time to meditate and strengthen your connection to Creation so you don’t get caught up in other people’s games or drama. Jupiter moves into Leo on Wednesday, so finish up any outstanding emotional or home projects from the last year.

On Saturday evening, the 19th, Mercury moves back into Cancer. That means that the communications planet is moving out of the shadow of June’s retrograde cycle, and next week will help you step into fresh ground.

The new direction begins between July 16th and August 25th, 2014 – and takes hold as Saturn moves into Sagittarius in mid-December.

Your summer mantra is “I will not be afraid to go where the Universe leads me. I choose Love, Life, and Alignment with the flow of God’s plan.”