Stargazing—Week of July 12th – 18th, 2010

Jul 13, 2010 | Special Messages

It’s time to make yourself a higher priority. The week after the Full Solar Eclipse may take you to deeper levels. This energy asks you, “what do you truly desire for yourself and the growth of your Soul?” There is a higher purpose for you in this life, your Soul mission as well as your life’s purpose. There is much more to life than working to pay your bills, and now is a good time to take actions. Make the necessary changes that honor that higher part of you. The higher vibration of the sign Cancer is to go beyond nurturing to nourishment. Now is the time to feed your soul. Although you cannot abandon the tasks of your mundane world, you can certainly release a few things that are not as necessary as you may think. Say good-bye, clean out the clutter, refresh, and renew!



Week of July 12 – 18, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The Moon and Mercury kick your week off with warm, tender, energies feeding your love relationship. Next Venus, planet of love, and Mars, planet of desire form a conjunction, sending the passion between you to new dimensions. If you’re single you encounter some eccentric beings, and one of them intrigues you and attracts you. If you’re single, the dating game is light-hearted and flirty, with nothing serious in store. Also, the dating game is light-hearted and flirty, with nothing serious in store. Venus and Mars are also affecting your finances, and can send some extra cash your way, while encouraging you not to let it burn a hole in your pocket. Career wise, you’re able to shift into a higher gear, and break out of restrictive habits and routines. This week you Air Signs are laying on the charm to get what you want, and you may get it, but it all leaves you unsatisfied. Regarding romance, the desires of your mind take centre stage. The way to your heart is through stimulating conversations and shared interests and knowledge. When communicating be sure to keep your enthusiasm somewhat in check, and use understatement to get your message across, and this is true in both your personal life and on the job. Additionally, Venus and Mars put you on guard against compulsive spending.

Your Love Week—Air Signs:
If you want to show someone how much you care on Monday, be original. With the Moon entering Leo, you have a few days to dazzle the one you want. Monday’s Leo Moon promises romance, but Tuesday Venus sends mixed messages as it’s quincunx Jupiter and trine Pluto. You’re ready for love but maybe with the wrong lover. By Wednesday, though, self-confidence fades as the Moon opposes Neptune and enters Virgo. The person whose attention you just captured might question what he or she is seeing. Between Wednesday’s Moon-Venus conjunction and Sun-Ceres quincunx, you’re seeking flaws in what’s too good to be true. Still not ready for commitment by Friday morning? At least try getting along, even if you’re trading passion for good manners. With Friday’s Moon-Neptune quincunx and Moon-Uranus opposition, listening to your significant other has never been more important. Keeping this relationship healthy will keep you working all weekend. If someone hits on you Sunday afternoon, however, you may just throw caution to the wind.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The planets offer you plenty of opportunities to blossom this week, Fire Signs. The Moon and Mercury conjunct in Leo, firing up your passion for exploring new frontiers of knowledge. When the Moon moves on into Virgo, you’re able to apply your fresh ideas and energy on the job, which opens doors you weren’t expecting. Love matters bring their fair share of excitement, as you find new ways to communicate with your mate. You create romantic anticipation, and fan the flames of desire between you. If you are single, you’re more likely to meet someone through an activity that creates an intellectual connection. Go out to a lecture or convention. You’re quite feelings-oriented this week. You’re processing information primarily through them, and your instincts and channels to creativity are wide open. You’re expressing yourself with your usual flair, but your imagination is making your message come across in surprising, and effective ways. In your private life, you’re showing your love through gift-giving. When you mate needs something, it shows up wrapped in a pretty package…surprise! If you’re single, you may be quite focused on what other people think. This is an opportunity to break past approval issues and embrace more personal freedom. Venus and Mars now pique your pride where status is concerned, and you may find yourself spending more money as a result.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
With Jupiter in fiery, headstrong Aries, you’re a player this week. It starts Monday with Jupiter trine the Leo Moon, amping up your confident charm. Why can’t love be simple? The Leo Moon is quincunx Pluto, raising turbulent feelings. Tuesday’s Venus-Jupiter quincunx invites second thoughts about your lover. This quincunx with Venus and another on Wednesday with the Virgo Moon keep you watching for new lovers and fresh conversation. You want change once the Moon enters Virgo. Maybe you need to be more nurturing. Maybe you feel unworthy. Parent voices are strong this month with the Sun in Cancer. The asteroid, Ceres, adds an undercurrent of need and drama Wednesday through Friday. Friday’s Moon-Saturn conjunction provides moral guidance, and Saturday’s Moon-Mercury sextile provides variety. When the Libra Moon sextiles Ceres on Saturday, you may just fall from lust into love. Just before the Moon enters Scorpio on Sunday, a Sun-Moon square helps you show your partner what matters and why. Good thing the Moon enters Scorpio on Sunday, right?

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

This week you Water Signs really want to stand out. You’re craving recognition for all that you do in work and in love. This week’s Venus/ Mars conjunction in Virgo has your creative juices flowing and is firing up your libido. Pluto a trine away is encouraging opening up and sharing, and putting you on the same wavelength with your mate on both physical and emotional levels. If you’re single you may be tempted to skip the courting phase and you may be coming on too strong in the seduction realm. On the job, Mercury conjunct the Moon in Leo sparks your sense of injustice and has you fighting for your rights, including a little well-deserved recognition. Concerning finances, your sense of logic and your instincts are keeping you on the road to abundance. Venus trines Pluto on Tuesday, creating the perfect time for talking to your partner about your deepest needs while ensuring a sensual, creative energy flow between the two of you. This aspect can also indicate a karmic attraction, which is one you won’t want to miss, so singles, don’t stay at home with the blinds drawn. The Jupiter/ Uranus duo encourages you to innovate with your budget, and a Moon/ Mercury sextile presages career advancement; be sure to ask for what you want.

Your Love Week—Water Signs:
The watery planet Neptune is still retrograde, making you wary of opportunity. When it’s quincunx the Cancer Moon on Monday, clearly demonstrate your love. This week you’d rather have fun than look inward, especially after Monday’s Moon-Pluto quincunx puts you in touch with your feelings. The Venus-Pluto trine mid-Tuesday is less deep but much sexier. You might want to break a date Wednesday, but the Moon enters Virgo and renders most excuses unacceptable. Chiron will deepen your embarrassment if you let this happen. A Moon-Pluto trine keeps you flirting and playing on Wednesday, but someone may not stick around for the grand finale during Thursday’s Moon-Mars conjunction. Take responsibility for your actions Friday when the Moon enters Libra and levels the field. Libra invites you into a game of give and take, and Jupiter prompts you to give more so that you get more. After the Moon trines Neptune on Sunday, it enters Scorpio and love is easy again. Once it reaches Scorpio mid-Sunday and trines Chiron, you’ll be forgiven for doing what comes naturally.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

For you Earth Signs, this is a week of exploration. The planets place a myriad of choices before you, which has your curiosity battling it out with your sense of security. The Moon in Virgo helps you decide on a course of action, and commit to a new path. And along this path, you make many discoveries about what you can accomplish and how far you can push your usual boundaries. Your opinions are transforming and there’s passion behind them. Romantically as well, this week is a time for trying new tactics for bringing more fulfillment to your intimate connection. Venus and Mars set the example by encouraging a sexy, sensual route. Financially, you’re encouraged to keep your feet on the ground and ask for guidance if necessary. However, the Moon and Mercury get your week off to a shaky start. There is a situation that needs your full attention now, and the sooner it’s dealt with the better. A change in your love relationship is brewing as well, creating disruptions, friction, and a need to bring things back into balance. If you’re single, Venus has you pulling back from anything serious, though a conjunction with Mars certainly does not have you pulling back sensually. Regarding career matters, an event in your professional environment suddenly draws what you want into sharp focus. And you lose no time in making your first move.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:
You could have anyone this week, Earth Signs. Monday’s Moon-Saturn sextile makes you a trusted authority. This aspect favors relationships between lovers of different ages. Venus keeps romance interesting on Tuesday. Thanks to Venus, you’re both loving and picky on Tuesday. On Wednesday and Thursday the Virgo Moon stirs the pot with curiosity and complications. If you must know every little thing about your partner, ask him or her out of love. The Moon in Virgo Wednesday through Friday trines Pluto to boost your desirability, conjunct Mars to accelerate your speed dating, and finally conjuncts Saturn to turn you golden. When the Moon conjoins Saturn on Friday, enters Libra, and then squares Pluto, be steady and helpful to make up for all your recent prying. But when Friday night’s Mars-Ceres square makes you possessive, you lose your advantage. Are you falling in love? Sunday’s Sun-Moon square lets you redeem yourself with special favors early in the morning. Sunday night’s sextile between Pluto and the Scorpio Moon suggests you might settle down for a while.