STARGAZING — Week of July 11th through July 17th, 2016

Jul 11, 2016 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Take a happy day as the week opens and the moon moves into social Libra. You benefit by doing something physical as Mercury and Mars, two planets associated with movement, are working in harmony. This also supports conversations about your ambitions.

Lion & FawnIf you don’t like having fun and Leo isn’t your favorite sign of the zodiac, then you may not be a happy camper this week, because both Mercury and Venus are on schedule to switch their energies into that fiery, light-spirited, and big-hearted sign. On Monday, sensual Venus moves from her stately matriarch role in Cancer onto center stage as Aphrodite, in the sign of Leo until August 5th. Besides a hepped up drama meter, you may also find that you have more pride than usual in the things you value most.

Mercury adds humor and charm to the Venus mix when it moves into Leo on the 13th and merges together with Venus on Saturday, the 16th. This energy gets a little frenzied on that same day when the Cancer Sun squares Uranus in Aries, and then makes a passionate and warmhearted trine to Mars in Scorpio.

10th Chakra HeartIt’s time to open your creative and playful self. Leo is about heart-centered activities and bringing out your leadership skills. Leo likes to enjoy life. So what are you waiting for?

It’s going to be very difficult to do anything that your heart is not engaged in over the next several weeks. Spiritually speaking, it is time to open hearts and help people move beyond their fears and self-limiting beliefs.

If you must do something serious this week, get it done by Thursday afternoon. A Scorpio Moon from Tuesday afternoon through Thursday supports activities that require research, problem solving, and intense focus. That way you will not feel guilty when the moon moves into adventurous Sagittarius for the weekend. This brings a great energy for a party or heading out into nature.

With the life-giving Sun challenging revolutionary Uranus on Saturday morning, blow off your responsibilities and go somewhere outside of your boring groove. Have some fun by being the eccentric weirdo in your social circle. The Sun makes harmony with Mars on Saturday evening, which is great for dancing or passionate activities.

It’s all good, because while the Sun/Uranus connection can shake you up emotionally, the Sun/Mars water trine provides the necessary courage for you to make adjustments to take your projects and focus to the next level.


Between the heavy focus on Leo and the two dynamic sun combinations, this week promises to be a sizzler.