Stargazing — Week of July 11th through July 17th, 2011

Jul 11, 2022 | Stargazing

This week your rational thoughts are in conflict with your emotional abandon and it’s imperative to consciously construct a harmonious balance between your heart and mind.

The week begins on a mellow enough note with a friendly energetic Sun and generally happy lunar connections. Do remember that Mars moved into Taurus last week and is moving towards it alignment with revolutionary Uranus and the soul destiny node at the end of the month. So although the week starts soft, there is certainly the potential of anger arising, which would be no surprise given the Supreme Courts recent decisions, uncovering the illegal dirty deeds of previous world leaders, and allowing people to openly carry guns (Mars).

Monday sets the tone, due to a lunar T Square between Neptune and Venus along with the Moon sextiling Saturn. On one hand there is a strong need for order and careful management. However, on the other hand, people will be projecting their illusional views onto the world, triggering emotional bullying, childish, bad temperment and feelings of being taken for granted.

Likewise, on Tuesday a logic-driven Capricorn Moon will be trining get-it-done Mars in practical Taurus, while squaring a volatile, demanding Jupiter in Aries. Luckily, a number of aspects mid-week will help us thread this emotional needle.

Venus trines Saturn on Wednesday, creating a perfect balance of sentiment and reason, which is enhanced by Mercury’s sextile with Uranus, providing the mental acumen needed to deal with unpredictable situations. The Capricorn Full Moon is on Wednesday at 22 Degrees, opposes Mercury in Cancer, urging us to let go of outmoded, co-dependent ways of thinking. We need to learn to seek our own independent achievements instead of the approval of others. The water and earth elements are strong now. That means that people generally prefer stability and comfort in what they already know rather than striking out in new directions.

However, death-and-rebirth Pluto is close to the Moon. This energy brings up hidden emotions and the need to heal and release some aspect of your life. Communications planet Mercury is close to the Sun now, so practice communicating emotions – and think about what makes you feel safe and secure.

Although most of North America will be asleep early Thursday morning, it would be good to pay attention to your dreams as Venus challenges Neptune. Low vibration people may be laying guilt trips – in an attempt to gain or steal the kindness of others, due to this Venus/Neptune square. It’s best to ward off these manipulations and just say “No!” Pay attention in love and money issues to know what is real and what is illusion.

The Moon is in Aquarius on Thursday and Friday, supporting social activities. Friday’s lunar conjunction with Saturn promises a no-nonsense attainment of emotional control.

The good news is that the weekend offers nothing but sunny skies. Saturday is a day of catching up with friends or tackling chores that require a great deal of mental clarity, assisted by a conjunction of the Sun and Mercury. A Pisces Moon on Saturday evening is great for movies, music, meditation and romance. Communicating emotional energy continues Saturday, lingering from the Full Moon.

Sunday is a gentle day under a Pisces Moon. By Sunday evening, sensual Venus moves into nurturing Cancer until the August Full Moon. Sunday favors artistic projects or outings at the lake or beach with the Sun and Mercury sending sensitive vibes while conjuncting the Moon and Neptune. Read a book or write a song.

Hopefully this peaceful and loving energy will win out over the challenging Mars, Uranus, destiny nodes alignment building up to August 1st’s possible explosion.