STARGAZING — week of July 10th through July 16th, 2017

Jul 9, 2017 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

The Sun is opposite Pluto on Sunday, strongest in the evening. How are you balancing nurturing and responsibility? Avoid ego battles and obsessive-compulsive people. Stand in your power, but be kind to those who are feeling beat up by the world. Think about where you give your power away, and how you can reclaim your energetic life force. Be willing to go to your emotional depths to get in touch with your vulnerability.

The workweek begins under an Aquarius moon. Time to revel in the calmness of the July evening and perhaps wish upon a star. Pick Venus, the first evening star to brightly twinkle back at you.

This is an excellent time for sharing higher ideals and working with people who have a different philosophy than you. Always keep in mind that others can be right too, even when there is a difference between your perspectives. This is one of those easy workweeks where you can just get in your groove and keep going. If you’re away on vacation, this can be a glorious rest time.

On Friday evening, the moon moves into active Aries for the weekend. Mercury makes harmony with Jupiter on Friday, helping you to have light conversation on higher philosophical or travel topics. Mercury would have you plan a short trip and Jupiter wants to go somewhere exotic. Jupiter is the philosopher and traveler of the zodiac, so talk about distant places over lunch with optimistic people. Just keep an eye on your wallet and be careful not to over-spend.

This passionate Aries energy continues on Saturday, suggesting that you move your body and talk with your family and friends. Pick the new crops in your garden or plan some time swimming at the local pool or beach.