STARGAZING — Week of January 9th through January 15th, 2017

Jan 7, 2017 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

The week of the 9th, which holds the Full Moon, is quite wild. All activity this week is centered on Thursday, a day that’s named after Thor, the hammer-wielding Norse God of thunder, lightening, and storms. January 12th is well named because, in addition to an extremely difficult Full Moon, this lineup includes a serious change for Mercury (it moves to 0 degrees Capricorn) along with a Venus-Neptune merger (at 9 degrees Pisces).

On Monday, Mercury ends his communications breakdown cycle before dawn, and the moon moves into Gemini early afternoon. Don’t worry if you feel disjointed or start small projects but don’t complete them. This talkative Gemini Moon continues into midday Tuesday, helping you to accomplish many quick tasks and communications. Tuesday and Wednesday set up some upsets and challenges for the Full Moon on Thursday, so take a deep breath as these events occur, and plan your actions rather than reacting blindly to external forces.

There is a challenging Grand Cardinal Cross formed in the sky, and cardinal means sudden and forced action. Look far ahead before taking a step, or making any decisions, because any action will lead to reaction quickly. The Cancer Full Moon is up first, and although the Full Moon represents winding down and bringing projects to completion, this one brings us a few additional challenges. This week’s Full Moon is a part of a four point configuration involving the Sun/Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and the Moon.

The Sun/Pluto, in opposition to the Moon, creates cross-purposes, bringing in crisis energies. This gets triggered by the squaring of Jupiter, which can exaggerate the negativity, and also Uranus, the planet of explosive, fast moving energy, which opposes Jupiter while also squaring the Sun/Pluto and Moon. Hence the Grand Cross. With all five of these planets in the strongest energy, that loves chaos and action, the best thing for you to do as you make your way through this minefield is to bring everything to a complete stop. Then you can think, regroup and refocus. Watch what happens throughout the world and with politics.

On a personal level, when a Grand Cardinal Cross is formed it means the Universe is lighting a fire under you to kick you into high gear. This will be a true wake-up call. The Moon in Cancer wants security, comfort and safety, while Uranus wants to throw out everything and begin 2017 completely fresh. The Sun in Capricorn wants stability and responsibility while Uranus in Aries wants total freedom and change.

When you add expansive Jupiter into the mix, and you get a formula that is ready to take on the next big adventure; Jupiter is associated with travel, foreign cultures, higher philosophy, publishing, and pushing your belief system into doing whatever you want to do bigger. Although you may feel a bit ragged with all this push-pull energy stimulating you, it feels good that life is finally kicking you into high gear. Hang on for the ride!

By doing this you will be able to get a handle on the situation before Mercury reenters practical and committed Capricorn later on in the day, Thursday. This stern influence asks that you conduct a serious reality check on the state and conditions of your life, over the next three weeks.

With romance-seeking Venus aligning with fantasy-loving Neptune, you can add romance to your life, but make certain you are seeing people for who they are now, not off in some future life after they have worked through current life issues. Stay in the moment as best you can, and don’t get drawn into any illusions. This powerful energy is also great for your intuition impulses as well as spiritual practice.

The Moon is in Leo on Friday and most of Saturday, so get out and enjoy yourself. Do something creative. The moon is particularly social on Saturday during the day and early evening, Things get quieter as the evening progresses.

With all these energies and influences coming in on the same day, this is a week when you will certainly need to be on your toes.