Stargazing—Week of January 9th – January 15th, 2012

Jan 10, 2012 | Special Messages


VENUS CHANGES SIGNS THIS WEEK: We may be feeling a bit out of sync with our feelings this week. Even if we’re clear about our needs, it’s difficult to find the right words to say what we mean. But we’re not likely to quit, even if we realize achieving satisfaction might not be so easy. Nevertheless, keeping a positive attitude enables us to rise above nearly any setbacks we face now.

This Friday the 13th could be lucky for lovers and those seeking love. The fastidious Virgo Moon isn’t usually thought of as romantic, but the love planet, Venus, is running the show now, making this a day of delights wherever you go. She joins unlimited Neptune in the morning to inspire dreams of warmth and affection. This connection spurs fantasies that may be difficult to fulfill, but with some creativity and a dash of intuition, anyone in love can make this a magical time. Use your imagination to come up with special activities that go beyond the usual restraints of routine social events. Indulging in artistic endeavors such as music, poetry. and film are ways to stimulate love. Or dress up and go dancing to make ordinary life feel special.

Venus moves into Pisces on Friday night, allowing dreams to overflow into the light of day for the next three weeks. The Moon’s move into harmonious Libra, the partnership sign, on Saturday morning keeps relationships and romance on the front burner. Treating others the way you want to be treated could be the key to contentment. Venus’ cooperative connection with expansive Jupiter favors generosity, yet the Moon’s stressful square with Pluto could darken moods with shadows of mistrust or jealousy. Gently address your unpleasant feelings with your partner, which is healthier than burying them in resentment.

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Put on your thinking cap on Monday. You’ll need to make a major life decision. Consider the options carefully before making a selection. A project might hit a snag. You’ll need to go back to square one. Maintain your poise in aggravating circumstances. Home repairs will be on your agenda on Wednesday. Get ready to spend time with a hammer and nails. Be alert because a lover might go on a power trip on Wednesday. Don’t get dragged into this person’s ego games. Assess your life goals on Thursday. Be sure that you’re living up to your potential. Your idealistic side will activate on Friday. You’ll volunteer for an organization that helps others. You could have the Midas touch when Venus enters your money zone on Saturday. A new financial investment might prove profitable. Good vibrations will surround you when Venus sextiles Jupiter on Saturday. Capitalize on the positive energy flowing your way this weekend, Air Signs.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: The vibration from the planets is encouraging you to see the funny side of a recent situation involving you and your partner. It may be much easier for you to adopt a very self-righteous and grandiose attitude, but this will only serve to alienate you still further. If you can alter the perspective and change your focus, you may make some fascinating discoveries. Rather than limiting a current difficulty within a relationship to a certain issue, you need to enlarge the focus so that you get an overall view of the partnership as a whole. How are you responding and how is your partner responding? Are you holding and projecting pent up frustrations? It is this that will give you the insight you need to move forward and strengthen the relationship. It would be far more preferable to try and see the event from a more humorous and positive perspective. Talking is one way that you could finally get the attention of someone who has haunted you with their charm and style for a long while now. The planets are creating the opportunity for you to finally get within chatting distance, and once you do start to converse, you will both be amazed at how you managed to stay out of each others lives for so long.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You’ll be the center of attention on Monday. Look your best when leaving the house. Unexpected events could rock your world. Try to go with the flow. Daydreaming will become your favorite activity when the Moon opposes Neptune on Wednesday. You’ll want to escape to fantasyland for a while. Venus conjuncts Neptune and if you’re single, it’s a great time to mingle with others. The boss might give you a raise on Thursday. Your diligence on the job will be rewarded! A lover will be overflowing with affection on Friday. Get ready to smile on Saturday. A cherished wish might finally come true. Walk the high road on Sunday. An associate might try to lure you into shady activities. A life-changing experience will come your way on Sunday evening. This event could alter your view of the world. Stick to your principles in all circumstances.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: This week the planets are encouraging you to make a move, but it’s no good if you don’t start out on the right foot. You must try and relate to life in a philosophical way. If you can see the larger picture, you will be able to understand why a certain situation keeps occurring, and so begin to act on this knowledge. If you can place a certain grievance in context and trace back the source of the aggravation right down to its beginnings within you, then you will have done both yourself and your loved one a favor. Affectionate Venus shifts into compassionate Pisces on Friday night, rewarding those who speak softly and approach others with tenderness. Treading lightly and being gentler with others is an excellent way to enjoy the delights available this weekend. If you’re feeling intense, take it down a notch or two to make yourself more approachable. Imagine that you don’t want anything and you just might get what you need. You will need to be able to dive deep into your repertoire of metaphysical jargon and topics of conversation in order to catch the attention of someone you have your eye on. Go for it!

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Be true to yourself on Monday. Follow your own path in a certain matter. The Moon is quincunx Mercury on Tuesday. A co-worker might have a hidden agenda. Persistence is your ticket to success when the Moon is quincunx Pluto. Don’t quit before reaching the finish line. Communication issues could occur with a colleague on Wednesday. This person may become very aloof. It might be wise to give your co-worker some space. Your living situation might change suddenly on Friday. A friend might ask to become your roommate. You’ll be in an extravagant mood on Saturday. Resist the urge to buy unnecessary items. Look beneath the surface when interacting with colleagues. Compose a new priority list on Thursday. Spend time on worthwhile activities. Your intuition will be on target on Friday. You’ll be in the right place at the right time. Romance will bring a smile to your face on Saturday. Enjoy the weekend as Venus moves into loving and kind Pisces.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: You will need to retain a sense of humor about the events of the week, Water Signs. This is the ideal week to arrange a party under the guise of introducing some interesting people to each other, while simultaneously being on the look out for someone new yourself. There will be some intellectually stimulating conversations flowing through the ethers, some of which are bound to attract your undivided attention. You just need to tune in to the ones that offer the promise of paradise. As Venus changes signs, relationships may be upset with misunderstandings of a minor kind, which nevertheless can prove to be extremely irritating if they keep happening. If you try and take a stand, you will make things worse. It is much better to simply laugh it off.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Various intellectual and/or humanitarian subjects you’ve been reading about have changed your value systems, Earth Signs— subtly, perhaps, but changed nonetheless. You might not even notice it at first—until you hear someone else mention beliefs like those you used to hold. It might not be comfortable to realize that such profound changes have been going on within you, but it’s only a natural part of personal growth. Everything else in the world changes—why not you? After all, it’s 2012! Hold your tongue on Tuesday! You’ll be tempted to criticize a friend’s behavior. Don’t offer advice unless asked. Be careful if you’re playing sports on Wednesday. Keep your eye on the ball. A new sense of boldness will fill you when the Moon conjuncts Mars in Virgo on Friday. Your assertive side will be on display. An estranged friend could ask to reconcile on Saturday. Consider accepting this person back in your life. You’ll become extremely disorganized on Sunday.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: This week, the planets are encouraging some deep and animated conversation between you and your loved one. The accent is very much on the kind of things you can both do together to further your interests in all ways. There may not be much practical sense in what you are hatching up, but you’ll need to have the ideas in the first place to start the ball rolling. The vibration from the planets is encouraging a lot of conversation and deep thought about the nature of life, and more especially, your romantic relationships. The only thing you really need to watch out for is of seeming self-righteous in the way you come across to your partner. You may have the answers to some of your more pressing problems, but appearing smug will stop your friend from listening. Smile, take your time, and be sure to listen to your sweetie’s ideas as well.