STARGAZING — Week of January 7th through January 13th, 2019

Jan 7, 2019 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Hang on , you’re in for a bumpy ride this week.

Freedom-loving Uranus ended his retrograde cycle on Sunday. Uranus has bee retrograde since August 2018. Although you may not see it in the outer world, it definitely gives you the feeling that you are ready for something fresh.

On Monday, love and money Venus enters adventurous Sagittarius until early February. This adds to the feeling that it is time to take a risk on yourself in order to manifest your needs and desires. Be sure to keep your love and money options open, and watch out for over-spending.

Opportunities may be presented, but fizzle out shortly after they appear unless you have already prepared the way to ground yourself and bring them into manifestation. This type of Venus energy will trend into February, and it’s a good time for experiencing new adventures without investing too much money.

Early morning Tuesday brings mental challenges, be careful and don’t force your ideas on others and don’t drive too fast.

The next challenge this week is on Friday when the Sun aligns with death and rebirth Pluto, the planet of the unconscious world. Because this energy was in the recent solar eclipse New Moon, you have been feeling it for days. As the Sun joins Pluto on January 11th, make time to meditate and go deep within. Stand in your power and be ready to release that which is a part of your past. This promises to be a day of major transformation.

Moon in Aries on Saturday tells you to get your body moving; exercise, dance, yoga-whatever gets your blood circulating. Saturday also brings the first of three Jupiter-Neptune squares. Don’t allow these rose-colored glasses to see only the good in everything. This misplaced optimism can be a bit dangerous. Please consider yourself warned that you could be tempted to take on something completely unrealistic.