Stargazing—Week of January 22th to January 28th, 2012

Jan 23, 2012 | Special Messages


Planetary Shifts of February—2012
February is Heart Month and brings Inspired Magic
It’s the month of Valentine’s Day
It’s Time to Make a Choice

2012 is a complicated maze of sudden and unexpected energy shifts, but there is a way through if you are willing to release old out-worn ways of thinking. Neptune’s move into Pisces brings in the Divine Feminine to create a gentler world. Uranus and Pluto begin a challenging dance that will affect politics, the economy, and you. Venus makes a rare transit across the face of the Sun. Expect a woman to come forward over the next two weeks, and perhaps decide to poke her head back into politics and leadership. Hillary Clinton? Sarah Palin? A woman for VP? We’ll all soon find out!

The Sun moved into Aquarius on Sunday, bringing the New Moon. This begins a month that supports you in meeting new friends, groups and organizations. Aquarius is an innovative energy, so you have the opportunity throughout the month to explore new locations and activities. The New Moon in Aquarius on Sunday the 22nd brings the energy of exploring new opportunities in the month ahead. So get out of your comfortable rut and let the eccentric part of you come out.

The New Moon itself sets up a challenging pattern called a T-Square An Aquarius New Moon is good for expanding your circle of friends or exploring new groups, ideas, or changing aspirations. The challenge the New Moon makes is to Jupiter, which wants to expand in a large way, and Saturn with wants slow-but-sure changes. Find your balance between these two polarities or you are likely to find yourself in hurry up and wait situation.

Mars turns retrograde in Virgo on the 23rd and continues through April 13th. Pay attention to any anger or annoyance/impatience issues that come up for you now. You have the opportunity to cleanse and heal whatever that is stuck in your craw. Of course, this also presents to re-organize your life on many different levels.

Mars traveling retrograde in Virgo will continue to do so through April 14th. Of all the planets that turn retrograde, Mars may be the most difficult to work with because the planet’s nature is to move forward, and fast! While Mars is in Virgo your pets, work, and service to others is emphasized. You may become aware of flaws, shortcomings, special health needs, or frustrated because people or things are not perfect. If this happens, be sure not to criticize or turn your anger inward. Instead, take an honest look at how you handle challenges, anger, and new beginnings. Figure out what you need to do to improve yourself and your life. Then, when Mars returns to its direct motion, you can implement the changes.

When the Chinese New Year rolls around on January 23rd, you’ll probably quickly notice the quick shift because Rabbit’s tendency was to bolt at the first sign of trouble and is now replaced by Dragon’s courageous self-confidence. The year of the Water Dragon, brings a free-spirited energy which does not like to be held down. It represents an enthusiastic do-it-big year, so is a good time to review your ambitions. Just expect lots of rain, flooding, and some surprising water situations all year. Remember, the Dragon comes in and takes exactly what is his—no less, no more!

So exactly what’s new for 2012? A New Moon in Aquarius and the 2012 Chinese New Year the very next day, January 23rd. Whether you’re single or attached, this creative New Moon is going to give you the urge to change things within the love department; even though the effects of the New Moon may be temporary, the overlapping passionate energy of the Year of the Water Dragon gives you a real chance at a love life makeover! 

According to Chinese Astrology, this year will be a great time for finding your Soul Mate, deepening intimacy, and even getting married! We can expect some dreams to come rue, and even new babies are due.

It is said that when romance begins during Dragon years they are most often passionate, fun and dramatic. There’s one small thing that will have a giant impact on your romantic happiness this year, though — being open about your feelings. With Neptune moving into Pisces this month as well, it is imperative that honesty rule your most important relationships. Be careful of impatience in the days ahead because the shifting of direction can be stressful and annoying.

Also this next weekend, the Moon moves into Aries, suggesting that you accomplish something new and exciting.


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STARGAZING—Week of January 22nd—January 28th, 2012

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You’ll be in a party mood on Monday. You’ll emit a radiant glow. Get ready to dazzle the world with your pizzazz. Celebrating the Tuesday Chinese New Year of the Dragon will top your agenda! The travel bug may bite you as well. A change of scenery will lift your spirits. Say thank you to the Universe on Wednesday. The Moon conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius and a certain situation will work out in your favor. You’ll undergo a huge energy shift on Friday. Your ruler Mercury enters visionary Aquarius. Do a thorough assessment of your lifestyle on Friday. Venus aligns favorably with potent Pluto, giving you more power and persistence to make positive changes in your personal life. Eliminating an attitude, individual or obligation you no longer need makes room for something better to come along. Consider banishing bad habits. Walk on the road of wellness. Your goals for the future will become clearer. A business partnership may undergo some tense moments on Saturday. An in-depth discussion may be needed in order to salvage the association. It isn’t wise to take others at face value on Sunday. A lover might camouflage his or her true intentions.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: On subtle levels your values are changing concerning what you are looking for in a relationship. Whereas you previously knew what you wanted, now you are not so sure. It’s time to check your values and perhaps change your game plan. You tend to think you ought to want a certain kind of person, but are now beginning to prefer a different type completely. However, this new feeling will take your relationships to a new level. You need to take the alternative viewpoint if you are going to make any headway in a particular relationship. The astral energy encourages you not to do the same old things. Everyone needs room to move and express themselves, and by removing any mental projections, you’ll help them to be more authentically themselves. Drop your fears and expectations and allow the Universe to surprise you, Air Signs!

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

An unusual opportunity will come your way on Monday. It’s wise to give this endeavor a second look. A friend could give you a hot stock tip on Monday when Mercury trines Mars. Consider listening to this person’s advice. You’ll feel tired when your ruler Mars turns retrograde on Tuesday. Take steps to boost your vitality. You’ll have a prophetic dream on Wednesday. Write it down for future reference when you awaken. You will need stamina on Thursday. A situation could spiral out of control. Consider getting expert help in the matter. Don’t rock the boat at work . Keep a low profile while on the job. Your brain will kick into high gear on Friday. Mercury enters your zone of the mind. You’ll be able to resolve a complex dilemma. Put aside your bluntness on Saturday. A loved one will need tender, loving care. A loved one will be ready to communicate. They will be eager to share his or her thoughts and feelings. Sugarcoat your words when speaking to this person. Dance to your own rhythm on Sunday. Inner joy is abundant, Fire Signs.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: The Stargazing love messages this week may help you to understand why you have been going through some unusual experiences with someone very close. It seems that you may have both become carried away by a certain mutual fantasy that has been pushing all your buttons and testing your affections Once you spot this, you can resume the relationship on a more sound footing, and will find that you connect more realistically on all levels. It’s always best to be on the same page. Demonstrating responsibility may not sound sexy, but taking care of business could be the key to your personal life this weekend. The Moon in Aires and the celestial line-up requires patience at a time when you may prefer the freedom to change your mind. Go slow and easy, and remain consistent. Not so easy for you Fire Signs.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Your life will take a surprising turn on Monday. You’ll consider altering your lifestyle on Monday. The New Moon tells you that it might be wise to walk down an untried path. You might decide to move. It’s possible you’ll receive an offer to relocate Try to be open to new experiences. A partner may flip-flop on an important issue on Tuesday. Patience will be needed with this person. Positive vibrations will surround you Water Signs on Wednesday when the Moon in Pisces sextiles Jupiter. Be realistic when offering your services to others. Don’t make promises that will be hard for you to keep. Think carefully before heading to the casino. Lady Luck may not be at your side. Take steps to make yourself happy. You’ll wear rose-colored glasses on Thursday. Strive to think clearly in all life scenarios. Issues with a colleague could reach the boiling point on Friday. Take a time-out before the situation escalates. A real estate deal could hit a snag on Friday. It’s possible the timing isn’t right for the venture. A relative might pay you an unexpected visit on Saturday. This person will have exciting news! Be very discrete on Saturday. Keep confidential papers under lock and key but get ready to cheer. You may need to devote extra effort to a project on Sunday. If you share this with your sweetie, there could be some warm and electric moments. Enjoy!

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Things may be very indistinct and rather confused where a certain relationship is concerned early in the week. Yet if you don’t run around trying to patch it up, you may be surprised to find that it begins to find its own natural level. It may not be going quite where you thought, but somewhere infinitely more exciting. It is better to relax and enjoy the ride. If you want to cuddle up with someone special this weekend, you may need to step up and take control of the situation. You could be in for a steamy weekend as amorous Venus connects with passionate Pluto on Friday. Powerful emotions may be kept under enough control so that you’re able to manage your personal life with confidence. This sexy alignment might also create a sense of safety that encourages you to share intimate information with a trustworthy person. Serious thoughts and conversations can be hotter than a salsa dance if you’ve got a clever and curious companion willing to explore the mysteries of life.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Temptation will be strong on Monday. Don’t indulge your sweet tooth. A blast from the past will come your way. A former flame could suddenly decide to contact you. Also, be careful on the road as Mars begins it’s retrograde in Virgo. Legal issues could demand your attention. You might end up in traffic court! You may need to resign from a committee on Tuesday. Your schedule could be too full. Don’t be too quick to push the “delete” button on Tuesday. If you act in haste, you’ll regret it later. Your creativity will soar on Wednesday. The boss will praise your efforts on Wednesday. This person might help you achieve a job ambition. Listen to your inner voice. A lover will be especially affectionate on Thursday as the Moon conjuncts Venus. If you’re single, someone special could enter your life. A new moneymaking scheme will come your way on Friday. Career issues could arise and it might be time to change jobs. You could consider getting a pet over the weekend. Be sure you can handle the additional responsibility! A difference of opinion might cause relationship friction on Saturday as Mercury squares Jupiter. Strive to be tolerant of others. The Moon in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn on Saturday. You’ll consider reneging on a vow. An associate will confide a secret on Saturday. Resist the urge to blab the juicy details! Hold fast to your word this weekend or you could cause some anger an resentments from others.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: This is a very unusual time. All kinds of strange quirks and coincidences may crop as the astral energy tries to bring you a special message. These can come in many different guises, from overheard conversations, to announcements on billboards, to a more abstract sign or omen. Take note, as a communication about a special love affair is on its way to you. You could receive this message while meditating or through a second party. Relationships are a process of discovery, and now you may find some of your more exciting discoveries may be in places where some kind of teaching based on spiritual principles goes on. Here you will meet kindred souls who can share your journey in consciousness, and talk endlessly about the path into the light. You will feel as though you have come home.