STARGAZING — Week of January 1st – 7th, 2018

Dec 29, 2017 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Happy New Year on a Cancer Super Full Moon. I bring you these weekly reports to explain to you what the weekly energies carry in a way that’s clear and easy to understand

2018 – The Year of Earthquakes, Attempted Assassinations, the rising of groups and cults along with a deeply penetrating Spiritual Renaissance.

The world is going to change in the coming year, and it will be quite a roller coaster ride. Perhaps you can say that every year, but 2018 will be a year that the very structure of your life moves into transition.

January 1st begins with a Full Moon in nurturing Cancer opposing responsible Capricorn. It’s time to create a better balance between your personal life and your work in the world as the 2018 New Year begins. Be careful not to carve your plans in stone because “expect the unexpected” Uranus is ending his retrograde cycle on January 2nd.

With both Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn there will be continual fluctuation with our weather patterns. Since Capricorn is an earth sign, we can expect earthquakes all over thee world that will be both sudden and violent. We can also expect changes in the economy and government  leaders. Laws will change along with state taxation. Riots could occur. There will be a cry out for law and order as well as a longing to return to the past and a comforting security that will be lacking as we progress through 2018.

Expansive Jupiter started stirring the pot of your deepest emotions, desires and fears in October, bringing an emotional Scorpio energy that has not been around for 12 years (fall 2005 through most of 2006). On December 19, 2017, foundation-changing Saturn moved into structural Capricorn after being in philosophical Sagittarius for over two years. While Sagittarius has talked about big ideas in a not so grounded way, Saturn moving through Capricorn for the next two years and into 2020, installs the groundwork for the changes you are committed to making in your life.

Early January has ambitious Mars pushing hard to bring expansive Jupiter ideas into reality. We are also graced by two trines from Mars and Neptune that will energize the ocean tides as well as give attention to our inner emotional tides along with bringing in the winds of change.

There’s an energetic change of direction on the 2nd as Uranus moves forward after a five month rest, telling us that it’s time to get down to work!

On January 6th powerful and energetic Mars lings up with Jupiter. It’s time to wake up our inner rebellious nature, roll up our sleeves and begin to manifest our desired changes as well as our future desires. The best day of the week to begin these changes is Saturday, but be cautious. This energy needs to be handled with care because if you can’t keep this burst of light under control, you could wind up in a ditch, or at least in a lot of hot water. Be patient, make clear decisions, take a deep breath and make sure you’re headed in the right direction for your life and future.

Late January and February brings two eclipses to give you perspective on your life from the energies the 2017 eclipses occurred in their opposite signs last August. Be prepared for everything and everyone to feel pulled apart in order to be re-integrated in a new and innovative way,

Think back to August when the revolutionizing planet turned retrograde. The world saw many problems then, such as massive fires and warrior words with North Korea. If you had innovative projects or some needed changes that got stuck on hold, the coming weeks energy will get you moving again.

January’s biggest event is the lunar eclipse on January31st in Leo, which is also a Blue Moon. Lunar eclipses are emotional and tend to pull you apart so you can re-balance opposites. In this case, the lunar eclipse is in the opposite sign of the previous one back on August 7th, in independent Aquarius. You now receive the opposite energy in heart-opening Leo.

It is time to improve your sharing, fun and creativity time. Look at where your heart is engaged to decide which activities and/or people stay or go. If your heart isn’t in the same ’ole same ‘ole, why are you doing it?