Stargazing — Week of January 14th to Janury 20th, 2013

Jan 17, 2013 | Special Messages

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Week of Jan. 14th – Jan. 20th, 2013

Romantic Venus’ conjunction with mysterious Pluto could reveal relationship secrets on Wednesday. Taking a closer look at this new information can uncover unmet desires and underused assets. These unexpected insights might motivate personal change and increase our capacity for emotional fulfillment. Making tough choices mid-week clears the air and opens the way to a socially satisfying weekend

The chill of a winter’s day seems to perfectly capture the mood of Venus in Capricorn conjuncting with Pluto and Saturn: Beautiful and enticing—but deadly if not treated with proper respect. The three together can spiral you down into the depths of dark karma.

Come January 17th — when Venus, Pluto, and Saturn conjunct — your day will take on a cold, yet compelling and seductive charm. You’ll have to guard against getting sucked into power plays and manipulations brought about by Pluto, and when paired with Venus’ ice-queen facade. You’ll want to throw romance out the door, as jealousy and possessiveness will destroy anything cute and cuddly. The question is, “How will you handle the upset or disturbance?” On a mature level, or will you revert back to old responses and deep, unconscious fears? Fortunately, calm, cool, and collected Saturn will bring focus and organization to the day.

Then, on January 18th, Mercury meets the Sun, where together they’ll spend one final day in Capricorn, putting you on mental alert with new ideas bursting to get out!

Mercury and the Sun then move into Aquarius together on January 20th. Aquarius loves new and exciting developments, as well as standing up for what’s right, so with Mercury in Aquarius, communication and ideas will charge to the forefront. At the same time, the Sun’s presence will ensure that Aquarius’ mischievous, fun-loving attributes will remain center-stage for the entire month. You may also be inclined to stubbornly stand up for an idea regardless of how many facts contradict you. Will you stand your ground in the Light, to change your karma, or be seduced under? This is the dilemma.

Although you’re excited about the possibility of having new experiences, you’re not so quick to let go of the old ones. Stop, think, and meditate and try not to forge ahead without worrying about the consequences. Beautiful Venus aligns with steady Saturn, reminding us that long-lasting successes are more satisfying now than fleeting pleasures. Setting goals based on common sense is healthier than seeking immediate gratification. Let go of the past, self-judgment, and allow your life-force energy to spiral upwards to the Light.

You might be dealing with a struggle between connection and separation this week. On one hand, your vision of having a perfect home and family life may be idyllic, and you’re eager to do whatever is required to achieve this goal. On the other hand, you can’t allow yourself to grow too attached to a relationship that has the possibility of failure. Don’t sabotage your chance for happiness based upon your past experiences; focus your attention on manifesting your dreams in the present moment. You do not have to feel guilty or abused, but instead, healthy, clear, positive, creative, and successful. It’s time to create some of your unlimited possibilities.