STARGAZING — Week of January 13th – January 19th, 2014

Jan 15, 2014 | Special Messages

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Week of Jan. 13th – Jan. 19th, 2014

This week, Venus is retrograde in the sign Capricorn. That means that the very structure of your life is shifting. Some people will need to establish better boundaries in relationships, others will shift by re-working the financial budget. Venus calls you into a better sense of beauty and balance, so you may choose to redecorate a room, get a new haircut, buy new clothes, or simply improve your style to get greater attention this month.

This is a great time to catch up on desk work, filing, shopping, or laundry, but not a time to start important projects. Wait for the New Moon in Aquarius on January 30th, which welcomes in the Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse. (I will have the Chinese Astrology for 2014 posted next week.)

Transit of Saturn brings you ample personal power and the strength to take control of your life and be independent in decision making. You now have the will and ability to create new conditions that suit your purpose to achieve what you desire and willing to work towards over the next three months or so. In general, there is a financial increase this month.

Your optimism hits an all-time high and children or younger people may play an important role now, and may reveal some of life’s lessons to you. Some Air Signs might deliver a new baby or prepare for a pregnancy during this transit.

  The Full Moon at 26 degrees Capricorn on Wednesday the 15th. This is the Wolf Full Moon, the first Full Moon of 2014,  when you are to re-balance your emotional and worldly needs. Consider your personal and family needs and your service to the larger collective of humanity. Does something need to be rearranged? Cancer is associated with diet and nutrition, as well as the home and mother, so don’t give up that New Year’s diet yet and do take a balanced approach to your daily routine.

Relationship planets Venus and Mars are challenging your thinking process and higher (spiritual) philosophy. The challenge is to avoid going to extremes, too much or too little, especially in areas of love, money, and/or food. This is the time for you to simply your life, get organized, and make a plan to be more efficient in your service.

The Moon rules Cancer, and is exalted when transiting its own sign. The Moon moves in an elliptical orbit around the Earth orbiting West to East. Our closest celestial neighbor, the Moon is located approximately 240,000 miles from our surface. In some astrological traditions, the Moon is more important than the Sun. Ruling our emotional natures, as well as the ocean tides, the Moon most certainly has a more obvious effect on our daily lives than we might notice with other planets or the Sun. In a child’s chart, the Moon is very important to watch. The Moon in Cancer represents the Mother and the Sun in Capricorn represents the Father. The Moon also represents our home and our sense of feeling grounded and living well at home with ourselves. The Moon also represents how we nurture ourselves, our inner caring and comfort, and the Sun represents how we take care of our role in society, serving and caring for others. When the Moon peaks in her fullness on Wednesday night, you should know what is coming to fullness in your life now.

The first Full Moon of 2014 this energy can be experienced as a major transition point for us all. What do we do at thresholds between what we have set into motion with our intentions, actions, and desires, and what we are beginning to act upon will set our path for 2014. It helps to meditate and as we surrender to our higher power and forge onward; it is best to be open and receptive to what we have helped set into motion.

The basic focus of this Full Moon in Cancer in opposition with the Sun in Capricorn, seems to be about uniting our sense of what makes us feel at home with ourselves and our most intimate connections, and what kind of community, society, and world are we working to help create? Tthis is a time when we are thinking outside-the-box about how we are responding or resisting the inner call to fulfillment and happiness. Not only do we need to meet our obligations and responsibilities to others, but also we need to nurture and nourish ourselves. This Full Moon period offers us the opportunity to tune into the energy that we are receiving and to channel and redirect that energy into areas that help us achieve greater balance and live more harmoniously.

We are entering a power-packed week with energy being dispersed in all directions. With Mercury’s entry into Aquarius on Saturday, January 11, this Full Moon time is sure to shine its light on all types of innovative, unconventional, radical, out-of-the box, idiosyncratic, maverick, and perhaps even downright crazy ideas and actions and in all forms of communication. With Mercury’s entry into Aquarius, we are affected not only by what we are learning but also by how we learn and acquire new knowledge and how we exchange information. This is a time when creative, innovative, and progressive ideas take the lead. Striking out and taking bold, courageous stands and steps forward is characteristic of Mercury’s journey through Aquarius. After grounding our communication through the Capricorn transit, we are now more solidly focused on the ideas, interests, and directions we feel drawn to. We may even sign up for a college course, commit to a long term learning process, plan an educational travel trip, or simply stay put, doing some kind of scientific research to help mankind.

What is important for us at this time is to notice what is calling us to resolve or heal, calling us to express or do, and then set forth to use your gifts to communicate, express, and act according to what is for your highest good. Full Moons are times of fulfillment especially in relationships, so move one step at a time, closer to allowing yourself to give and receive love in more fulfilling ways.

On Friday, January 17th, Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Uranus in Aries, bringing us surprising news, information, or results via television or our computers. Both planets in the early degrees of their signs, indicate that something new is being unfolded, being revealed, or starting up. When we trust our intuition, dreams, or gut feelings, we are likely to be let to an opening we have been seeking. This is a time when we receive inspiration, and it is also a time when shocking and surprising secrets are revealed. Be receptive to what comes in whatever way it comes. You will likely be as surprised at how something happens, or if someone appears in your life, that what is communicated. What may not have worked out in the past, is now released from whatever trappings held it back, and now we can move forward.

Our lives are in process and we have many opportunities to make changes, alter our thinking and behavior, and tune into the spiritual energy that guides all of life. When we find we are without the tools and support we need, we begin to ask ourselves, what is missing? When we seem ill-equipped to deal with our problems, worries or challenges, we are given chances to pinpoint what the heart of the matter is. This aspect of Mars to Neptune is one of those times when we can gain great clarity, and make some simple choices to alleviate our lives of harmful distress and choices. The veil is lifted and we can see the truth about certain matters affecting us. While this aspect is a short-lived one, it can be crucial for those who have been looking for a signal or sign from the Universe. Sometimes the sign happens within. us. So get quiet, stop, look, listen, and choose what is right for you.

The rest of January, after the 17th, may prove stressful, so watch your health and ensure you are eating well and don’t forget to take rest and spare some time for exercise. Also, do away with your negative thoughts by meditating regularly. This will calm you within and help you feel less stressed. Some of you might undergo minor surgical process if you already are suffering from some health problems.