Stargazing — Week of Jan. 9th through Jan. 15th, 2023

Jan 9, 2023 | Stargazing

Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn until January 18th. Tend to the core foundation issues of your life. That can include making space for changes coming in spring, getting a head start on your taxes, or stretching your body to be kind to your skeletal structure.  Mars continues to be retrograde in Gemini from last October 30th until January 12th. It is good to put your ideas for the future into alignment with your actions and ambition. In other words, are you saying one thing and doing another, or walking your talk.

Love and money planet Venus moves through Aquarius. Catch up with old friends and explore new friends, groups and organizations.

On Sunday January 8th, talkative Mercury is in harmony with Uranus to support reaching out to new or old friends. Reach out and network early in the week so you can get all your ducks in a row on hit the ground running on Thursday, when Mars turns direct

Monday January 9th has the moon in warm-hearted Leo and a happy connection between relationship planets Venus and Mars- the morning is stronger. Get out and go for your dreams and desires. You have a good chance to bring them into manifestation this year, especially now through the end of April. With your focus, enthusiasm, and charm, magical doors can open up to you. You may need to deal with some jealousy and resentment from a local busybody. Don’t listen to their criticism or allow them to hold you back. This week is a good time to enhance relationships of all kinds.

On Thursday January 12th Mars ends his retrograde cycle in Gemini. It will pick up speed gradually to help you put your plans into action, but does not actually move into the next sign, Cancer, until spring equinox in March. This is the most important aspect of the week. The planet of movement and action has been retrograde since October 30th, placing the world into an extended holding pattern. It has been difficult to advance projects or move things forward, but luckily, the energies have shifted in the New Year. and bring strong and positive energy. If you have had a difficult time sticking with your 2023 resolutions, things will be getting a lot easier after the 12th.

It may be hard to tear yourself away from work on Friday. Allow yourself to leave work on time and enjoy the evening.

Spend the weekend with low key, kindhearted friends, because being too self-absorbed becomes boring quickly. Better to share this warm energy.

Saturday is the perfect time to volunteer to help make your community a better place, but the energy shifts in the evening when a more anxious atmosphere takes over.

After two months of the Holidays and stagnation along with some stalled situations, the New Year begins now, so full steam ahead everyone.