STARGAZING—Week of Jan. 3rd to Jan. 9th, 2011

Jan 5, 2011 | Special Messages

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Week of January 3 – January 9, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Your days in the early part of this week are quite full! The Moon enters Capricorn on Tuesday and instantly picks a fight with Saturn. This traps you within a labyrinth of obligations; you don’t know which turn to take and this of course puts your nerves to the test. The stress mounts higher and higher. The square formed between Neptune in Aquarius and Venus in Scorpio can create chaos in your professional sphere this week. Conflicts or betrayal between colleagues, misunderstandings with bosses, or an environment of suspicion can all come into play, making it hard to hang onto your serenity and keep your cool. Try to keep a low profile. Love matters are far from simple as well. If you’re single, someone has caught your eye and you’re strongly attracted. But they’re just having fun, and in the end they leave you all alone with your doubts and expectations. You’re left longing and languishing and asking yourself a thousand existential questions. However, the Pluto/ Mars/ Sun trio in Capricorn is capable of putting THE ONE you’ve been waiting for your whole life on your path, so be sure to keep your eyes open! If you’re in a couple, you partner is conspicuously absent when you need support. You’re left to fend for yourself and unravel those daily worries on your own. By weeks end you fix that problem. Your partner is transformed while tender, attentive and passionate. And they find you just as attractive as they did the day they first laid eyes on you. What’s your secret? Must be your Air Sign charm. To wrap up, your finances have the support of the Jupiter/ Uranus duo. Whether you reach an important investment milestone, have a loan come through, or simply benefit from a stroke of luck, the money comes flowing in! Your finances also benefit from the protection of Venus. Your situation is stable and you’re even able to enjoy a little extra cash. Just try not to spend all of it as quickly as it hits your account!

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Is it time for new love in a new year? Venus goes wild on a New Moon Tuesday, even as the Solar Eclipse and a stern word from Saturn tell you to watch out. Whether you’re recovering from a broken heart or just too much New Year’s fun, you will shine on Tuesday. Mercury leaves its storm, the New Moon eclipses the Sun, and Venus squares Neptune, all of which make you awesome. But even with the Moon in Aquarius Wednesday through Friday, Chiron brings a touch of desperation, and a Sun-Saturn square warns you against gambling with your heart. Wednesday’s Venus-Chiron square could bring a friendship heartbreak. Luckily, the Aquarius Moon gives you the distance you need. Saturn sends commitment-phobies fair warning on Thursday and Friday. Consider spending your weekend with friends instead of chasing your heart’s desire. You will have a much better weekend if you focus on playing with friends instead of making it all about your desire. If you’re alone, your true inner self matters more than others right now anyway.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The Moon, at the beginning of the week, can make financial matters unpredictable. Your wallet, which has been losing quite a bit of weight recently, reaches a critical emptiness point. There’s only one solution: tightening your belt! Mercury in Sagittarius is making sure that your aura is ultra attractive, especially since you’re a very smooth talker. The Venus/ Neptune square at the beginning of the week will wield a powerful influence on your love union. If you’re in a couple, things will be tense between you over an issue related to a family situation or problem related to housing. If your heart is free, Mercury is making you wickedly attractive, smooth, and very clever. You’re able to find the words to break the ice and more, with no problem. If you’re single, you’re having a lot of fun and probably breaking a few hearts in the process. If you’re in a couple, you’re able to use your influence with your partner to get your way. The Venus/ Neptune square is also problematic for career matters. You may have a hard time striking a balance between your private and professional lives. There aren’t enough hours in your full days to take care of all your responsibilities and obligations. If you need to, redefine your priorities. On the job, there’s not much action. The daily grind may be a bit boring and a source of discouragement. If it’s change and new opportunities you want, it’s up to you to take the initiative and bring it all about. Your finances fall under the influence of the Uranus/ Jupiter pair, and this is a good thing. Open up your pockets wide, and as they fill up, they lead you straight to stability.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Are you doing something different in the New Year? Even if it’s just Jupiter conjunct Uranus and trine Venus during Tuesday’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse, you’re suddenly a person of interest. As you emerge from the holiday season expecting romantic miracles, Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse brings humility, and Mercury sends a wake-up call as it leaves its storm. If you shrug this off once the Moon enters Aquarius on Wednesday, an ex or wannabe might blindside you with some accusation or claim when the Sun squares Saturn on Friday. Uncomfortable situations are easier when you see them coming. Watch out for false hopes on Wednesday, and listen to your better instincts on Thursday. Romance feels sane and possible again on Friday when Venus squares the Moon. Seek out friendly company in familiar settings. There’s less to worry about when you keep it casual. Sunday’s Sun-Moon sextile could score you points when you help an attractive person with something that matters to him or her.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

A journey or short trip related to your job could have a frustrating outcome early in the week. Venus forms a tense square with Neptune, creating an environment of uncertainty and instability that isn’t easy to handle. Don’t hesitate to change your position on an issue or return to square one to examine a problem if need be. It’s not a sign of weakness to change your mind! Venus in Scorpio is providing excellent protection from the negative vibes Neptune is sending in your direction. Of course your friendships may have some unpleasant misunderstandings or stubborn disagreements, but you will manage to keep the channels of communication open and eventually, calm things down. Concerning love, if you’re single, a recent encounter leaves you with some nagging doubts. You really like this person and it’s reciprocal, yet you can’t seem to communicate well. If you’re single and looking, you’re not likely to run into your soul mate this week. If you’re in a couple, you may be bored with your life together, and your eyes may start to wander in search of a little excitement. Is this really the best solution? Are you doing all you can to make sure the romance and excitement stay alive? Food for thought. On the job the atmosphere is also extremely calm. You’re taking care of your daily obligations but you’re not moving mountains nor working to surpass yourself. To wrap up, your finances are affected by Saturn’s influence. This is not the time to go on wild spending sprees! Be sure to err on the side of caution and keep track of where each dollar goes. Just trust that Mercury is taking excellent care of your finances. You’ve got everything you need and then some. More is on the way over the next six weeks.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: How are your communication skills this week? The old-then-New Moon conjoins first Pluto, then Mars on Monday and Tuesday, with a Solar Eclipse adding just enough craziness to interfere with the truth. Neptune, Jupiter, and Uranus feel like cosmic matchmakers on Tuesday. Even if it’s a brief fling or familiar ships passing in the night, the New Moon brings a touch of romantic heaven. Anything more than a gracious goodbye kiss on Wednesday morning could plunge you into the yearning world of “what if” as the Aquarius Moon inspires big, impossible plans. Avoid rushing things on Wednesday, and patience is likely to pay off on Thursday. When Venus leaves Scorpio Friday morning, you’re free to begin a month-long break from emotional obligations. The Moon enters Pisces that night, ushering in a friendly weekend. And if some of that friendship comes with benefits, who’s complaining? Once the Moon enters a water sign Friday night with Venus in Sagittarius, you’re better equipped for new adventures instead of passionate clinging. There’s a time and place for that!

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Beware of the Venus/Neptune square that kicks the week off. You could receive an offer on the professional front that consists of nothing more than promises that are too good to be true. Be sure to get all the information before saying “yes” to anything at all. Read all the fine print and don’t give your word lightly. If your heart is free, you’re pulling out all the stops to lure the person that interests you under your spell. And it’s not an easy task! The Moon enters Capricorn on Tuesday, holding the promise of an exciting encounter for singles. Beware of getting carried away too fast though, because a Venus/ Neptune square can spell disappointment if you don’t keep your feet firmly on the ground! In the couple department, Venus is making co-habitation difficult under your roof. You may become possessive with your partner and get quite upset, feeling that they’re neglecting you or spending too much time away from home, even if it’s job-related and unavoidable. Try to cut them some slack, and explain that it’s only temporary. Neptune is creating trouble for you on the job though. You may feel a bit lost in the face of changes in the works in your workplace. Don’t be intimidated. Take the bull by the horns and dare to express your opinion as well as ask the questions that are important to you. Saturn is still hanging out in your financial sector. It’s not easy to keep your situation stable. You’ve got to make a lot of effort in order to keep your bank account afloat! You can do it. Know that your finances fall under Mercury’s watchful eye. You’re managing your money well and your cash inflow and outflow are soon to be well balanced.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Earth Signs rock the dating scene early this week as a Capricorn New Moon eclipses the Sun on Tuesday. You’re done with games and drama as Mercury leaves its storm. You may not understand love, but you understand yourself as the week begins. Make your own light Tuesday as the Capricorn New Moon eclipses the Sun and Venus squares Neptune. Ignore Wednesday’s false romantic promises, especially when Chiron has you giving more than somebody’s ready to take. Buddy up with patience and restraint for the rest of the week. It’s still about self-knowledge instead of starting romantic fires. After the Moon enters Aquarius on Wednesday, there’s more talk than action, so it’s nothing personal when somebody’s attention wanders. Friday’s Moon-Mercury sextile has you jumping to conclusions. If you’re with a Capricorn this weekend, you may get lucky. With a Libra, you might get burned. Either way, a Pisces Moon helps you keep it light. Also, Saturn helps you examine repressed emotions on Sunday, if you’re struggling with them.