Stargazing—Week of Jan. 20th through Jan. 26th, 2020

Jan 20, 2020 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

The Sun moves into Aquarius on Monday, January 20th and if you can take off the Martin Luther King holiday on Monday, do so. The Moon is in Sagittarius seeking an adventure, and the Sun makes its annual move into a new sign which is an air sign and wants freedom along with something out of the ordinary.

Aquarius’ focus is on groups and brings in people of a brilliant mind, which is why Aquarians make good scientists and researchers, along with good astrologers. This sign brings us the outsider, the rebel or black sheep of the family and is known for going against the flow.

This coming month of Aquarian energy won’t be warm and fuzzy energy, but it’s excellent for being practical and using your head, pushing boundaries, and making the big changes you have worked for and desire, at last!

Wednesday has a fairly quick challenge as the Sun squares Uranus. It’s certainly not the day for “my way or the highway” ultimatums. This square with Uranus produces a restless and out-of-sorts type of energy. Remember that you cannot force change but must be in harmony with the universe to make changes when they appear and are supported.

Thursday morning is a better time when loving Venus makes a gentle harmony to generous Jupiter. Where a person may tell you “no,” regarding some idea on Wednesday, they are more likely to say “yes,” on Thursday. It’s time for us to step out of our comfort zone and the energy builds toward Friday’s New Moon. As the Chinese New Year approaches, make this week the best time of your year by breaking away from the old and creating the new. This is the New Year of the Rat and brings with a continual moveable feast of planet aspects throughout 2020.

The New Moon is on Friday, January 24th. This is an excellent New Moon to reach out to old friends as well as exploring new groups, friends and organizations. Although it’s not the most beloved of animals, the Rat can “eat” its way through anything, has fabulous, sharp instincts, and sharp wittedness. The Rat is ranked first in the Chinese Zodiac for its strong spirit, awareness, shrewdness, flexibility, and vitality.

A sacred Sabian Symbol reflects this: “A council of ancestors is seen implementing the efforts of a young leader.” Meditate on this symbol for personal meaning in the month ahead. A message could be that it is important to take ancient wisdom and apply it in the modern world in a way that is compatible with planetary evolution. It’s time to open to new ideas and find a way to bring them into the mundane world. Although that may be uncomfortable, there is help available from an ongoing emphasis from wise and reliable Capricorn learning to blend with innovative Aquarius. Perhaps it’s time for a revolution.

Strategic planner Pallas is making a harmonious trine to revolutionary Uranus, so make a plan to bring that revolution into your life without completely disrupting it. Perhaps a friend or family member is moving in. At the same time, Venus is aligned with Neptune, making this a great time for intuition, compassion and romance and is exact on the 27th. However, this combination can get lost in fantasy and illusion, so pay attention to what is real and what is illusion. This begins the Chinese Year of the Rat, an industrious year ahead.