Stargazing – Week of Jan. 18th through Jan. 24, 2021

Jan 19, 2021 | Stargazing


The three “trouble” planets of the unexpected, rebellion and upheaval are lining up again this week, creating an atmosphere of frenzied anarchy. The warrior Mars conjuncts electric and radical Uranus, (which has just turned direct) in Taurus on Wednesday, the supposed Inauguration Day, followed by a square between Mars and ideological and expansive Jupiter on Saturday.

On Sunday, January 17th, Jupiter in Aquarius makes a challenging square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Big, innovative ideas and altruistic concepts are challenged to create an innovative way to work in the mundane world. It’s time for fresh ideas but how can you get them to work in the world as it is now?

Then on Wednesday (USA Inauguration Day) Mars aligns with Uranus. This can put action to new ways of thinking and operating in the world. However, those who are not open to or are living in fear of change can act out in not so nice ways.

This energy is compounded by the Taurus Moon, which will add some deep emotions to the action. Give people with anger, impatience or wild conspiracy theories some extra space rather than getting sucked into their drama. While Taurus is seen as the sign of stability, it can also have a rough and stubborn edge. Be aware that some of the most secure environments have been created by groups of iron-fisted rebels. (Remember the Alamo?)

Aquarius fights for freedom of the “little guy”, while Jupiter is a planet that exalts blinded zealotry. The forces of righteousness could bash against the perceived fascist threats of the powers-that-be. This could cause the situation of a canceled inauguration on Wednesday.

While watching to see how all of this plays out during the week, we can expect to see clashes of power struggles, riots, and street violence, as the Aquarius energies struggle to bring out the truth of the situation. Both sides are extremists and aggressive in their own way, and it may be difficult to determine which one is on the side of the “good.”

For you personally, positively speaking, take action to bring your inventive ideas into your reality.

There is lots of talk on Saturday under a Gemini Moon. Be aware that some adjustment will be needed to accept the outcome of the mid-week energies as well as to bring your ambitions into the world in a pragmatic way. The world is ready for change, but that doesn’t mean it will come as quickly as you would like, and not everyone will go along with higher philosophical ideals. A return to logic and sobriety returns on Saturday night as the Sun joins rational Saturn.

Remember that it just takes a critical mass of people to change the world, not everyone needs to come along now

Sunday is a great day for quick conversations and short errands under a Gemini Moon. Be meditative and quiet on Monday morning while tending to humble tasks and meditation until the Moon moves into nurturing Cancer early Tuesday morning.