STARGAZING—Week of Jan. 17—Jan. 23, 2011

Jan 18, 2011 | Special Messages

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Week of January 17 – January 23, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The Moon/ Pluto opposition this week could create a worry linked to housing that becomes a major stress factor, Air Signs. An electrical problem, or a disagreement with a neighbor or landlord, could transform your household from a haven of peace into a battlefield. However, with the protection of the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Neptune all on your side, you can’t help but have luck smiling on you. Things start off with a wonderful opportunity in your professional sector. There’s a red carpet unfurling before you, leading straight to success and satisfaction! Don’t be afraid to take that first step. Couples find that life is a bed of roses. A joint project grows wings that fly you both straight to happiness. Keep the tenderness connection between you because it may be growing rust, and you may feel lonely and unappreciated at times. Hang in there. If you’re single, Venus favors the tender beginnings of a friendship with romantic promise. This new relationship may not be simple, but it will bring you the companionship you’ve been lacking in the recent past. You finally realize what it is you’re looking for, which makes it easier to meet someone who reaches your requirements and expectations. On the job, Uranus and Jupiter shake up your agenda with the unexpected, and as a result you’re running around like the proverbial chicken without its head. Financially, you’re in luck. Someone who owes you money could pay up, or an administrative decision could turn in your favor, or perhaps you even win the lottery—in whatever form it comes, luck is on your side and filling up your wallet with extra cash. Saturn is the only planet around to influence your finances this week, Air Signs. As a result, you’re quite serious about staying within the limits of your budget. Enjoy your week.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Somebody dials down the logic and dials up the emotions mid-Monday as the Moon enters Cancer. The Moon trines Neptune and Chiron on Monday and you Air Signs could talk your way into anyone’s life. Then the Moon enters Cancer, expectations rise and commitment might deepen. Saturn sabotages your jokes on Tuesday, but humor is sexy again Wednesday under the Leo Full Moon. Watch what you say Wednesday, because the freedom of a Leo Full Moon might signal the end of something that’s been decaying for awhile now. Revisit your calendar Thursday morning as the Sun enters Aquarius. Thursday’s trine with Venus and sextile with Saturn positions you as a love guru. If you care about somebody, let them call the shots Friday night. Jupiter enters Aries Saturday, and you should enjoy all the fun. By Saturday Mars’ and Jupiter’s wild impulses prove you don’t practice what you preach. Be yourself under the Libra Moon Sunday. The less you try to impress anyone, the more impressive you are.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The Moon/ Pluto opposition kicking this week off, reserves an unpleasant surprise for your financial sector. Whether you receive a bill you weren’t expecting, fall behind in a payment to someone else, or receive a payment late, you’re going to be faced with the necessity of finding a solution and fast. Fortunately, you’re able to count on the support of a friend or loved one, who is able to bail you out in the short term. This energy can drain your strength, wear down your immune system, and affect your morale. You feel tired, stressed out and generally out of sorts. This affects you on the job. You have trouble focusing, the errors mount, and you have no desire to make the effort necessary to get past this state, in spite of the disapproving looks and comments of your bosses. Luckily, the office atmosphere is calm and uneventful, and you may even be able to cut out early, to dedicate more time to your hobbies and personal projects. Romantically, couples, the Moon may throw you off the same wavelength. All at once, you feel like strangers, but hang in there, this is only a temporary phenomenon. Venus is turning you into a real charmer. You share your ideas, projects and desires enthusiastically. They may not all be workable, but you both have a great time dreaming in the same direction. If you’re single you’re really playing on this and may have a tendency to play with other people’s emotions. Take care with those who are more fragile than you are! If you’re single and you’ve suffered a recent disappointment, Venus perks up your mood. Someone you’ve just met fills you with fresh hope for a more romantic future. There’s nothing new on the horizon concerning your finances, which is clearly a relief!

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Somebody gets upset early this week if your attention wanders. As the Moon squares Jupiter, there could be painful goodbyes. Cheer up! If you’re ready for romance, it’s ready for you. As the Moon enters Cancer and the Sun sextiles Uranus, you’re collecting all the fun and intimacy you can handle. Wednesday as the Full Moon enters Leo and the Sun sextiles Jupiter. Somebody seems to worship you. With the Sun entering Aquarius on Thursday, you’re taking whatever you can get. The hope in someone’s eyes on Thursday might keep you both warm for the coming month. But as the Sun is quincunx Friday night’s Virgo Moon, ask yourself what’s fair and what promises you’re implying. Friday’s Jupiter quincunx and Virgo Moon focus you on your date’s mind as well as body. If this is an Aries, bodies will have a lot to say on Saturday. Some solitude this weekend might do you good.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

A host of planets in Aquarius create waves in your daily life and do their best to drag your mood down a notch or two, Water Signs. This may seem insurmountable at first, but you will soon realize that the changes entailed will be beneficial for you in the long run. Try to adapt to the best of your ability, it will be worth it! The beginning of this week can bring car breakdowns, delays and annoying cancellations. The atmosphere is far from serene and you are not at all happy about it. In the love department, singles may be disappointed by a recent encounter. But look at this from a positive angle: you have the opportunity to discover an important facet of this person’s personality, and are now better equipped to decide whether you want to take this relationship further or not. If you’re in a couple, your partner may be hiding something from you, but you realize it immediately and are able to clear things up with some direct and efficient communication. Your partner will provide efficient support and be a wonderful cheerleader throughout all these troubles. Are you single? Uranus and Jupiter hold a surprise in store: love at first sight, when you least expect it. Yes, you’re Cupid’s target this week, his arrow is headed straight for your heart! On the job, the atmosphere’s calm, even bordering on boredom. You who so love novelty and challenge, are left to count the minutes and seconds ticking by more and more slowly. Soon there may be some changes in store on the job front. You could be offered a transfer or a new position that turns out to be beneficial for your career evolution. Financially though, things aren’t too stable; you’re required to walk on eggshells for the time being. Your finances fall under the influence of beautiful Venus, who does finally bring in some extra money, but also incites you to spend it as fast as it comes in! Try to be reasonable.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Be careful what your lips and eyes say Monday. Once the Moon enters Cancer, somebody expects follow-through or at least explanations. You’re on fire Monday through Wednesday. Whether you’re back with an old flame or sizzling with a new one, the Cancer Moon is about passion. Tuesday’s Mercury-Pluto conjunction gives you a light, sexy touch. Expect no regrets if someone hits the highway late Wednesday. As the Full Moon moves into Leo on Wednesday, promises of love or sex are harder to break, especially when the new Aries Sun locks them in on Thursday. On Thursday the Aquarius Sun finds you meeting people online. Friday’s Virgo Moon has you toning up at the gym. Use Friday’s Virgo Moon for a high-activity date instead of sitting around. You’ll feel much lighter after Jupiter leaves your sign Saturday. Saturday a Moon-Mars quincunx throws off your timing, but you mean well and look good anyway. Stay available Sunday instead of retreating into yourself.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Are you a single heart? This week’s Moon/ Pluto opposition means that someone you’ve met recently and thought was a promising prospect ends up not being all they were cracked up to be. This person may even go as far as disappearing without a trace! The beginning of this week could bring a falling out with a friend or loved one. A conflict digs a gulf between you. You’re sure you’re right and you dig your heels in. But what if they do have a point? Try to see things from their side and avoid burning unnecessary bridges. Concerning love, if your heart is free, Venus sends an electrifying encounter your way that’s more than promising. If you’re in a couple, you develop wandering eyes and encounter all the temptation that goes along with it. Earth Signs, Uranus and Jupiter favor some heated discussions, and though communication may be challenging, at least there’s no boredom under your roof! On the job, Mercury, the Sun and Mars play with your nerves and make the stress rise. Your days are full and you’re constantly burning the candle at both ends. Try to focus on the essentials and as for the rest, let the chips fall where they may. On the job, you’re likely to discover the hidden positive qualities of a colleague. And if this person makes a move on you, it won’t be easy to resist! On the professional front, you’re a font of good and innovative ideas. But you have a hard time selling them to your bosses and colleagues, in spite of your wonderful determination. Your finances fall under the unforgiving influence of Saturn, who doesn’t let you get away with one wrong move! Be sure to surround yourself with sound advice and avoid the temptations of the shops! Your finances are also influenced by Venus now, who does bring some money your way. But at the same time, you’re spending like mad and not at all serious when it comes to budgeting your funds!

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Ask anything you want when your ruling planet Mercury opposes the Moon Monday and conjoins Pluto Tuesday. Whether or not you get the desired answer, you’ll know where you stand. From mid-Monday until the Cancer Moon turns full Wednesday, share your deep feelings with someone who needs to know. If this leads to sensual experiences, so much the better! On Wednesday the Cancer Moon trines Uranus before becoming full, after entering Leo, convincing someone to fall for you. But is this the right one? By Wednesday night, you’re hungry for an active date and glowing praise. Anything feels possible when the Sun enters Aquarius Thursday. An Aries or Scorpio might not deliver, although the right gift on Thursday could change his or her mind. The Moon enters Virgo Friday and trines Pluto Saturday. Maybe now you can impress the right person with your greatness. You have a plan when the Moon enters Virgo Friday. Pluto and Mercury help you get lucky Saturday.