Stargazing — Week of Jan. 15th through Jan. 21st, 2024

Jan 15, 2024 | Stargazing

Monday is Martin Luther King Day holiday in the USA. This reminds us of the spirit within all who want to reach out to help and comfort others, especially within your own communities.  It’s a perfect time to act about making this world a better place.

Your energy could have vanished on Tuesday and Wednesday but instead of fretting, surround yourself with the company of those you love, and they will gladly help you raise your vibration. 

Desire and action return on Thursday, which is an excellent day for both the beginning and completion of projects. Contacts made in the afternoon could lead to secure, long-term contracts while the evening is good for a trip to the gym for your pre-weekend workout. 

People could be emotional and touchy on Friday, so give them lots of space. Luckily the energy bounces back in the afternoon filled with wonder and excitement.

Pluto enters Aquarius on Saturday, January 20 until 2044 (with a short stop in Capricorn in Sept. –Oct. 2024). This is quite a momentous occasion as no one alive today has ever felt this energy. The last time it was on the planet was 240 years ago, during the Revolutionary War.  We have already seen revolutions, death and rebirth, and the need to let go of old ways during 2023. As Pluto gives Capricorn a kiss good-bye, the energy is powerful and perfect for career ambitions. There is a good side if you are willing to up open to change and higher ideals. It’s a low energy evening so you may just want to relax, order a pizza, and watch a good movie,

There isn’t an astrological cloud in the sky on Sunday, so life is what you make it. Get out that blank canvas and begin to paint your new life in your new world of love and service.


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