Stargazing — Week of Jan. 10th through Jan. 16, 2022

Jan 10, 2022 | Stargazing|Uncategorized

The Moon moves into hard-working Taurus on Monday, but several planets advise you not push too hard. The Sun and Neptune on Monday evening just want to quietly watch a movie or meditate.

All the good vibes at the beginning of the New Year come to a grinding halt.  Buckle up as we all go on an emotional rollercoaster ride. The Moon’s conjunction with Uranus in Taurus- squaring Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius, creates a highly volatile energy of rebellion and insurrection against some sturdy and solid structures. Vague reasons, supposedly pertaining to the common good, will be used to justify these acts of insurrection, when the true motives are related to power and control.

With Neptune squaring Mars on the same day, the actions of the truly brave risk being insufficient through manipulation, lies, and gossip. Luckily, a more upbeat optimistic mood prevails midweek, with a restoring trine between the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon in Taurus.

Mars is about to exactly square Neptune (on the 11th). Warrior Mars wants to push forward hard on Tuesday, but dreamy Neptune just wants to live in fantasy. This energy can lead to passive-aggressive behavior.

On Friday morning Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius, and later in the month moves back into Capricorn- lasting through Feb. 3rd.

Furthermore, retrograde Mercury squares Uranus on the 14th. Things come crashing down as Mercury does his about face, bringing an abundance of doubt and confusion in its wake; this energy is compounded by a lunar T-Square Between a Gemini Moon opposing warrior like Mars in Sagittarius while both are squaring Neptune in Pisces. Be careful of jumping to the defense of people who play the victim or you could be tricked with some not-so-nice people using dark forces.

Now relationships and agreements increasingly need to be clarified. Some toxic agreements can no longer be upheld, and unpleasant dead wood and omissions may come to light. It would be very unwise to ignore or even deny any problems that may arise. Instead, changes, upgrades, and decisive action should be taken in such a case.

Unpaid debts could become a big problem later. Tend to technology or learn something new.

The Moon moves into Cancer on Saturday, good for family sharing and a home cooked meal. Be willing to go to deeper feelings. Careful now, because the day has a social media chill in the air.

 Sunday’s energy returns everything to balance and order. Because the Sun is aligning with Pluto on Sunday, be willing to step into your power. Esoterically, Pluto is like Archangel Michael clearing the air with his sword to help you have a direct, unfiltered connection to the God Source. The Sun helps you see through the outer crust in people in order to help them bring their Divine Self out into the world.