Stargazing—Week of Febuary 20th – 26th, 2012

Feb 20, 2012 | Special Messages

I will be in Mahwah, NJ this next week, beginning February 21st.
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When there is a New Moon - there's no Moon at all!

Week of Feb. 20th – Feb. 26th, 2012

Keep a tight lid on your temper when the Moon in Aquarius is quincunx retrograde Mars on Monday. Don’t sweat the small stuff. You’ll locate the perfect job when the Moon conjuncts Neptune in your career zone on Tuesday. Follow through on all work leads. Look at your financial portfolio on Tuesday. It might be wise to change the way you invest your money. The New Moon is on Tuesday afternoon, February 21st. There is an abundance of Pisces energy now as four planets, two asteroids, and wounded-healer Chiron are tightly packed together in the sign of bursting inner illusions to open to your enlightenment. The high side of Pisces is to open up and have you begin to trust your inner knowing. The low side gets lost in fantasy, numbness, or believing what you want to see and hear rather than what is actually there.

Of course, it is also Mardi Gras and Pisces rules alcohol spirits just as it does your spiritual connection to guides and healers. Of course you will use your free will to choose your preferred vibration. Regardless of your choice, it would be wise to take some private time this week. Take the time to open to your inner vision, or just to stop the busyness of your external life.

An associate might deliberately provoke you on Thursday. Maintain your composure when dealing with difficult people, and try not to take anything personal. You’ll be eager for excitement on Friday. Get ready to leave your comfort zone. A friend will propose going on a new adventure. Consider saying yes! Your status in the community will rise on Saturday. You might decide to run for a local government office. You’ll be in a reflective mood on Sunday. An associate might want to rehash old issues. Feel free to say you’ve moved on from the past, mentally and emotionally.

If business matters or life seems a little slow right now, just know that it’s the darkness before the light. Saturn turned stationary back on February 8th and is just being “stuck” this month at the final degree of Libra, so a re-balancing is going on. This is necessary so that you can let go of old matters and have new beginnings mid-April and early May.

Review your relationships and commitments now, connect with old friends, and know that Saturn moves into Scorpio next October and much will change. The action will pick up soon, so make use of this down time to clean up and reorganize while ambitious Mars is retrograde in cleansing and I’ve got to clean the house Virgo.

Spring is on the way!

Week of Feb. 20th – Feb. 26th, 2012
The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Friends and groups expand your social life this weekend. The spontaneous Aries Moon is firing up to bring more exciting people into your life. Exploring someplace new is perfect this weekend with the adventurous Aries Moon rocketing through on Friday and Saturday. Plan a weekend away at an interesting spot, such as an historic landmark or a “ghost” house. Spending time with enthusiastic people is a must as long as your games don’t become too competitive. Romantic connections can be made through organizations as you collaborate with teammates and pals who may have unusual tastes. If you’re in a relationship, working together for a cause is a healthy way to reinvigorate your union while doing something good for the world. Language can open the door to love or slam it shut this week. Be careful because differences of opinion are the spice that can excite a relationship or burn it out with anger. The impulsive Aries Moon sets off conversational sparks on Friday and Saturday so watch what you say and how you say it. Remember to be nice if you’re playing verbal games because you never know when a silly comment will be misinterpreted as a personal attack. Being gentle while being clever is an ideal way to build trust and gain intimacy. Knowing how to dance lightly on the edge is always the way to romantic success.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: If you really want something positive to happen this week, then make sure you take the more unusual path to achieving it. The Stargazing sky encourages unconventionality, especially in your relationships. If you are searching for someone who shares your unique view of life, then you may be in luck. But how and where you find them will be a complete surprise. There seems to be some cracks that could appear in your close relationship this week, and yet this will only happen if you have been trying to conceal them without trying to bring about a healing. It would be better if you acknowledged these problems, and began now to deal with them honestly and openly. Make a start and you’ll soon feel better about everything. You could be feeling very irritated now. Your current relationship may be going well, and yet your mind is continually being pulled back to a past relationship that had qualities that this one just does not have. If you want to do anything positive, then you may need to seriously consider what your priorities are and go for those. The planets are giving you the chance to get a few things off your chest and to begin to breathe again as far as your current relationship is concerned. If you are not happy about the ways things have been going, and are beginning to feel that you have reached a limit beyond which you are no longer willing to go, then take heart. You know that you could do better and yet something seems to continually draw you back to an old relationship that is familiar, and yet not totally satisfying. The Devil we know is better than the Devil we don’t know. You Air Signs are encouraged to think long and hard about the choices involved here, and why you keep repeating the same pattern. It’s time to make a decision that will ultimately be better for the both of you.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Concentration will be difficult on Monday, Fire Signs, but try to focus your mental energy. Take the time to do tasks properly and completely. A business partnership could begin to unravel late Monday. It might be time to strike out on your own. You might consider altering your lifestyle when the Moon conjuncts Mercury on Wednesday. You may have to take no for an answer on Thursday. An estranged relative might rebuff your offer to reconcile. Just take a deep breath, show them you care, and wait it out. Take steps to become the person you’re meant to be. A legal issue may need attention on Friday. Consider getting expert advice. Good fortune will come your way when the Sun sextiles Jupiter on Saturday. Capitalize on the positive vibrations around you. A loved one could be demanding on Sunday. This person will want your full attention! However, you may feel a bit down in the dumps. Banish pessimistic thoughts from your mind. Count your blessings and realize that you have many!

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: This week you Fire Signs are encouraged to listen to the drummer who strikes a different beat within you. Although you are very loyal to those with whom you have developed a close bond, you also have a tendency to hold on long past the time when certain relationships have ceased to be worth the effort. Listen to your heart and take action if and where necessary. The energies may bring out the she-devil in you now, as you feel wickedly disposed to making sure you get that date with someone who has been an object of your desire for a while now. However, if you want to make your wish come true, don’t go about this in your usual way. Try the more unconventional route. Perhaps if you wait a bit they’ll contact you? Friday and Saturday’s cosmic energy shows off the more playful side of your personality, gaining you extra attention for your creativity and generosity. Yet being too bubbly can backfire if you tangle with the wrong individual. Some people resonate to a heated silence and a mysterious smile. Just remember to listen as much as you talk, because romance is a two-way street. Go big or go home on Saturday as your expansive planet Jupiter aligns with the life-giving Sun. Taking chances by exposing your softer side and expressing your feelings makes you more desirable than you might think.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Consider revitalizing your image when the New Moon takes place in Pisces on Tuesday. It’s time to dazzle others with your pizzazz! Take out a sketchpad and perhaps your creativity will soar to a new level. Put your fears regarding a particular matter to rest when the Moon sextiles Pluto on Wednesday. A certain situation isn’t as bad as you think it is. An associate might try to influence you on Wednesday. Remember that you have the right to make up your own mind. Try to be a team player at work. Take steps to cultivate good will with your colleagues. You’ll uncover a unique way to invest money on Friday. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box concerning your finances. You may feel lethargic on Sunday. A good night’s rest will do wonders for your physical well-being. A relative will help you on Sunday. This person wants you to succeed in life! Be sure to thank them for all they have done.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Minor matters might rub you the wrong way, making it difficult to enjoy yourself this week, Water Signs. Engaging in vigorous physical or mental activity releases some of the stress from taking care of business. Sunday can be shared sweetly with the sensual Taurus Moon’s will sooth your nerves and adding pleasure to your life. You better be ready to sharpen your social game on Friday and Saturday. The competitive Aries Moon affects your Self-Esteem, and your strengths and weaknesses are quickly revealed. Following your heart may cause some disturbance with others, but taking risks is the only way to discover what you truly want. Learning to love your Self is the first step to creating a beautiful relationship. Try to stay out of edgy situations on the weekend as the explosive Aries Moon can shake up your sense of playing fair and making some necessary adjustments. Tread carefully and above all, be honest with yourself.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Be mindful of your actions on Monday. Exercise caution when you’re driving or crossing busy streets. A work project might require lots of time when the Moon is in Aquarius and trines Saturn on Tuesday. Dedication to your duties will endear you to the boss. Dust off your dreams as well on Tuesday! Take steps to turn a goal into reality when the New Moon occurs in Pisces. A love affair could hit a roadblock and you may need to take another route. Hold your tongue on Thursday. Don’t offer advice to others unless you’re asked. You’ll be filled with pep on Saturday, so put your vitality to good use. Think about starting an exercise program. A loved one will be in a very affectionate mood on Saturday. This person will try to satisfy your every whim! You’ll breathe a sigh of relief when the Moon in Taurus conjuncts Jupiter on Sunday. A certain situation will work out in your favor. Be thankful to the Universe.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: This week an urge for independence tests the limits of a relationship if you’re involved with someone, or convinces you to give up on finding a partner if not. But instead of pulling away from a potential conflict, there’s much more to be gained by pushing ahead. Perhaps it’s best not to make any final decisions just yet. Look to mid-April for the right road to take. You may want to duck emotional storms on Friday that can complicate relationships. Reason may be overrun by impulsiveness as the Moon occupies impatient Aries on Friday and Saturday. While a difference of values disturbs the peace, it can also provide excitement and passion if you are willing to meet others halfway. When the evocative Moon is visiting Aries, you are more comfortable staying out of the spotlight than being in the middle of the action. There are pleasures waiting for you when you’re enjoying the company of one sweet individual or simply spending time alone. The mood shifts on Sunday morning with the Moon’s entry into the sensual sign of Taurus. Celebrating with breakfast in bed is a great way to start your day.