STARGAZING—Week of February 7th – 13th, 2011

Feb 7, 2011 | Special Messages

Life will be much easier in 2011. Six planetary and asteroid bodies are lined up in Aquarius right now. It is time to expand your network of friends and open up to groups and organizations. Invent a new way to do things, while releasing old methods that no longer work.

Remember to be creative through change. It’s time to develop latent natural talents and become master of what you innately have to offer. Carl Jung found that his natural talents came out to be used more fully after he broke with Sigmund Freud.

Venus entered Capricorn on the 3rd until March 1st. You can combine your values with the ability to manifest your material world needs during this cycle. Capricorn does represent long-term energy, so be willing to put your effort into future gains rather than looking for the quick result.

Chiron enters Pisces on February 8
Feeling caught between worlds?

This is a shift that has not been around for Fifty years. The Wounded healer and centaur, Chiron, was a very famous teacher of healers. Chiron was last in Pisces 1961-68. At that time, the Kennedy-Nixon debate on television forever changed the way elections were run. Social protest music brought peoples’ feelings of wounded-ness and inner pain to the surface. Between now and 2018, you have the opportunity to stretch yourself to open your intuitive and healing abilities. However, Pisces also bursts your illusions and helps you with issues of compassion and forgiveness. It is difficult to open to new frequencies when old emotional wounds clog the way. Chiron was half-horse, half human, and also an immortal god who was mortally wounded. Talk about being caught between worlds! He had to surrender his immortality, then die, then be put into the constellations for eternity, as his reward for releasing that which caused his suffering. Now—is it the time for you to Let go and let God?

Begin to take half-steps towards your goal in the months ahead. You are not likely to get it all right now under this influence, but it is time to put your inner vision and desires into motion. Then move forward and watch your efforts grow and take hold. Look to the fall months for completion.


Week of February 7th – February 13th, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You’re well-protected this week by a host of planets, starting with the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Neptune. With such an elegant assortment of escorts, you can’t help but have luck with you as you make your every move. You’re very dynamic and this is an ideal moment to give your career a huge push forward. Don’t hesitate to make bold new contacts and express your desires out loud. On the job, Uranus makes your days full and a bit tiring, but also gives you the opportunity to shine before an audience full of bosses, clients, and colleagues. You’re brilliant and you know it! your side with talent. You’re dressed to kill with an ability to charm anyone, and your confidence makes you irresistible. A whole host of planets are taking care of your love life, which gets an influx of energetic action. You’re meeting a million new faces, and the chances are high that there’s one in the bunch that gets your heart thumping. Enjoy! If you’re in a couple, a family worry worms its way between you and your partner this week. A Moon/ Venus square creates tension and you find it impossible to steer clear of a sensitive subject. There’s no way on earth that you’re going to let rust grow on your relationship. You know just how to surprise your partner, wake up their desire and keep them interested. Your finances, on the other hand, are a bit unstable in spite of your recent efforts. Tread carefully. Your finances fall under the influence of Saturn in Libra. You’re prudent, thrifty and very careful when it comes to keeping track of where each pence goes. Excellent job! This is setting you up for financial stability in the near future.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: No means no on Monday and Tuesday, so back off or turn your attention elsewhere. It’s a short line between desire and consummation Monday and Tuesday, thanks to Mars and the Sun. You’re a mind reader at Wednesday’s Moon-Neptune sextile, especially with a Taurus. Someone changes their tune Wednesday as a Taurus Moon trines Venus and Pluto. But Thursday’s Saturn quincunx proves that it was just a fling, or maybe you aren’t this person’s top priority. When the Moon squares Mercury on Thursday, you’re looking for your next conquest. With the Moon in Gemini, Friday night is for talking and playing instead of intense romance. Be discreet in these things during Saturday’s Venus quincunx. If you succeed, you’ll find by Saturday night that somebody isn’t ready to let you go. Beware of extra baggage from Pluto and Venus. Sunday brings smooth romantic sailing as the Gemini Moon trines Mars, the Sun, and Neptune, all in Aquarius. When the Moon trines Saturn and three other planets Sunday, freely take what comes to you. Enjoy this while it lasts.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

This week bring may some tension under your roof. A Moon/ Venus square at the beginning of the week can provoke a family quarrel which puts you in a delicate position, despite your efforts to stay out of it! Your financial situation takes on a wrinkle or two this week. A Moon/ Venus square forces you to tighten your belt in order to pay off some past spending sins. Your past excesses are catching up with you and you hadn’t imagined that the consequences would be quite so annoying! Fortunately on the love front, things look much much brighter. If your heart is free, Jupiter is in charge of lining up encounters with attractive faces. One in particular arouses all your interest. The ball is in your court! Someone from your past shows up asking for a second chance and you’re not sure whether or not this is a good idea. Take all the time you need to think about it, before deciding whether you want to plunge in once again. If you’re in a couple you can’t seem to move onto the same wavelength. You each have a radically different vision of your joint projects. For a great deal of the week you astonish each other with the comments and points of view that come out of each of your mouths. You simply don’t understand one another! However, the Moon bathes your emotional relationship in tenderness and complicity. You’ve got a lot to look forward to, together. However, the planets are not at all interested in your professional life at this time. All is calm on the job, much too calm for your taste! There are no challenges, no opportunities to be seized. The low level of action enables you to rest on your laurels for a spell. Your financial foundation becomes wobbly, no thanks to Uranus. When tempted to buy something, ask yourself if you could do without it. If you can put, your wallet away and head home. Hang in there, this will all improve in due time.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Monday and Tuesday Jupiter feeds the Aries Moon’s erotic fire. Somebody likes how you take charge. With the Moon and Jupiter in Aries, it feels natural. But fairness matters Wednesday as a Taurus Moon trines Venus and Pluto. The Sun and Mars strengthen your ego for Wednesday, if someone uses you for selfish reasons under the Taurus Moon. Watch your temper Thursday as three planets square the Moon – justifiable anger could get out of control. Give as well as take, or risk an angry ex storming out on Thursday. Saturn in Libra makes these things preventable. Friday’s Gemini Moon keeps the conversation civil. Saturday’s Jupiter sextile adds wisdom and perspective. The Moon in Gemini brings you a breezy, social weekend, lifting your mood. Collect contact info when it seems like everyone wants to be with you on Sunday. When Saturn, Mars, the Sun, and Neptune make favorable aspects with the Moon, you could have your way with just about anyone.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The Moon/ Venus square at the beginning of the week takes aim at a long-standing friendship. In spite of the fact that you’re attached to this person on a deep level, something they say or do is the last straw in a string of annoying events. You break away and you may find yourself closing this chapter of your life. The week ahead looks lackluster. Unfortunately, there are far too many planets in Aquarius for you to feel strong and confident. Above everything, you’re craving rest and tranquility and so you withdraw as often as possible for some alone time. Your partner may have a hard time understanding this and reproach you for being unavailable. Beware of tension in your relationship. You’re focused on re-working the organization of your household, and perhaps you’re making room for a little bundle the stork’s just delivered on your doorstep. Singles, you’re ruminating over an old relationship. You can’t seem to shake this one off, and it’s keeping you unavailable for a new love connection with potential. Your confidence is low and you tend to keep your distance from others. You become entrenched in your loneliness! On the job, Jupiter, who gets a jolt from the Moon, offers you a golden opportunity. You career may very well take an exciting turn. Taking a holiday would really do you the world of good. If you can’t take a few days off, focus on doing the bare minimum and try to at least look awake when your boss passes by. Happily your finances do not require your attention; they’re healthy and moving along well on their own. Finally, your finances are stable and wrinkle-free. Why not take advantage to spoil your loved ones a little. In a nutshell, try to delegate as much as possible this week and opt for a change of scenery if you can.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Jupiter energy turns you into a sexual volcano Monday and Tuesday. Thanks to Mars, a new lover swears undying devotion. However, friendship doesn’t have to turn into romance, even though Chiron makes you feel needy when it enters Pisces on Tuesday. Wednesday the Moon sextiles Neptune, enters Taurus, and makes fireworks with Venus and Pluto. Relish the moment instead of thinking about the future. Wednesday’s Taurus Moon makes pleasure less selfish, but when that Moon squares Mars on Thursday, you seem to give more than you’re getting. Friday is an unfavorable time to be with an Aquarius—hang out with a real Water Sign! If you look too far ahead, Neptune and Chiron will make a fool of you by Friday. Laugh away any self-pity when Saturday’s Gemini Moon sextiles Jupiter, and you will be ideal dating material on Sunday. Just be cautious around Water Signs that night. Saturday’s Moon-Pluto quincunx confronts you with your own feelings, clearing the way for a romantic Sunday with someone who accepts you as you are.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Jupiter keeps you safe from most major worries this week, but in spite of this, your nerves may be on edge. If you’re single, beware of this week’s Moon/ Venus square which can have you confusing garden-variety desire with the great love of your life. You’re very capable of falling hook, line and sinker for someone who’s only playing around. If you want to avoid disappointment, keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. If you’re single you’re demanding. You’ve got a very clear picture in your mind’s eye of the person you’d like to meet but reality has got other things in store. Saturn at the helm of your activities sector drains your motivation and replaces it with fatigue. For every step forward you take two backwards and you have the impression you’ll never get anywhere despite your efforts. Couples, Uranus is making life under your roof exciting. You may have a few spats and disagreements but at least there’s never a dull moment. You learn a great deal about each other through a few heated discussions and in the end, this brings you closer than ever. Beware though, because your sensitivity flirts with touchiness, and you don’t hesitate to let your partner know each time you’re unhappy. They don’t appreciate the drama and get upset with you in turn. There are storm clouds gathering over your career sector. You’re going to have to face shifts within your company, which may involve you changing positions or taking on additional responsibilities, and this tends to be a stress factor. Your finances are governed by strict Saturn this week, and the planet is making sure you’re careful and thrifty. The Moon can provoke an unexpected expense over the weekend, but in spite of this, you’re doing quite well.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: A Moon-Venus square suggests a group date on Monday, setting the stage for mutual nervous excitement with Tuesday’s Mars and Sun sextiles. You’re better off not rushing things during Tuesday’s Saturn opposition and Mars sextile. The Taurus Moon, Venus, and Pluto make Wednesday a gift-giving day. You’ll feel sexually and psychically drawn to a Cancer, Scorpio, Libra, Taurus, or – all of the above? Wouldn’t that be fun? Thursday is too soon to expect results. Not surprisingly, misunderstandings and jealousy come up. Friday’s Gemini Moon could be all about breakups. As the Moon sextiles Uranus and enters Gemini Friday, appreciate your date as a person instead of a symbol of what you need. If you agree to anything at Saturday’s Mercury trine, Sunday could be your lucky day of physical delights. It’s all soft aspects and happy endings by Sunday, but there’s no telling which one you will end up with.