Stargazing Week of February 6th to February 12th, 2012

Feb 6, 2012 | Special Messages


Planetary Shifts of February—2012
February is Heart Month and brings Inspired Magic
It’s the month of Valentine’s Day
It’s Time to Make a Choice

The Full Moon is on Tuesday the 7th in the signs of Leo and urges you to open your heart and project your creative passion into the world. This Full Moon represents the need to bring forth your natural talents and mastery. Use the next few weeks to allow yourself to show the world what you can do.

The Sun Sign Aquarius asks you to step back and see the larger picture. So you need to get involved, but not dragged into the drama of others.

Spiritual Neptune moved into psychic Pisces on Feb. 3rd, and will be passing through the sign of illusions and daydreams for the next 14 years. Since planets are most comfortable in their home signs, and Neptune rules Pisces, this will be a particularly powerful shift. Neptune rules our ideals, dreams and hopes, and Pisces our compassion. When they get together, they have the power to break down individual and global boundaries.

Neptune also rules drugs and alcohol. Some wonderful new medical breakthroughs are on the way to us. Be careful with your medications over the next few weeks, as well as your use of alcohol.

It is time to create a new vision; time to open to new worlds, thoughts and ideas. Be willing to open your inner vision to allow in whatever is next in your life. Instead of wearing yourself out searching for your next project open up to allow it to come to you. Just know that it’s on the way into your life.

Restructuring Saturn is also turning retrograde until June 25th. Begin to finish major shifts in relationships, as well as changing beliefs and behaviors. The old ways of participating in and reacting to relationships are birthing a new way, so practice adaptability as you open to all types of new relationships. Practice self-love first this Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day activities are hot and romantic this weekend; and more social-friendly on Tuesday, the 14th.

Finally, Venus enters Aries for the rest of February. It is time to pioneer a new path in areas of love and money. On a spiritual level, Venus is associated with healing and stepping into a higher value system.

STARGAZING—Week of January 30th—February 5th, 2012

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You may be handed a difficult task on Monday. You’ll need to work extra hours in order to get the job done. A financial windfall could come your way as well. Save some of the extra cash for your future needs. You’ll resolve a complex life dilemma when the Sun conjuncts Mercury on Tuesday. An associate might demand an apology. You may have unknowingly offended this person. Consider making amends. A loved one might ask you for some space. This person needs to sort through personal issues. You might consider starting your own business on Wednesday. It could be time to become your own boss! Persistence is your key to success on Thursday. Don’t give up on your dreams. You’ll be tempted to play the blame game when the Sun in Aquarius is quincunx retrograde Mars on Friday. Remember, mistakes happen, so try to flow with it. Your judgment may be flawed on Saturday. It might be wise to postpone important decisions. Stick to the high road when the Moon in Libra squares Pluto. Avoid folks who engage in questionable activities. Your brain will overflow with great ideas. A lover might be in a very jealous mood on Saturday evening This person may ask for some reassurance that you still care. A health matter might flare up on Sunday. Consider getting a thorough medical or dental checkup. A new friend will brighten your existence on Sunday night.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: You can really enjoy yourself this week as long as you remember not to stick only to the tried and trusted. If you are in a permanent relationship, perhaps it is a good chance to spend some time apart discovering your own unique interests. If you are looking for love, then don’t frequent your usual haunts – try somewhere new. A gift that you purchase for someone special turns out to have a surprisingly profound effect on them. Whether it is a book, a piece of art, or something completely unique, it is bound to thrill your dearest love. So much so that your relationship may change in a pleasantly surprising way as a result. Things could begin to get better. It may be time to reorganize your approach to love and romance, perhaps not forever, but certainly for now. The current celestial atmosphere may encourage you to do something a little more unconventional. If you want to take advantage of the current cosmic climate, then you could even plan to be different. Try wearing different clothes, going out to different places, and becoming involved in activities that you have never before attempted. The upshot will be a fascinating day, and possibly a very interesting meeting. If you are looking for someone special, then don’t go about this through the normal channels; you won’t have much luck. Try going out to places you haven’t been before, where you can meet the kinds of people who can open up new horizons for you. If you had planned on going out with your loved one, don’t expect everything to go smoothly, as this week could mean that quite a few unexpected events will occur. However, if you can cope with the disruption, this won’t actually be a bad thing, and may even be very positive, as you meet up with others who may change your lives in significant ways. A surprise meeting at work may transform your week into something a little more delightful than normal. The stars indicate that someone will breeze into your life, sweeping away your usual concepts of how a relationship should begin or continue, and also create an opportunity for you to get to know them a lot better. Some great times lie ahead for you, Air Signs!

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Think about undergoing an image makeover on Monday. A new wardrobe or hairstyle will lift your spirits. You might get a bit overly dramatic on Tuesday. Try not to turn your life into a soap opera. A former partner will contact you when Saturn turns retrograde on Tuesday at the Full Moon in Leo. Be prepared to rehash old issues. A door may close regarding a particular matter. It might be time to walk down a different life path. A romance will blossom when Venus enters Aries on Wednesday. If you’re single, a new admirer will bring a smile to your face. You’ll shine with a special glow while Venus moves through a Fire Sign. It’s a great time to strut your stuff before the world. Think carefully before making a wish on Thursday. The Universe just might grant your request! A loved one will ask for your honest opinion. Telling this person the truth will be hard but necessary. Don’t make impulsive decisions. Rash actions will get you in trouble. A colleague may ask for your assistance on Saturday. Helping this person will generate good karma. A project could hit a snag over the weekend. Consider going back to the drawing board. Put on your detective hat on Saturday. You’ll need to dig deeply for the truth in a certain situation. You may go on a journey of self-discovery on Sunday.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
This week you have a chance to try out some new and exciting things with your loved one. If you have become used to a certain routine, then consider changing it by doing something radically different. You may need to make some significant changes in an ongoing relationship. This could involve spending some time apart from each other in order to reconnect to your inner source of creativity; but this will strengthen your bond, and give you more chance to share deeply with each other in new and wonderful ways. It may also happen that you meet a person who brings a breath of fresh air into your life. Anything that inspires you to greater things is welcome. Although you can be very loyal to a cause or a person, sometimes long after your relationship has ceased to be profitable, you may begin to feel the stirrings of discontent as far as one particular partnership is concerned. You feel distinctly nervous about one particular relationship. This could mean that you feel a sense of restriction rather than happiness. Now you may choose to do something about this. If you are going out on a date, then you may get to appreciate a whole new side to your close friend, and one that you may not have suspected was present in their nature. If this discovery heightens their appeal well and good, if not—you know what to do. Secretly you Fire Signs enjoy being shocked, although you wouldn’t actually admit to this. The auspicious planetary alignment may bring you an even bigger surprise than you had anticipated. A meeting with someone who only looks normal, but in fact has a very unique approach to living could revolutionize your love life. Although you may not let them know how impressed you are, secretly you are bowled over. You may not find your date to be particularly romantic, but it certainly won’t be boring. This week’s Stargazing energy practically guarantees that you will have a bizarre and fascinating time, and because the person in question will also exhibit great charm and charisma, you may even be tempted to repeat the experience again. Perhaps not the perfect lover, but a great and dependable friend, and they will continue to be wonderful company.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Your ornery side could emerge when the Moon in Cancer squares Saturn on Monday. Resist the urge to snap at loved ones. Your creativity will soar as well. Listen to your inner voice. You’ll tangle with someone in authority on Tuesday. Don’t irritate this person. He or she has more power than you do! A real estate deal could be put on hold. The timing isn’t right for this particular endeavor. Stay alert at work. Don’t let the boss catch you twiddling your thumbs! You’ll be tempted to wear rose-colored glasses when the Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces on Wednesday. Strive to see all life situations clearly. You may consider adopting a pet on Wednesday. Remember, animals require lots of time and money. A unique job opportunity will come your way on Thursday. You’ll need to make a career decision quickly. Don’t procrastinate in this matter! A relative may pop in unexpectedly on Friday. Be discreet when talking to others on Saturday. Keep confidential matters to yourself. An associate will push your buttons. Don’t fall victim to this person’s provocation. Use caution when playing sports on Sunday. Pay attention to traffic if you go jogging. The Moon in Scorpio trines Neptune on Sunday, and a mystical experience will change your view of the world! Say thank you to the Universe. An unexpected blessing will come your way.

Your Love Week—Water Signs:
Someone you once knew may well make a surprise appearance in your life this week. While this may be a little startling, you will find that you have both learned quite a lot since you were last involved with each other. This could lead to a renewal of your relationship, which you had considered to be over and done with. You both reminisce over all the good times you shared. Yet this latest encounter is set to be very different, and will introduce you to some very exciting new activities as well as people. Be prepared to have your socks blown off. Go to extremes and do as you please, regardless of whether your current lover is happy about this or not. You may find the restrictions of your normal routine to be too boring, and so determine to do something radically different. In fact, it may be a good idea for you to get away and do something. You have a chance to consider what you want out of a relationship. You are encouraged to reflect on why you have been through the experiences you have with past lovers, and the kind of opportunities you would like to embrace in the future along these lines. The key is to create as exciting and adventurous a blueprint as possible. You may find your usual sense of balance and harmony mixed but this needn’t be a bad thing, except if you are determined to make it so. Some of your usual relationships may seem to be disrupted, but this may in fact lead to an improvement in the interaction between you and a loved one, rather than making it worse Do something different on the weekend. If you are fascinated by art, then get some outrageous artists to attend. If you love people per se, then encourage a few very original types to make a weekend event go with a swing.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Give yourself a pep talk on Monday. It’s wise to banish negative thoughts from your mind. Be true to yourself and don’t let the opinions of others influence your choices. You’ll need some peace and quiet on Monday evening. Shut off the cell phone, turn off the computer, and take the time to meditate Opportunity will knock twice on Tuesday. Think about opening the door wide. A financial deal may need to be renegotiated. Be sure that you’re getting your fair share of the profits. An energy shift will come your way when your ruler Venus enters enthusiastic Aries on Wednesday. You might decide to embark on a new adventure. You’ll be surrounded by potent energy when the Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday. It’s a great time to create a new life blueprint. Avoid the casino because Lady Luck won’t be at your side! Your energy level will kick up a notch when the Moon conjuncts Mars in Virgo on Friday. You’ll be eager to undertake a new challenge. Confusion will surround you on the job as well. Rely on your common sense in all work endeavors. A close associate might disappoint you on Saturday. Your hopes for this person could be too high. Consider listening to a loved one’s advice on Sunday. This person definitely has your best interests at heart. Kick back and enjoy yourself Sunday evening.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:
Don’t worry that you might have a boring evening ahead when you go out this week, as this is simply not possible with the current planetary transits, Earth Signs. If you are intending to meet up with a new dating partner, be prepared to have a wonderful time. It may not conform to what you would normally consider to be a successful outing, but it will make you feel really good. You may feel like doing something very different and also quite exciting. As far as romance goes, you may not be quite so passionate as normal, but you WILL want to engage in activities with others who share your sense of adventure and need to do something different and original. However, the present cosmic atmosphere may indicate that you are fed up with attracting the same kind of relationships, and are looking for something distinctly different. A flash of insight enables you to realize that you have been consistently sticking to one particular type of person, instead of seeing the potential in other types. Make the effort to seek out those with differing interests from yours. Remember—it’s not so much about love as about the discovery of a new and challenging relationship. The energy of the week indicates that you and your sweetest love may not wish to compromise in the usual way that lovers do. You both feel dynamically charged and ready for action, but not necessarily in the sense of doing things together. It may help you to realize that you need space to explore your creativity, and spending time apart for the day may help. If you are going out on a date on the weekend, don’t expect to have a romantically wonderful evening, but do expect to have an amazing time. A favorable planetary aspect means that you will most likely find your new friend to be tremendously stimulating company, and they are also likely to be able to introduce you to whole new dimensions of living. Great things are in store for you and some very unexpected events may alter the course of your love life. On Sunday, you may have planned to go out, not really expecting anything much to happen, but may then be very surprised to find that one meeting in particular has an electrifying effect upon you. What happens as a result of this is that you may develop a wonderful new association.