STARGAZING — Week of February 3rd to February 9th, 2014

Feb 3, 2014 | Special Messages

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Week of Feb. 3rd – Feb. 9th, 2014

Exercise early in the week while the Moon is traveling through athletic Aries. Mercury slows down to turn retrograde on Thursday, February 6th. The Mercury retrograde this month from water element signs to air, Pisces to Aquarius. Blend your intuition and intellect during this cycle that lasts until Feb 28th. Use Pisces to bring your higher vision in from the great beyond, and then use Aquarius to put it into an idea form that will manifest and benefit all. Aquarius is also associated with the internet and technology, so pay attention and care for your technology tools. A Gemini Moon weekend is excellent for doing a great variety of activities and social events as long as you keep on the move.

February will be an average month, except for the weather conditions, which are volatile. Pressures will remain focused, although your luck can improve to an extent. This is a time when anxiety can rise and you need to be very careful about how you handle other people and the environment. A tendency to be aggressive is present, but that might not push you towards an unnecessary controversy. You need to be careful and avoid verbal conflicts at all cost.

Creative work can be very beneficial. You would find that your level of mental caliber will rise further during this month. New creative work and avenues could open up during this month. There is a good chance of getting recognition for new ideas during this time. Plans and new creative outputs you find during this week will give you very good returns and recognition in the coming months. Socially this week would be hectic, as calls pour in that fill up your calendar, and you might find your energy and stamina lower than usual till after the Full Moon on the 14th February 2014.

Just when you thought your love life was in the clear, the Universe casts yet another sucker punch. Although Venus turned direct on January 31st, this week she’ll truly begin to regulate in her orbit. The trouble is that on Thursday the communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in sensitive Pisces. There might be love in the air until February 28th, but there will also be a distinct problem conveying your feelings or thoughts to your sweetheart in the way you hope to. Also, you may find that your current love is just not right for you, and disappears into the winds of March.